Never Fjorget What Happened In Sweden

Never Fjorget What Happened In Sweden

In response to Trump’s false claims of a terror attack, Sweden’s Prime Minister asked, ‘What has he been smoking?’ Stephen has a theory.

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20 Responses

  1. Dave SOLEMI says:

    Donald trump is a disgrace to America. Glad some people are already regretting voting for him.

  2. Peter Gutenberger says:

    Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump area a match made in heaven, for the viewers at least.

  3. qw000pz says:

    Rest In Spaghetti, Never Fjorgetti

  4. Abdulkawi Ahmed says:

    Dumbass J. Trump.
    Is his name.

  5. Olympias says:

    For everyone saying the title is misspelled: look up what a fjord means and then maybe look up what a pun is….

  6. Music, Etc. says:

    The Swedes stood by our side after Bowling Green and we shall stand united after this horrendous attack

  7. James Burgess says:

    Trump supporters must be really constipated, having Trump’s hand so far up their asses.


    the shit I took 5 mins ago is running for president… please support by liking

  9. Pintexx says:

    Trump is officially the dumbest world leader on earth!

  10. Penny Lane says:

    Anyone else from Europe and sick of Trump or his supporters telling them how terrible the conditions here are because of something the saw on TV?

    That’s what it must feel like to live in an American “inner city”.

  11. Brex says:

    Suddenly Trumpkins know everything about Sweden when yesterday they couldn’t even point to Sweden on a fucking globe.

  12. Rest of the World says:

    Inventing terror attacks is Kellyanne’s job. #neverremember

  13. FaZe ChickenNugget says:

    What’s happening in Sweden is very serious many of them are being sent to hospitals because their in pain from laughing to hard at our excuse for a president. #NeverFjorget #StandWithIkea

  14. elchucofried says:

    I have a joke

    Donald Trump

  15. MomMomMom says:

    And yet still no mention of the actual terrorist attack in Canada? Guess that one didn’t fit his agenda.

  16. Sebastian Stormborn says:


  17. Håkan Lundberg says:

    Actually there was two terrible incidents here in Sweden that day:

    The Swedish Music Festival Contest. Children eating candy with their parents i front of the TV! And very Bad Bad music!

    In northern Sweden a moose tried to sexually molest a cardboard moose. Obviously this moose was an illegal refugee moose from Norway or Finland. And we know IceIS train those moose to commit suicide terror acts by causing collisions with cars, and tricking us naive Swedes into believing it is accidents. We will now hunt those moose back to where they came from. And we will build snow walls along our borders. And we will raise taxes on moose meat – those moose have to pay!!!

  18. The Rogue Wolf says:

    Zero words from Trump on the shooting at a Quebec mosque, but video of a shouting match between a refugee and a Swede is a “terrorist attack” in his mind. And of course, if Sweden tells him he’s wrong, they’re just lying (like everyone ELSE who tells him he’s wrong).

  19. Peter Brown says:

    Republicans are red
    Democrats are blue
    If you still support Trump
    What the hell’s wrong with you

  20. Michael Anderson says:

    Trump said, “Look at what happened LAST NIGHT in Sweden…”

    His aides come out and say… “He was speaking in general terms”. LAST NIGHT is pretty damn Specific. Just more lies from this administration. #FakePrez

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