“New Coaches!!” at w/ Jimbo Fisher Reaction

“New Coaches!!” at w/ Jimbo Fisher Reaction

Jimbo Fisher has engaged a fan after the FSU vs Louisville Football game loss. October 21 2017. Jimbo yells back “Why don’t you come down here and say it!!” FSU 28 Louisville 31. Jimbo Fishers Aggressive Reaction to fan yelling ” New Coaches!”

Poster said “Support Players Fire Coaches”

Fire Charles Kelly
Overpaid Jimbo Fisher
Lawrence Dawsey

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20 Responses

  1. Ceuane says:

    Well it’s true, I’ve been watching FSU football for 20+years and Kelly is the worst Defensive coordinator we’ve had and Trickett (offensive line coach) should’ve retired years ago! Jimbo is an exceptional coach but he needs a better staff.

  2. Deonte Merricks says:

    Jimbo needs a better freaking staff. I’ve been saying this since Kelly took over. To much damn talent on that side of the ball to be getting beat like that. This the same thing that happened against Miami. Jimbo is a good OC but he needs a better DC and OL coach. He has to know that shit. Go out and get a better DC somewhere. I’d try to bring in Less Miles just to get some recruits on the way. Can’t do no worse than Kelly.

  3. Moto Gordo says:

    Obviously the security was briefed about the fan. Sad the coaches let a fan get under their skin. Support and criticism is all part of being big time Coaches at premier programs. Leave the fans alone. FSU has had the worst luck this season and everyone is frustrated. Fix what you can fix, ignore the rest, and have the wisdom to know the difference. Looking forward to a great battle in the Valley and hanging out with the War Party Faithful! Go Noles! Go Tigers!

  4. Mitchell A says:

    If you don’t like what you’re seeing, then I suggest you stay home and don’t show up!!! You’re not a true FSU fan if you’re doing that. Can’t have a winning season all the time…there will be some ups and some downs.

  5. Woodrow Woody says:

    College fans have every right to demand results from coaches, they get paid a lot of money to yield results, all he said was new coaches and I couldn’t agree more, Jimbo has been garbage from day one, he just seemed to finally shit out the four leaf clover that was for years up his ass

  6. Joan Melnick says:

    It is well known that Jimbo & all his coaches get 100s to millions of dollars each year. The fans deserve great play. Ever since they get these raises, they do worse.

  7. Donald Trump says:

    Dumb ass white People dont even realize when their freedom is slowly being snatched

  8. glarrave says:

    What did the sign say?

  9. Blue Apple says:

    Youtube trending is pathetic

  10. Coach McGuirk says:

    clickbait? nobody on the field so much as noticed the guy with the sign. the whole video is just a cop telling some guy not to have a sign. why did you even record this? just keep your phone to yourself next time asshole.

  11. CrimsonTide says:

    RoLL Tide, and that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

  12. Giancarlo Villanueva says:

    Like so youtube will see that THIS IS NOT TRENDING

  13. JeddenZeFox says:

    why the fuck is this garbage trending

  14. TransparentLabyrinth says:

    Ah, the old style of youtube trending. Shaky vertical videos of one person yelling something at another person.

  15. John Perez says:

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

  16. Blaze says:

    I CANT BELIEVE JLS Commented On My Most Recent Video!!

  17. HAZZARD says:

    Trending is clearly rigged and a paid privilege.

  18. Top 10 says:

    Top 10 Greatest Players in NBA History

  19. The African-American Soldier says:

    But it’s ok for the NFL to so called “protest”! Hypocrisy.

  20. Joe Angermeier says:

    I have been to every FSU vs Clemson game since 2009, meaning I have visited Tallahassee on a gameday 4 times. Now, I understand there is a small percentage of fans of every program that are rude, inhospitable, and hateful, but at FSU it seemed every fan was this way. There was never one friendly or welcoming word uttered toward myself or visiting fans. Instead, people shouted “F*** you” or “F*** Clemson” from passing cars (the epitome of cowardice), threw ice and water bottles at us after our win in 2016, and constantly tried to start fights. I have always (and still) respect their program and players (except Winston), and I love Bobby Bowden, but their fans are some of the worst in country.

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