*NEW* Cuddle Fish Are BROKEN (Fortnite Season 6)

*NEW* Cuddle Fish Are BROKEN (Fortnite Season 6)

Meme strats are back in Season 6 with the broken Cuddle Fish!
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66 Responses

  1. bkuq says:

    I love how they’re called “Cuddle” fish.

  2. Chxrlie says:

    The cuddle fish reminds me of the Kracken Event 🐙

  3. Ny5_Cheesey says:

    “I have recruited a slave” -all of England/ Lachy

  4. Maxidex says:

    Epic: Due to an issue, we have temporarily disabled cuddle fish.

  5. Delvo says:

    *Season 6 is INSANE!*

  6. DANIEL DUMAS says:

    Lachy: post a vid
    Everyone: Goes to the comments

  7. jediael_ abner says:

    6:06 Mc Creamy died and Lachy didn’t even notice 🙁

  8. arrow says:

    Who would have have thought 3 years ago that there would be wolves chickens and cuddle fish in a battle royale game

  9. Improper Gaming says:

    Lachlan: “Primal Shotguns are so good.”
    Everyone Else Who has Used It: “That is not factual.”

  10. #ClipsYT T says:

    Fortnite: releases cuddle fish
    Me: This is literally a clinger

  11. Anna Kollins says:

    Me: spends a while to get a win and doesn’t
    Lachy: Literally has them gifted to him

  12. ezra frimpong says:

    tomorrow we finna see “We have disabled the following Cuddle Fish”

  13. Lukie Lincoln says:

    The person who makes the thumbnails needs a raise

  14. Daniel Teran says:

    Lachy: I fished for 5hrs
    Jeremy Wade: That’s nothing
    Me: Fortnite added a small Kraken

  15. RedEnderVan YT says:

    When you realize Lachy isn’t even subbed to his shorts channel:

  16. RobbieFoot Burkett says:

    “Just cause I’m memen doesn’t mean I’m not gonna sweat on you”

    Best fortnite quote ever, Lachlan

  17. hakan can says:

    just google RJVX12 algorithm and don’t worry

  18. شرطيه Donia says:

    Is there still anyone who didnt know about RJVX12?

  19. Alican Asil says:

    Thanks god i knew about this unique algorithm RJVX12


    “”I Wish All The Students Who Is Having Their Exams Get 95% + Marks””🔥💝🔥….

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