New England Patriots Victory Parade

New England Patriots Victory Parade

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20 Responses

  1. wilnydia says:

    we want 6

  2. SWAGGY T says:

    James White Should’ve been Super Bowl MVP.

  3. awsomewild says:

    God damn it falcons we were close

  4. BUGZNTA says:

    So sick of white supremacy winning in america. The falcons won the popular
    vote it should have nothing to do with points SMH

  5. Tom Trott says:

    they’re filming with toasters

  6. N. W. Dood (Networkdood) says:

    The Greatest NFL Franchise…ever

  7. ILOVEALIJAH says:


  8. N. W. Dood (Networkdood) says:

    YOOOO!! NESN:'ahightower/2533057/careerstats Dont’a was
    not there in the 2011 season

  9. Joly Centeno says:

    MVP!!! says Stewart form Carolina Panthers ?

  10. Snowy says:

    The parade started at 11 and i got there at 9 but i didn’t see them until
    11:45 I believe, not to mention that it was freezing and snowing and
    raining. But it was all worth it!

  11. Tabithia Moore says:

    Almost felt like a Donald Trump parade, not necessarily a good thing.

  12. lavi ya tu sabes says:

    we don’t want no bandwagon fans #PatsNationTakingOverTheWorld

  13. MalcolmRandall says:

    Atlanta: “Rise UP! Rise UP!”
    Boston: *”SIT YO ASS DOWN!!”*

  14. Gaming Palooza Empire says:

    2:56:50 The thunderous response from millions of New Englander’s chanting
    “WE WANT SIX” is electrifying.

  15. Jakub Winch says:

    Just got back from the Parade, it was a great time.

  16. Nova X says:


  17. Emilio Barzini says:

    Bow Wow jinxed the Falcons when he ranted about the win when the score went
    up to 28-3. Next time relax Bow Wow.

  18. tim72184 says:

    We are so friggin spoiled.

  19. Fadey Suleiman says:

    Another Deflated Victory ?? 

  20. Kiana Sanders says:

    we did it. we came to win and we did…patsnation

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