Neurotology Music Video – SNL

Neurotology Music Video – SNL

Followers of Neurotology star in a music video that sings the religion’s praises in this Scientology parody.

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20 Responses

  1. Chuck Beatty says:

    Incredible job of the backrow SNL actors playing backrow cult members who
    play act their “simulated reality” promo videos!

    Just incredible depth of the backrow actors!


    – from a backrow ex Scientology cultie (1975-2003)

  2. League of Winning says:

    I really don’t like this video. We Scientologist don’t have a problem about
    God or Jesus, so why you do care if we believe in the All Might Lord Xenu?

    We only talk crap about God and Jesus behind peoples back, but we don’t do
    it in front of you so our secrets don’t get out.

    All Hail the great Lord Xenu.

  3. Chuck Beatty says:

    The SNL actors must have had fun play acting Scientologists’ who had to
    submit to their play acting themselves in their “We Stand Tall” video!

    I hope the actors tell Tony Ortega how much fun they had play acting this

    Phenomenal parody!

    – ex Scientology cult lifer dupe staffer (1975-2003)

  4. B. ODosh says:

    Those clothes from 90s are awesome

  5. Xander Barnhart says:

    Wow that was hilarious 

  6. Aeger Primo says:

    Epic video SNL Players! I’m an ex-$cientologist and y’all definitely
    studied up on your Neurotology… heh heh. FUNNY and loved it!

  7. Aaron B says:

    Lmao so many are missing. ROFL.

  8. Buford T. Justice says:

    The Church must have had some high-end VHS cameras back then for widescreen
    and stuff.

  9. 525Lines says:

    Isn’t In A Hole lady from Mad TV?

  10. maplecote says:

    This was awesome.

  11. Roger Hornaday says:

    This has made me very curious about Neurotology and I want to know more
    about it and Diametrics. (I am a Neurotology plant and have been ordered
    to write this) 

  12. jshudo44 says:

    The 15 dislikes and counting, are all from Scientologi— I mean,

  13. MachoManlyMan says:

    To watch the video they are parodying, do a search for “Scientology: We
    Stand Tall.”

  14. tmactmacy says:

    Great skit but still epic fail by SNL for trying to choose a made up
    religion name that is actually a medical specialty. Whoops. Why not just
    call it the church of pediatrics?

  15. Qermaq says:

    Xenu and 15 Thetans thumbed down this video.

  16. Xzamilloh says:

    Be a douche and tweet this to Kirstie Alley

  17. Dibythesea says:

    Thank You SNL! Great job! Everyone looks as crazy as they should!
    Bobby M. does a great L Ron.

  18. Kevin Benton says:


  19. smichelle65 says:

    It’s been a long time since I laughed this hard at anything from SNL–damn
    near pissed myself!

  20. Gene Stone says:

    Everyone who made this video has already disappeared,