New Cabinet Installation: Part 1 | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

New Cabinet Installation: Part 1 | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

“Donald Trump is assembling a White House staff, now that Barack Obama has told him that’s a thing presidents have to do.”

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20 Responses

  1. EMAN00619 says:

    I guess there is one good thing about Sam Bee, she uploads everything at

  2. Michael Kao says:

    LOL I thought Mariah the second he said that. She invented that, get outta

  3. BenkethePirate says:

    Make White House white again.

  4. FamNoFam says:

    you guys are seriously going to watch this middle age woman complain about
    Trump for another four years? yall salty

  5. Abdullah Moiz says:

    I don’t understand why Republicans are anti semites
    They are the biggest supporter of Israel and trump even bigger

  6. The Cadaver says:

    This is gonna be a fun ‘presidency’.

  7. Charles White says:

    The Most Inexperience Administration to enter The White House. Trump
    promise that he would hire the best and most qualified individuals to be in
    his administration. So far, I have not been impressed my the individuals he
    has selected.

  8. Philippe Landry says:

    As liberal from South Louisiana, nothing going to change. America will
    become more like Louisiana. Which is bad.

  9. Miranda Cox says:

    while it’s technically possible, a opossum’s body temperature (93-97°F) is
    too low to incubate Rabies and most other viruses.

  10. Brett Berger says:

    Is this what cancer looks like?

  11. wwfwrestlingfan4ever says:

    Stop treating Pepe this way. He never asked to be a racist symbol

  12. IronNail says:

    Dear Samantha Bee, thank you very much for all your ridiculous hate
    mongering. It’s shows like yours that make reasonable middle of the road
    Americans vote for Republicans. Please continue your hyperbolic portrayal
    of decent men as being the root of all evil. Anyone with half a brain can
    see your unwillingness to even have a halfway honest conversation about the
    challenges we face in this great Nation. Keep the course your on if you
    want to keep the left from being taken seriously. Meanwhile, the
    Republicans now have the majority in practically every aspect of our
    Nation’s governmental body. But you have so many views on youtube… how
    could that be?? Your the best player on our team. Thank You.

  13. David Poudrier says:

    I’m sorry but this woman isn’t funny at all

  14. Laura Thornton says:

    Please don’t stop! Sammantha, you are going to be one of the few things to
    get me through the next 4 years!

  15. urban kranjec says:

    I feel like this election was about jews (left wing) vs white people (right

  16. Kcee Landon says:

    Why are you always leaning forward? It annoys me

  17. Paradox Acres says:

    I totally agree, Samantha: this is the Darkest Timeline.

  18. sleaf6 says:

    Is it just me or is Samantha Bee a complete dolt

  19. Rob Barrett says:

    Have still yet to see proof of how horrible this guys is. All I can find is
    a statement made in court by his wife he denied and controversial article
    titles of the company he ran. Please direct me to more concrete evidence of
    why I should hate this guy.Seriously, I want to know.

  20. wesley roche says:

    So in reality why is the left freaking out about this?