New Found Glory – Vicious Love (feat. Hayley Williams) Official Music Video

New Found Glory – Vicious Love (feat. Hayley Williams) Official Music Video

New Found Glory’s ‘Resurrection: Ascension’ is available to preorder now on Hopeless Records and is out October 9, 2015!

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20 Responses

  1. Tara Shea says:

    Only watched for Hayley, becuz honestly not a fan of this band.

  2. cole smith says:

    am I the only person who thinks Hayley Williams isn’t that great sorry
    just my opinion

  3. Ty Lowry says:

    I kinda love how his voice is actually higher than hers…

  4. T Florig says:

    Sounds good guys. Making music like we know how. The good ole days live

  5. Petra Dragicevic says:

    Love Hayley and NFG,for all of you saying this is shit,listen to JB and try
    to compare these two…

  6. Esther Spragge says:

    sounds like a 90’s 2000’s song. I like it haha

  7. Miranda Flanagan says:

    “I guess it’s all perspective but together though we rarely touch, try not
    to fall apart, we’ve got a vicious love, we mix our tears with blood”

    -New Found Glory (feat. Hayley Williams) ♥♥ 

  8. vanrok says:

    Dude look at the bassist,he lost a ton of weight HOLY SHIT,congrats dude :D

  9. Cameron Urry says:

    New NFG Album! New video. <3 Hayley Williams. #highschoolmemories

  10. Naiko Chua says:

    Omg hayley williams why so fucking beautiful

  11. Candace Mccullough says:


  12. Ryan Doede says:

    +Ryan Doede Update: Not kidding, I’ve played this 5 times in a row already.

  13. jmt1000 says:

    +Eli Engwicht New Found Glory have been around for much longer than 2002.
    They have been a band since 1997, when they released their EP It’s All
    About The Girls.

    I don’t mean to be rude, but your comment is full of Factual and
    Grammatical errors. (As mine does in capitalization) The song is called
    Head on Collision. You didn’t specify an album, so they wouldn’t know what
    Album you meant by “That album is fucking gold”.
    No period either. New Found Glory wasn’t capitalized.

    Okay the last two were me fucking with you.

    Have a (genuine) great day Eli Engwicht!

    Sorry if English isn’t your first language!!

  14. saad X1 says:

    I wish to participate in and support the fallopian

  15. malinixvong says:

    lol half the crowd looked like they gave up and were like i’m too old for
    this, where’s the craft beer

  16. jacqueline escobar says:

    Hayley?????? fucking love u ❤️

  17. stefanierw91 says:

    i seriously have absolutely nothing more to say about this song than that
    it’s fucking amazing. love love love it.

  18. Fadhil Azman says:

    Even when the video not play yet, I already tap like button

  19. Tiani Dunn says:

    Remember when Haley Williams was on MTV cribs

  20. peanutbutterburgers says:

    so smart to do a collab with hayley. not sure if they still got it but NFG
    will always be my teenage favs.