[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Ana Origin Story | Overwatch

[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Ana Origin Story | Overwatch

Discover the untold story behind Overwatch’s lost agent: Ana.

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20 Responses

  1. Jonathan Fayemi says:

    SOOO how old is she?

  2. William James says:

    Wait, how old is Mercy? She looks about as old as everyone else in the
    photo, and clearly time has passed, but she looks the same age.

  3. Ivan Lockward says:

    well done guys, props on tackling the issue of ageism, even if it was
    unintentional. Great character!

  4. Plague Doctor says:

    omfg this is amazin !!!!

  5. NaijeruMizuho says:

    Just how old are Mercy and McCree anyway!?

    P.S. Young 76 is giving me Chris Evans vibes.

  6. RusskieMON says:

    Peshmerga hero? Cool

  7. Hannah Anson says:


  8. Koh James says:

    could widow be her daughter

  9. Carson First says:

    is ana phara’s mother?

  10. Nathan Ware says:

    Phariah? Don’t you mean Pharah??

  11. Défendre la Patrie says:

    So in the old photo, Pharah looks to be 10. Since Mercy and Pharah are five
    years apart, with Pharah being 32 and Mercy being 37, that would mean that
    Mercy was 15 in that photo. No wonder Overwatch was shut down…

  12. longoats says:

    Ana? that’s her name, Ana? Can’t wait for John and Mary to make their
    appearances xD

  13. Kaneki Ken says:

    so why couldn’t she kill Widowmaker?

  14. Avalon r says:

    0:022 and 2:17 what language did Anna write in at

  15. OwlSocksChick says:

    Is the guy crouching on the left Genji? Does anyone have any theories?

  16. Matt B says:

    Why couldn’t she kill Widow? They have some connection?

  17. Eric Cartman says:

    Was that widowmaker in her scopes?

  18. Mrrglegrrgle Gaming says:

    WOW! A NEW OVERWATCH HERO! Too bad I hate her.

  19. kenny03 says:

    did they do a orin story on the gorrila guy

  20. Lucky Beast says:

    Pretty strange, a bullet went straight through the scope and into the eye
    Ana looked through the scope with, now she an eye patch. So now she has to
    look the scope with her other eye. I wonder how that would be to continue
    battle but, having to use the eye that you’re not used to. Not to mention
    the fact that she would probably have to hold the rifle on her left side.