Never Had A Friend Like Him

Never Had A Friend Like Him

My tribute to the man whose spark ignited my passion. RIP Robin Williams.

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20 Responses

  1. Glasses G33k says:

    I just gotta ask, how the cap did you do these impressions, at one point it
    truly did sound like you meshed your voice with Robin Williams. 0o0
    And you got the Mrs. Doubtfire exactly; my god, doing an impersonation on
    top of an impersonation. dude.
    just wow.

  2. Adirondaque says:


    My favorite actor when I was a child and teenager. Unbelievable. You're
    incredible, Sir.

  3. Beau Hebert says:

    Goddamn, I miss that man. Amazing job, +Jamie Costa. Thank you for sharing.

  4. wilkesreid says:

    You should play Robin Williams in a movie about his life.

  5. Layne Simon says:

    I don’t understand all the feelings I’m having right now. I just kinda want
    to hug you.

  6. Ephraim Jason Jimenez says:


  7. einat1622 says:

    Mind. Blown. O_O

  8. ShadeVlog says:

    Whoa! I actually got chills! Amazing tribute!

  9. Nola Chick says:

    Damn. If they make a movie about Robin Williams, you got the part!

  10. Frannie Figgie says:

    Making me cry dude. You.Are.Awesome.

    If there’s a film about Williams you ought be casted on the spot.

  11. Lauren Greene says:


  12. Jacob Regan says:

    I signed in just to like this video. And to comment on it.

  13. gumdrops27 says:

    Why do you look like everyone?

  14. Irma G-San says:

    ssssoooo…. You are DEFINITELY an illegitimate son of Williams… shh..
    it’s ok.. we know. <3

  15. Robert Murray says:

    In all honesty, he looks like a young Robin Williams and Harrison Ford
    combined. Spot on impressions! I hear these impressions brings back a lot
    of great childhood memories.

  16. Rich M says:

    front runner for a robin williams biopic for sure

  17. san.123 says:

    Someone hire this guy. This guy needs to be in movies

  18. Miguel Navarro says:

    spot on ^^

  19. Hannibal Graham says:

    Thank whomever is up there for this man. I miss Robin and this man, he
    deserves an award and a movie career. They should make a movie about Robin
    and star Jamie as the lead role. MRS DOUBTFIRE 2 PLEASE!

  20. cheekyoziechick says:

    Thats freaky stuff.