Never Pressure Wash A House Like This 😳

Never Pressure Wash A House Like This 😳

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  1. Renu Krew Softwash says:

    Oxidation Removal stinks. We offer it but it’s costing them when we got to break out the brushes

    • Arames Graham says:

      What’s a good source to learn how to pressure washer professionally

    • N8 the Great says:

      @Arames Graham do it yourself until you’re good at it.

    • Matt Passos says:

      @Arames Graham I don’t power wash professionally but I’ve had to do it a few times and once you get the ball rolling it’s not hard to figure out

    • Bruh Lo says:

      @N8 the Great and adapt^^. Keep improvement as a top priority until you trust yourself to do the job well. Keep looking for way to improve, ask for advice, take feedback constructively and plan ahead. 👈

    • random guy says:

      @Matt Passos how do you remove oxidation? Can I just do a normal soft wash but just bush the siding down on the oxidized parts?

  2. David Gonzales says:

    Appreciate you, my boy.

  3. youkapalot says:

    Thanks for the tip! This is good advice keep posting those tips, the video styling and how you have it layout is great! Keep doing your thing 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  4. Joshua Gonzalez says:

    Chalky walls. Just make sure you pressure wash and use a good chalk binding primer and then topcoat it and your good.

  5. Hash Slinging Slabber says:

    What do you use for oxidation removal and how do you price it

  6. M W says:

    I would just buy my own pressure washer and do it myself before paying this guy’s prices.

    • Bob Ross says:

      @noggus doghus to be fair he’s using a low pressure and kinda just letting it arc down.

    • matthew hill says:

      @Bob Ross that’s no excuse but I get what your saying

    • All Things 11 says:

      $300 for a pressure washer and $50-100 in chemicals
      So your going to pay $350-400 and then have to take 1-2 work days to do it.
      So your missing 1-2 days pay at work.
      Add that into the other cost of the equipment; $500-550 is how much you basically paid to “do it yourself”.
      Just pay the $300-350 for someone to do it and work your regular job.

    • IggyNub says:

      @All Things 11 because weekends don’t exist

    • All Things 11 says:

      @IggyNub it’s not the weekend of hen you have to work a week to pay for the stuff to do it.

  7. noggus doghus says:

    Why are you spraying in the up direction… good way to get water behind the vinyl and cause mold.

  8. Subham Sahoo says:

    I don’t even have a pressure washer or need one since I live in an apartment but I love these videos cause it shows how much grind, hustle, and love u need for success. More often than not, I see people feel entitled to what they want. These videos to me show that the only path to success is hard work

  9. Dwok The Rayne Jonsohn says:

    Getting paid to spray water and make things clean seems like a steal. It’s fun and easy(?)!

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