NEW Arc 3.0 Abilities (Blink and Juggernaut) | Destiny 2 Season 18

NEW Arc 3.0 Abilities (Blink and Juggernaut) | Destiny 2 Season 18

With less than a week to go in Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted, we’ve had our eyes set on the horizon with the approaching Bungie Showcase and what info that might bring. We were getting antsy, but Bungie decided to reach out and provide us with a little insight into Arc 3.0. And when I say a little, I mean we have our first detailed look at the aspects, fragments, and ability and super changes coming next weak with Season 18!
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0:00 Intro
1:10 Arc 3.0 Inspiration
2:21 Arc Buffs & Debuffs
5:03 Hunter Arc 3.0
6:50 Hunter Aspects
7:33 BLINK
8:18 Warlock Arc 3.0
9:53 Warlock Aspects
10:51 Titan Arc 3.0
13:34 Titan Aspects
15:05 Arc 3.0 Fragments
16:01 Outro
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38 Responses

  1. Aztecross says:

    *It’s happening…*

  2. Dark Phoenix says:

    I really hope we get a mod that makes Ionic Traces count as wells like elemental shards for Stasis.

    • Xx Ghosty xX 2 says:

      @Paper Towels that’s intrinsic tho

    • RadiantHealer says:

      I would also, but Ionic Traces grant a significantly larger amount of ability energy than an elemental well does; it looks to be about as much as 2-3 wells (and it adds to Super Ability energy as well) so for balancing purposes they might not

    • RadiantHealer says:

      @corey comeau from my experience I think it’s a percentage of occurrence, cuz I’ve created 2-3 in a row before even though it is quite rare

    • Stephon Eley says:

      Damn you just gonna say this on all the arc 3.0 videos?

    • Dwarf Lord says:

      @The First Curse they have done with will every single elemental update sadly. All three of the light updates have consistently taken from the Warlock identity and given it to the others lol. Anything unique they had was taken, and often done better by the others, is what it is I guess.

  3. Wes Guerin says:

    “One super just didn’t seem like enough…” Here’s to hoping we get alternate Stasis supers at some point.

    • Trevor Squires says:

      Bungie is saying one super isn’t enough in reference to the fact that every other Light subclass has more than one super besides Arcstriders. I don’t think we’re going to see any new Stasis supers until we get all three Darkness subclasses. Sometime after The Final Shape.

    • Sebastian Stuart says:

      @NitrousGranola so true and agreed

    • NitrousGranola says:

      I’d rather they focus on finishing the other two darkness subclasses first, so as to not go overboard and make balancing more difficult. After The Final Shape though…? 👀

    • VATROU says:

      @Joshua Williams Bleak Watcher but Flack Cannon. A directional AA Gun you can move and fire.

    • Cozysundew33 says:

      @Joshua Williams same

  4. xNeoNxCyaN says:

    I may have to play around with all 3 classes this season, I was honestly only really looking to see what arc warlock was like, because my titan is void, my hunter is solar so I wanted my warlock to be arc but, between the new hunter super and the titan “dodge” I may have to try the other classes too, also since this wasn’t a twab I wonder what tomorrow’s twab will be about?

  5. Silver the Hero says:

    Gathering Storm is exactly what I had in mind for Hunters (right down to throwing the staff like a spear), a one and done super to match the roaming or one and done choice for Titans and Warlocks.

  6. OnYourLeft says:

    When it comes to the one shot melee I’m assuming they said 90% because that’s the minimum threshold, so I doubt 50% would one shot.

  7. Cheap Shot says:

    The second super for Hunter sounds dope. I can’t wait to see how this subclass interacts with weapons. They did a great job with Void and and Solar, so it really had me curious about Arc

    • Drew Page says:

      @c fyffe It works both ways, Hunters were also kinda fucked with void and getting abilities like heart of the pack taken away as well as spectral blades still nerfed as shit while titan and warlock got actual new abilities presented such as ‘trial of the old gods’ and throwing shield. What did hunters get? A bigger smoke bomb, wow amazing:[ Honestly I think balancing out the subclass revamps with having certain classes be stronger overall is kinda shitty but it’s what they give, and certainly better than nothing coming from Bungie. If you don’t like it so much then just try another class with the revamp, also you never know for certain if warlocks got the short end of the stick until you actually get to try it out when it comes out. For an analogy it’s akin to shitting on the taste of pepperoni pizza from pizza hut based on what you read about the description of the food without having actually tried it yet. You can’t make a full assessment on this yet.

    • Sunshot With an ornament says:

      @c fyffe except they didn’t

    • Games By Zeta says:

      @c fyffe TBF warlocks didn’t need their kits reworked, they needed more builds with those tools (aka fragments and keyword interactions) the actual things warlocks brought to the table already were just in need of updates. like ball lightning.

    • shrinch says:

      @BleuFlare you clearly never played trials when chaos reach was at its peak so your opinion is irrelevant because that’s not the case of the death majority of the time

    • BleuFlare says:

      @shrinch maybe don’t camp corners and expect not to get hit by an AoE blast.

  8. Edward Trowers says:

    I hope that new hunter super is “stand&fight” super, like well-lock and bubble-titan, so it has ample time and you can destroy the staff to get rid of the super like well-lock sword. Now we would have each class bringing something to more stationary bosses or to lock down an area, damage over time hunter, support warlock, tank titan.

  9. B0redZer0 says:

    As i titan at heart, im glad to see Striker getting it’s update. My favourite subclass by far and niw having a dodge too sounds amazing.

    • Justin Scholfield says:

      love how the devs trolled all titans who were mad that the mobility exotic wasnt coming back from D1 because now its a perk. what i would love to see is a nerf to stompees speed unless you are on arc class. that way titans and hunters are fast on arc while warlocks are fast on solar.

  10. Dude Lebowski says:

    Wondering how that charged Titan melee will work against PvE bosses with their ability to stomp anyone away before they can initiate a charge

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