Enjoy the tour of my very first apartment!!

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55 Responses

  1. Jovanni Farrell says:

    done. arмy ι aм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw мιĸe dмѕ *ι aм ѕorry ғor нιѕ gιrlғrend *

  2. Tykeia Stewart says:

    I love That’s she’s becoming more of a youtuber I love seeing her beautiful self 😍😩

  3. Kielynn says:

    Ayyyoooo when jaliyah said “o no my ghost writer ain’t here” 💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Makiya Holbrook says:

    When she said $149 is cheap for a rug I was like u know someone got money when they say $149 is cheap hun

    • Makiya Holbrook says:

      Messiah Walker um how

    • Makiya Holbrook says:

      Shirley G ok its not that serious I was just saying like ppl that for an example ppl from the hood they would think that is expensive and I didn’t grow with that much money so that’s why we had most of the time bought cheap stuff so that’s what I’m tryna say

    • Edishaa Ne'Shayy says:

      @- Rainyrxses – when you’re grown and pay real Bill’s. $100 is $1 😂. Once you break that 100 that’s it.

    • chaianne jones says:

      Rugs really be crazy expensive tho… i only make 40k a year and done bought rugs thats more than 200 smh. Everything is expensive asf

    • Jelly4rm904 says:

      For that size that’s actually very cheap lol

  5. Simply Trish says:

    I feel like you and mike would work if y’all had y’all OWN place. It’s cool that Mike thinks about his whole family and stuff but you and his daughter and soon to be son should be the main priority. I love y’all together!! But you doing good girl proud of you ❤️

    • terry berry says:

      TheTurner Family yup. Either a childish little boy or someone who has not yet had a family yet .

    • The Real Bone Collector says:

      @Jessica Konseiga Right these are children half of them on here don’t know right from wrong and don’t know their ass from their war hole… Lol they will understand when they grow up though hopefully… Having all them people around can fuck your relationship up he has to give time to his family sometimes that’s why Homer moved out cause it was to much… Like he said he didn’t have time for his girl it was like he was working 24/7 you have to have structure and balance specially when you have a family and a baby on the way period….

    • The Real Bone Collector says:

      @Raynesha P True that…

    • The Real Bone Collector says:

      @Moises Muro you sound stupid as fuck and I can tell your a kid cause if you was a grown man you wouldn’t even be saying the stupid shit your saying… When you grow up you will understand

    • The Real Bone Collector says:

      @Coach Cowan He don’t have to let them go but he need to have balance with both the family and his own family… Cause that’s what a grown man/woman would do all them kids start to be a strand on you after awhile it was fine before they had kids but now you have a whole family it’s time to separate the two and give time here this part of the day then the other part it pure family time don’t call me at this time I have done what I needed to do now it my family time with my kids and girl see you tomorrow or the next day… He have a lot of help in that house so it shouldn’t be hard for them to help out and understand he has a whole family to take care of also outside of business… He loves everybody but he has to understand he have to separate the two

  6. kenia hernandez says:

    Who else can’t wait to see their baby 👶 🥰💖

  7. supremedonuts101 says:

    Bruh y’all so underrated 😭

  8. Destiny Starkes says:

    “They cancelled “ 🤣🤣

  9. *O N N I* says:

    I love that Jaliyah has always been her own woman like she pregnant and fixing up stuff and cleaning and taking care of her babies and just doing for herself and family I love you Jaliyah ❤️

  10. brittny allen-robinosn says:

    I really wish you and Mike would have work out because y’all was cute. But I don’t blame you all them folks in that house plus trying to raise a family isnt IT . You are doing so good and so proud of you boo .. btw your condo is nice .. run that bag poo!

  11. LuhhNi TV says:

    When she said the rug cheap she was saying it cheap for how big it is cause usually rugs that’s big like that $350-$1,000

  12. Patrice Tv says:

    jaliyah said “alright y’all we at home” meanwhile she in the store bye 🤣!! 20:12

  13. Keisha Gayle says:

    I love how Jaliyah decorate her apartment and independent🙌

  14. taiwø says:

    idc what none says, Jaliyah has the best facial expression 😭😭😭😂💀!!

  15. Sandra956 says:

    What’s going on I really thought she was with mike , they both look cute together may God bless you always ♡

  16. Innocent Beauty says:

    I’m glade she’s got her own place because that house with all those kids an people gets annoying

  17. Ceej Bad says:

    It’s nice how Mike wanna help kids and give them opportunities but first should b his kids then you then him. Not like that but he really gotta see it that way

  18. Kayde Kay says:

    She sounds like Kevin Gates 😂🤣 wen she say “bruh”

  19. Myaa Sims says:

    I just love how Jaliyah isnt depressed about Mac and her she’s just perfect with her beautiful babies and her friends just always hyping her up and that’s a real friend right their Jaliyah. LOVE JALIYAHHHHH❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. ARIYANNA’S COME UP says:

    Janae: “Chick-fil-A kinda cancelled”😭😭

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