New Division New Shakur! Shakur Dominates Yoshino, 2 Knockdowns Gets Stoppage Win | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

New Division New Shakur! Shakur Dominates Yoshino, 2 Knockdowns Gets Stoppage Win | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

Watch the #highlights from the main event of #stevensonyoshino featuring #shakurstevenson In the fight it was all Shakur dropping Yoshino twice before getting the knockout win.

Next Up for Top Rank Boxing, Mikaela Mayer is coming back to the U.K. for the second time in a row.

The former unified junior lightweight champion will make her lightweight debut against former two-time junior welterweight world champion Christina “Medusa” Linardatou on Saturday, April 15, at Copper Box Arena in London.

Mayer-Linardatou will serve as the co-feature to the WBO interim heavyweight title clash between undefeated British knockout artist Joe Joyce and Chinese contender Zhilei Zhang.

Promoted by Queensberry Promotions, Joyce-Zhang, Mayer-Linardatou and undercard bouts will stream live and exclusively in the U.S. on ESPN+. .

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41 Responses

  1. JustADude says:

    Shakur’s ability to balance the sweet science and defense with being super aggressive and staying in the pocket is absolutely unreal. If he stays disciplined outside the ring he will retire undefeated.

  2. Manos para vida says:

    Stevenson is boxing personified. What a package, he’s got absolutely every attribute needed to beat just about anyone.

    • caos024 says:

      @Life is Blessed  Tank does not have skill. Knock it off. He’s average at best. He literally struggles against mid level competition.

    • Life is Blessed says:

      @caos024 Tank has skill lol and he has power,When Stevenson comes up against a fighter with power and decent boxing IQ he will get fount out

    • Life is Blessed says:

      @caos024 Tank ain’t no Bum,Tank will be the last man standing and hurts Stevenson,Stevenson looks good against fighters that only have one dimension

    • Gaingreen89 says:

      @Dragon Fang that was crazy 😂

    • David Maez says:

      @caos024  oh I’m not saying that can’t happen. I’m just a old Boxing fan, I like these young Boxers. They need square up and fight each other, im not ever invested emotionally. I watch the fights unbiased and we never really know until they fight.

  3. Jesse Lee says:

    Dude’s sharp, accurate as hell, and it’s so hard to tell what shot is coming. Sits in front of you making you think he’s open, but in reality, you’ll be open to his counters. Wayyyy better than I anticipated.

    • denmar campos says:

      @InverseCramer📈 You’re the one that’s fake cause you don’t really believe in your boy if you don’t wanna bet🤔😆 If you lose, will you send me the 1000? Guaranteed?

    • InverseCramer📈 says:

      @denmar campos you fake you ain’t gonna bet no $1000 😂 you the type to say it but not do it,stick to you’re opinion no need to get butthurt or fanboying just keep it a buck i think shakur could beat frank and thats it.

    • denmar campos says:

      @InverseCramer📈 Shakur was getting tagged by slow-ass Japanese dude & you think he beats “The Ghost”?😆 I’ll bet you 1000 dollars Frank puts Shakur to sleep👍

    • InverseCramer📈 says:

      @denmar campos nice opinion i think shakur beats frank easy.

    • denmar campos says:

      @InverseCramer📈 He was never stopped cause he only fought Taxi drivers LOL😂 Tank or Frank “The Ghost” Martin would’ve put Japanese dude in a coma😂 Japanese dude slow as hell😂

  4. Vitor Bueno says:

    I don’t have words to describe what I felt seeing this kid yesterday. Dude is poised in every little movement while boxing. You can’t even say if he is offensive or defensive, he just flows, just does the right thing at the right time, but it seems that he does it ALL the time. Shakur is for real, in my eyes he’s the greatest of the new prodigies.

  5. Lidkas Plus+ says:

    The way he dodges punches by just moving his waist away is something I havent seen anyone do the way he does it, he understands the distance and his balance just perfectly, can’t wait to see him properly challanged, exciting times are coming for 135 👀

    Edit: Please dont spam comments as if Ive never seen head movement. All Im saying is theres something unique about his defense, every fighter is unique in a way

    • Desoto Hybrid21 says:

      ​@Javier Rosales your ppl don’t even have defense so what are u talking about? Lol

    • Lidkas Plus+ says:

      @Young Ju Exactly

    • Young Ju says:

      @Lidkas Plus+ youre right he is unique in his defense. And uses distance to do that. Other people do it but not with the same intentions

    • Lidkas Plus+ says:

      @The Interested Observer I havent seen the footage of Shakur and Loma but Id love to see that

    • The Interested Observer says:

      @Lidkas Plus+ years ago, the footage is out there somewhere. Tank, Loma, Devin, Ryan and Shakur all know each other VERY well, that is why they have ‘so far’ been avoiding each other. Ryan and Devin have already lost to each other. Shakur has sparred Loma, Devin has sparred, Shakur and Tank, most of the footage has been out there if you dig for it.

  6. Alfredo Mendez says:

    He literally destroyed the hands leaving him open. Masterful performance

  7. Mahalia Brooks says:

    El árbitro estaba oyendo esos golpes en el rostro y dijo no más, fue suficiente Yoshino

  8. Zero-Senpai ゼロ says:

    You have to be proud of this kid because he’s trying his best to get the crowd excited and he knows how to entertain them. I wish he could get a world title shot as soon as possible. ❤ Nice fight champ. 🏆

  9. Eder Barrios Almaraz says:

    Mis respetos para el referí, oportunamente paro el combate ya no tenía nada que hacer el valiente japonés, así se debe actuar como lo hizo este referí, cuidar la integridad física y la salud de los deportistas, y evitar graves lesiones que en algunos casos han Sido fatales.

  10. M.C. 3369 says:

    No point in Yoshino taking another round of beating. This was a perfect time to save a fighter from himself. He had too much heart and would not have given up but he would have continued to be punished.

    • Hugo Ramirez says:

      Nah that ref Is Known to stop fights prematured.

    • smag1022 says:

      ​@M.C. 3369 exactly!! Dude had an 11% connect rate, no way in hell he would’ve “came back”

    • Leonard Christopher says:

      @M.C. 3369 yeah these mofos act like they need to witness someone murdered in the ring! Dude was outclassed, and he was game, so the ref saved him from his self and he can fight another day.

    • M.C. 3369 says:

      @The Interested Observer Bro even in the “greatest comebacks” the guy losing was landing punches. Yoshino was not. Bro was swinging at air while being smashed with clean shots the whole time. No need for the man to be permanently injured just to prove how tough he is. We can all see he was ready to go out on his shield.

    • Database12 says:

      Yes for this new generation of soft people.

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