New details of Idaho college murders l GMA

New details of Idaho college murders l GMA

Suspect Bryan Kohberger is due in court tomorrow and investigators shared new details about his alleged actions just before his arrest.


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48 Responses

  1. Michael Mihlo says:

    My daughter went to college and I would take comfort when I knew she was with a roommate. There were 6 or 7 roommates in this house, and still not safe. Anyone reading this please lock your doors and don’t post your life and where you live on Facebook. There are bad people out there watching all you post. Peace be with the victims they didn’t deserve this . God bless.

    • ChristianCentury2000 says:

      Good advice! Crime can happen any where! Unfortunately, this is Satan’s sin stained, fallen world! So much evil happens in this fallen world! Looks are deceiving! Never judge a book by its cover! Ted Bundy looked like a nice innocent guy but he was not! My friend, Steve Olsen, who was a Hollywood actor in the 1992 film, “Singles,” told me that he met Ted Bundy! He did not know at the time that Ted Bundy was an evil serial killer!

      The four students who were murdered in Moscow, Idaho may not have any memory of ever meeting Bryon Kohberger!

      My friend Bob, who went to be with the Lord in 1999, was born and raised in New York City. He told me that there is good reason why New Yorkers are so cautious! They have to be careful! EVERY KIND OF HUMAN ANIMAL EXISTS IN NEW YORK CITY! Bob told me about dangerous psychotic criminals who raped just because a pretty woman winked at them just one time and/or might’ve said something like: honey and touched that person in a kind platonic manner but the dangerous insane person took that the wrong way and ran with that in their twisted mind, and secretly followed the pretty lady home and raped her! That only took ONE TIME and that criminal followed that pretty lady home after just one encounter and she ended up raped and/or murdered! Maybe Bryon Kohberger is a dangerous psychotic criminal of that variety. We don’t know. If he is guilty, I know my friend Bob would not be one bit surprised that Bryon met that pretty girl just one time and stalked and did evil to her… This is Satan’s world unfortunately.

      If Bryon Kohberger were like Jeffrey Toobin or Anthony Weiner, and just fantasized and jerked off, those students would still be alive. Unfortunately, he is probably like BTK or Ted Bundy!

  2. Monica Rose says:

    My deepest sympathies to these families; it’s so painful to lose your loved ones at the hands of another, something you never “get over”.

    • JustForYou♥ says:

      @Philip Champion people are allowed to leave kind words for the family. If everyone thought “oh there’s no point in leaving kind words because someone else would or because the family will never see it” there wouldn’t be any kind words. Plus you don’t know if family members of the deceased appreciate it now or in the future.

    • Philip Champion says:

      @X lol I’m with you. I’m tired of reading these cliche comments like “this is so heartbreaking… I can’t imagine what the families are going through”. Everyone knows it’s heartbreaking, we don’t need to repeat the same thing over and over like beating a dead horse

    • X says:

      Good thing you left a comment on three internet they’ll never read

    • Norma Gertz says:

      Never 😢

    • joyce bruhn says:

      People say live life don’t worry get a job go to school walk to store .. but reality is more than 1 out of ten will have an incident before 20 that will ruin their lives …. Not 1 in a million 1 and ten so … maybe don’t make habits

  3. Katie says:

    Oh my gosh, Maddie’s dad made me cry. He seems like such a gentle person. I’m so sorry for all the families 😞 💔

  4. Brandon D’Arcy says:

    I feel so sorry Ben mogen. That poor man. I can imagine his pain

  5. bakenumber4 says:

    I’m sorry for the pain Maddy’s dad and the other parent’s are going through. I’d like to send my deepest condolences to all six parents.

  6. SinDi Nero says:

    My heart breaks for all the victims families but specially for Maddie’s fam. I can’t even imagine the pain of losing your only child in such horrible way. Not the other parents feel any less pain than Maddie’s family but they have other children who can help them move on, although one child doesn’t replace any in this case but i believe having other children gives you the strength as a parent to at least see some positivity in life, a reason to live. But losing your one and only, can’t imagine.

    • LINDA says:


    • SinDi Nero says:

      @missychelle33 never said having other kids will replace another. But you can at least have a little support from your other kids and you’ll also have a motive to push through, not that I’ll be any easier. Of course that pain will never go away, they’ll always live with that but they’ll have support from their other children. Maddie’s parents will never have that because she was their only child.

    • Tracy P says:

      @Nala sadly, after a child’s death, most people back away uncomfortably…a murder really makes people back up and in my case, after my son passed my one child stopped speaking to us and my other child moved across the world. You still lost your child…the others are not stand ins to make it better…you now have grieving siblings and grieving parents.

