NEW Among Us EVIL iPHONE ROLE?! (Funny Mod)

NEW Among Us EVIL iPHONE ROLE?! (Funny Mod)

Today @Zud plays with the NEW EVIL iPHONE ROLE in Among Us! Watch me and the gang play this funny Among Us mod, and make sure to watch until my Imposter round to see how I play as THE EVIL iPHONE ROLE in Among Us!

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24 Responses

  1. Kyven Ng says:

    I love the part where they called each other to tell them to come

  2. Blue says:

    alternative titles: Zud Slowly Going Mentally Insane
    Zud Having a Mental Breakdown
    Zud Has a Meltdown

  3. SeBe says:

    Make a computer mod we’re the imposter is male ware (like a worm or vires)

  4. Lookumz says:

    Poor Zud, sorry

    Gotem I’m not

  5. poopy jayengee says:

    zud: rip siglis me: tryna figure out how sigils went on another phone lol

  6. TabbyCatGaming says:

    That tug of war is like me fighting for the charger because my battery is low

  7. ShadowSlayer says:

    I got a mod idea
    The god mod
    The imposter abilites:
    Earth wall: just LIEK the reck it Ralph mod but you need to use a shovel to dig through it shovel stays until 10 walls are gone
    Earth rock: rolls around the map until it hits someone cannot be used again until it disappears
    Water trap: puts them in a water bubble and others need to pop under 10 seconds
    Water glide: allows you to fly around on water but only for 10 seconds
    Fire rapid shot: let’s you shoot as many fireballs as you want for 5 seconds
    Flame Phoenix: a Phoenix roams around the map until you choose a target then it burns them and the people around them
    Air strike: allows you to become invisible and steal a crewmate life allowing you to have 2 lives. If you get voted out you won’t get knocked out.
    Suffocate: takes the air from crewmate and kills them

  8. Jessie Cristo says:

    LMAO I was stressed out just watching you stress out.
    Moral of the story: iphones are stressful!! LOL

  9. Stephanie O Sullivan says:

    Zud at the end; OMG IM SO DONE WITH THIS MOD IV NEVER BEEN SO ANNOYED IN MY LIFE me; woah chillax bro dont get into a brakedown theres 26,287 ppl watching

  10. Yarn Dragon says:

    When the imposter is so mad at the end that he’s ready to rage quit. Did he really win?

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