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45 Responses

  1. Pluto V2 says:

    What’s up guys, yes. It *Never* gets old Fresh!

  2. Cute banana says:

    “All around the map”
    Me searching for them for a year: yea probably 😃

  3. Fierce Peter Gaming says:

    From now on, I only land *FERRARI*

  4. Michael Carew says:

    Fresh:“ I wonder if there’s a pickle Ferrari?” Me: So who’s gonna tell him?”

  5. UrLeftNut says:

    Fresh: “Who shoots a Ferrari?!”

    Mr Beast: “how many Ferrari’s do you need to stop a bullet?”

  6. Kanon says:

    This is so sick they added this imagine what else they will add

  7. drinking keys says:

    Island: Having a alien invasion
    Epic: Perfect time to add ferraris

  8. Артём Кузнецов says:

    “It’s been 4 games since I saw a Ferrari, but I just remembered that Lambo’s spawn all the time here” 😂

  9. SGC_Shadow says:

    Imagine you could tell someone from c1 s2 that you could fly ufos and drive ferraris 3 years later

  10. babatunde jeff says:

    The game is offically DONE who knew we go from tyres to a fricking car company as an og this hurts a lot

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