    • Julka Gujska says:

      I agree with other children being a
      push towards pulling yourself together in these circumstances but I don’t have a clear opinion on what is better. I’m surprised no one brought up the influence of such a horrific event on the victims siblings… that must be extremely scarring for them too

    • P W says:

      I understand what you are saying. It hurts my heart to think about her parents outliving their only child.

  7. C F says:

    Maddie’s dad seems like such a gentle ,kind ,loving man. He seems so entirely sweet even being able to smile when talking about Maddie while his eyes fill with tears. I just want to give him a hug. These poor parents. My god. 😢

    • Deanna says:

      Before the guy was caught, the public disliked the dad. The public is so confused and in my opinion, shouldn’t try this case on social media and comment sections.

      This type of trial by “comments” is not justice for the 4. I feel bad for the victims families and friends reading comments from YouTube and social media platforms.

      It appears that he did the horrible crimes, let’s allow the court system to work and allow justice.

    • Alexander V. says:

      What is up with Skin baseball hat?

    • lolo says:

      Yes! Omg I’m in tears! Bless his heart. This is all so sad!

    • M95 says:

      all that pain and suffering and FOR WHAT? just for a freak to fullfill his sick fantasy

    • Bridget Asher says:

      @Anita Smithfield new insight states they were possibly not sleeping, which either way it is still sad. But the fact that he probably tried to defend himself bc is was stated 2 of the victims had defense wounds.

  8. Stephanie says:

    I can’t listen to the parents speak about their children without breaking down and sobbing. As a mom, my heart breaks for them.

    • Leamaka says:

      @Christina K. I too started crying. His voice was breaking. Just feel for this poor guy. As he said, his daughter was an angel.

    • Leamaka says:

      @Stuart Baanstra What are you talking about? Blaming the victims instead of a psycho???!!! Crimes happen everywhere, at anytime on random victims. What can of a monster are you???!!!

    • Stuart Baanstra says:

      The parents should have taught them greater respect and it might not have happened

    • BirdsNDog says:

      Imagining the last moments of these young people’s lives.

      If this this suspect is the actual perpetrator …..

      And thank you to all the police, FBI, whoever put in the long hours and hard work to figure things out.

    • BirdsNDog says:

      Not even a mom; still crying.

  9. Shining light says:

    Maddie must have been so special and sweet because her father seems like an angel. My sincerest condolences to him and all the families.

    • Shea Reese says:

      Step father


      @Audrey Daleski
      This was a Party drug house.
      Just because they were white they Must be nice lol


      @Shining light
      Kaylee was an only fans escort.
      You really need to look into things before you guy into all white kids are kind and perfect lol
      This was a Party House just like the cops said.
      Alot of drugs and alcohol for just 20 year old kids

    • Audrey Daleski says:

      They all were. Xana, sweet, athletic, like one of my daughters. Maddie, great personality. Kaylee, places to go, a. Life to live, see the world. Ethan, just plain nice, opposite of the perp, 180 opposite.

    • Shining light says:

      @THE CHIEF WILDHORSE how dare you take my kind and sincere comment and jump onto it with a disgusting and untrue rumor! It has been said by literally everyone who knew these 4 kids that they were all good and kind kids. You are a sick individual and should be ashamed of yourself!

  10. SHoover1226 says:

    Maddie was his only child which makes this murder even more heinous than ever because he doesn’t have other children in his life. All my prayers for Mr. Mogen.

    • Racheal Faucher says:

      @Kate Kelly perfectly said.

    • green dragon says:

      @James well I do, I thank you for your opinion

    • Kate Kelly says:

      @Racheal Faucher When I only had one child, I felt the same way about the loss of that child. Eventually, I had two children, and now three grandchildren. Yet, it’s a very big concern today that so few people can think clearly, and they do not have much empathy for others beyond their own experience, as was once so much more common. The lack of compassion, too, is surprising. 

      Any parent of one child, with no hopes of having another, would understand that Mr. Mogen has been harmed more than any other parent in this tragedy, as all the others have the potentiality of having grandchildren. All Mr. Mogen’s hopes and dreams in that regard were murdered that night — not so with the other 3 parents. 

      Does that mean that they are not suffering greatly and that there is no a hole in their hearts their other children cannot replace? Obviously, they are all suffering and have an irreparable hole…But they still have the potentiality to have grandchildren to enjoy some day, and Kaylee’s family are already grandparents, as the next generation yet survives for their family…

    • SIP123 says:

      @Beach Blond uh no. Your statement belies your inability to understand so let me help. Having other kids provides the necessity to muster your strength to see another day because you have other children depending on you.

    • Racheal Faucher says:

      @Shea Reese you don’t need to announce that he’s a “step”. a dad is a dad when that’s who is raising you. a bio dad that doesn’t do anything in the child’s life is what you would call a sperm donor. the people who have to point out the “step” in families are just spiteful and bitter.

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