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37 Responses

  1. Lachlan says:

    The only consistent series on this channel, shoutout to all my OG’s who watch the new battle pass here!

  2. ⭕ FREE Vʙᴜx CHECK MY CHANNEL ⭕ says:

    What a legend, the guy cares about charity more then himself, I can’t, someone protect this man at all costs.

  3. HardGamer FN says:

    Lachy the new chapter looks sick 🔥 cant wait to play the game and create 🔥 content

  4. Sonicomega123 says:

    This season already looks so much better than chapter 3 lmao

  5. ⭕ FREE Vʙᴜx CHECK MY CHANNEL ⭕ says:

    This season already looks so much better than chapter 3 lmao 🔥 cant wait to play the game and create 🔥

  6. liam says:

    I was hoping for a Christmas themed battle pass. Themed battle passes were so much better

  7. Magoman says:

    I m seriously considering coming back to Fortnite just to get the doom slayer
    one of the most badass character in gaming ngl

  8. MickDude says:

    It’s a tradition to watch the Lachy battle pass video every new season morning even though I don’t play anymore lol

  9. Malz says:

    The event was pretty bad but the battle bass is fire they actually got emotes what u can use for any skin and the map looks so sick so I’m hyped

  10. Mixi says:

    Absolutely excited for the doomslayer skin!

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