Nevada comes back from 22 points down to knock off Cincinnati

Nevada comes back from 22 points down to knock off Cincinnati

Nevada went on a 32-8 run and erased a 22-point deficit to knock off Cincinnati to advance to the Sweet 16.

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64 Responses

  1. A1 Video gamer says:

    Why did Cincinnati choke their lea-

    Oh wait, Cincinnati sports have always choked in the past 25 years

  2. Marlon Gaines says:

    Meanwhile UNLV still hasn’t won anything since Tark. Something needs to be done. UNLV started off ranked this year.

  3. Mike Mena says:

    craziest tournament ever?

  4. Matthew Kweon says:

    Man… this year’s March madness is really madness

  5. T- ilex says:

    The “don’t count them out” team does it again!

  6. Conner Madison says:

    my bracket is toast but hey go nevada reppin the mountain west

  7. Jay Lee says:

    Another one bites the dust.. Ppl brackets are messed all up for sure.

  8. Ya-boy _ says:

    Im starting to hate March

  9. Moon Knight says:

    All these upsets lol

  10. Bella Lara says:

    2018= year of upsets

  11. tocororo says:

    Gooooo Wolf Pack! (From a Runnin’ Rebel) 😆🤗🐺

  12. Arsenio Buck says:

    As a UNLV fan, I hate this. Makes me sick. Lol

  13. Heath Hester says:

    Tha only things good to ever come outta Cincinnati are The Big O, Kenyon Martin, and Nick Van Exel!!! Tha rest were just a buncha overhyped Steve Logan types who didn’t wanna play defense but wanted to score tha basketball! That’s why they’ve not won in an extremely long time IMO !!! Attitude

  14. Eddie Fieseler says:

    Still not as bad as Virginia losing to 16 UMBC

    • Prolix - SCV says:


    • R. Richardson says:

      True, but before the season started, UVA wasn’t even ranked in the Top 25. It was almost like a Cinderella (regular season) for them. But still it hurts being the 1st team losing to a 16 seed. Losing Hunter didn’t help, the closet thing they have to a future NBA player.

  15. hpnc says:

    No matter who wins this tournament expect to see an ESPN 30 for 30.

  16. Don A says:

    Kentucky’s road to the Final Four got even easier.

    • KSU 1989 says:

      K State alum here. Kentucky better not sleep on us.

    • Frogg Dogg says:

      Easier? Good luck against Nevada with a team full of freshmans. You guys are better than us in terms of length and talent but we have the edge in HEART and GRIT.

    • Frank Meng says:

      Loyola and Sister Jean will stop them

    • Ryndan Riley says:

      Nevada hasn’t played a good game yet this tournament. They’re playing as bad as they’ve played all year and have still won both games. That makes them pretty dangerous. If they put together an even average game for them, I’m not sure Loyola or Kentucky has a shot. Then again, them not being able to do that yet in the tournament isn’t a good sign.

  17. The TryhardNoob says:

    RIP bracket

  18. Joe O'Malley says:

    Nevada, comeback kids.

  19. Stone Harper says:

    As a Nevada grad I am just so hyped right now #BattleBorn

  20. Molon Lave says:

    This brings me joy in my heart

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