New details revealed in brutal attack on Paul Pelosi

New details revealed in brutal attack on Paul Pelosi

NBC News has learned new details about the moment San Francisco police officers arrived at the home of Paul Pelosi during an alleged assault.

A top ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is demanding fresh answers from the U.S. Capitol Police about security failures that led to a brutal attack on Pelosi’s husband last week, questioning the embattled agency about whether it can keep lawmakers and their families safe.

House Administration Committee Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., sent a four-page letter to Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger on Wednesday, saying the attack on Paul Pelosi raises “significant questions about security protections for Members of Congress.” The man who beat Paul Pelosi with a hammer was looking for Nancy Pelosi and later told police that he wanted to hold her hostage and break her kneecaps to make a political point, authorities said.

The searing letter lays out a series of questions for Manger and orders the agency to lay out its plans for protecting lawmakers and their families, including how they are interacting with other law enforcement agencies, how officers are trained for such situations and whether there are special plans in place to protect lawmakers in the presidential line of succession, as Pelosi is.

The letter from Lofgren, whose panel oversees the Capitol Police, comes as the beleaguered agency is still trying to rebuild after the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, when hundreds of former President Donald Trump’s supporters overwhelmed officers and more than 100 were injured. Threats to lawmakers have skyrocketed in recent years — almost 10,000 threats were investigated last year — and the agency has struggled to protect lawmakers, their families and the Capitol campus with limited resources.

The Capitol Police issued a statement Wednesday saying they will “fast track” the work they had already been doing to protect members outside of Washington. #WakeUpCLT


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45 Responses

  1. Ministry Of Truth says:

    So I’m confused. David allowed Paul to answer the door for police but instead of remaining with police, Paul decides to go back to where David was?

    • Juan Bait says:

      The door knob = three feet, david is not a high price male escort.

    • Miss Understood says:

      @Melanie Early ok now I get the sarcasm…lol

    • Melanie Early says:

      @Miss Understood oh yeah!! You haven’t watch the last j6 hearing or abc, nbc, cbs etc recently huh?

    • Miss Understood says:

      @Melanie Early the hero of the Capitol attack? How so?

    • RB23 says:

      @kurtis haake then what’s the rational explanation as to why Paul didn’t go towards the police when he was being “attacked”? You retarded liberals believe everything the government tells you & that’s why your party doesn’t know the difference between male & female. You guys worship the media when they literally are wrong so so often. But keep living in your crime infested communities, killing each other, & trying to sexual little kids (at least the ones you don’t abort).


    You don’t walk back to the “attacker” . This is the most bizarre story

  3. jon dough says:

    With all this time they have had to concoct a credible story, this is all they come up with ?

  4. k333rl says:

    putting all the details out on the table is bad for ratings. we have to keep them hidden and put them out piece by piece so that we can cover the air time.

  5. Walter Rayfield says:

    He opened the door went back and got into a fight over the hammer? This story gets weirder with every update. He lets him call the police then allowed him to open the door? Come on man

  6. I am Lrrr ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8! says:

    This story is the gift that keeps on giving.

    • G4tv says:

      You spellled grift wrong

    • Carol Lovell-Saas says:

      @Ann Trope I know! This makes my stomach hurt! I have never felt anything but sympathy for someone who was injured, regardless of party. The jokes are shocking, especially since it wasn’t just men fighting, but a hammer that broke an elderly person’s skull. Every day that goes by I get more disappointed in the number of people in the world who have no empathy outside their tribe:-(

    • Katy says:

      they may be trying g to cover up the fact that navy has been to gitmo

    • Derek says:

      So Paul likes to wear Nancy’s clothes when she is gone and is buying shares in Vaseline, sounds like he is fit for Hollywood

    • T J says:

      @Ann Trope truth hurts.

  7. James says:

    The fact this story has changed so much This a weird way to treat someone you stated was a friend

  8. jheetman says:

    I can understand why Paul was in his underwear if he really was awakened at 2AM, but why the hell would the intruder be in his underwear as well?

  9. cobaka says:

    “Fear takes over. Fear freezes people.” Yes. Fear freezes people when they have no notice or avenue of escape. However, when salvation arrives, they do NOT move back to the threat… Not even those with Stockholm syndrome.

  10. BJP003 Pierce says:

    It’s perfectly legal to ask for the full 9-1-1 call to be released but it’s being withhold. Why hasn’t their security footage been released, seems like that easiest way to put theories to bed

    • BJP003 Pierce says:

      @Julian Ciaha Consulting my thoughts exactly. Maybe they will have some re-enactment the crime, it will be blurry footage and never show his face

    • Julian Ciaha Consulting says:

      if the bodycam and security footage backed up the Official BS narrative they woulda released it days ago

    • Marsha Mattern says:

      They only slow walk releasing the tapes if they might get sued or covering up something. If there wasn’t a potential problem it would be released. Otherwise it is the usual “we won’t comment on an investigation in progress”, etc

    • BJP003 Pierce says:

      @wade stanton the Pelosi’s residence has multiple security cameras. To put all the rumors to rest, they could easily show the guy breaking in. The police should also have body cameras

    • Michael Wolf says:

      @wade stanton Police and residential, and they’re probably not being released because it could affect the security of the house.

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