[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Echo Origin Story | Overwatch

[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Echo Origin Story | Overwatch

Introducing Echo. An evolutionary robot programmed with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence, Echo represents the cutting edge of technology.

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76 Responses

  1. Dylan Kwan says:

    “And so she created me. Her legacy. Her promise. Her Echo”

    Everyone: SO you’re telling me that her legacy was fighting on the front lines with overwatch. I swear she was just a scientist.

    • Watchpoint OH says:

      Soldiers, SCIENTISTS, adventurers, oddities. She knew about the Omnics, and how to defeat them, and so Jack enlisted her.

    • 98Thecodfather says:

      I love how you say that like you’re part of the dev team lmao

    • Ghost trash. says:

      I think is the same as Torb, he’s an engineer part of the people who created the omnics and that’s why they recruited him.
      Liao is one of the scientists who helped to create the omnics and she was recruited.
      Overwatch recruited everyone who could help

    • Blayne Greiner says:

      It wasn’t Mercy’s intentions to fight on the frontlines either but she ends up being a combat medic as much as a medical researcher. Winston is also a scientist. Mei is just a scientist.

    • Jorgie Applepie says:

      Blayne Greiner moira was also just a scientist

  2. Lunar The Bloop! says:

    Amazon Echo: Overwatch edition.
    Alexa, what sound does a Genji make?
    “I need healing! I need healing!”

  3. Raphael Alavi says:

    Echo’s sittings emote exists*

    Symmetra’s sitting emote: “Are you challenging me?”

  4. ReApEr's WaRlOrD says:

    I hope we have the same understanding of what the word “Soon”’ means

  5. Logan The Octoling says:

    McCree: They’re getting the band back together, and they want me. But really…

    They need you.

    Echo: Yeah… in *1.5 years.*

  6. Anchy says:

    World: *on lockdown*
    Overwatch: Here’s a new hero, coming soon!

  7. Jay Cab says:

    “Her Legacy, Her Promise, Her ECHO.”

    The fact she speaks in 3rd person suggest that she is just an Omnic reflection / creation of Liao and not actually Liao that transferred her mind into an Omnic body.

    Liao is Dead. Change my mind!

  8. H2Opus says:

    Me: ”So, why do they call you Echo?”
    Echo: “So, WhY dO tHeY cAlL yOu eChO?”

  9. BBmetalhead04 says:

    I’m interested to see how she interacts with Zenyatta and Genji. Do you think she might’ve helped in making Genji a cyborg, or was inspired to take the work on Genji to the next level (100% machine with a human mind)?

  10. Prazu says:

    community: plz not a stun-hero again

    Papa Jeff: it is Wednesday my dudes

    • Star Moral says:

      @JSmellerM I would love that so much

    • Hyacinths says:

      @Maxi L
      Kinda like Support Symmetra who was a Buff Support, or Support Sombra, who was a Debuff Support.

    • Minimal Grammar says:

      Wtf XD

    • John Harrington says:

      In the Overwatch 2 trailer she is flying, maybe that’ll translate to the game so Pharah can have someone besides Mercy helping out.

    • The Shallow Boy says:

      @Maxi L you mean, zen? Cant consider him a healer with such low heal/second and no other healing ability. His primary impact comes from discord which is an unmatched debuff. Been in the game since day 1 too. Lucio is also primarily used for speedboost at higher ranks, mostly a supportive playstyle and a great peeler, less of a full on healer. Play more or play better, either of the 2 but we already have exactly what youre describing lol

  11. HotWombat47 says:

    Did anyone notice Echo’s voice is different here than when she was first introduced in Ashe’s animated short?

  12. EMEMO says:

    Ah, a glimpse from the time before things started to go downhill. Jack sounds so enthusiastic about Overwatch and getting Liao to join them. Hear that little laugh?

  13. Skiiman says:

    Genji: all I needed… Was healing

  14. Daz says:

    The Techno Union has gone too far this time.

  15. DrewInDefense says:

    OH GOD, SHE’S ADORABLE, I can’t wait to see all of her emotes, and how the skins are gonna look

    • VampireQueen94 says:

      I know!!! That sit better be an emote. I need it so badly– im curious as to what they have in mind for epic and legendary skins. I hope to god it’s on the ptr

    • ICloudZe says:

      @VampireQueen94 Shes probably going to be on ptr in about few days or a week, just my guess though.

    • DrewInDefense says:

      @VampireQueen94 honestly, it has to be an emote, and I wonder when Echo will even be on PTR

    • DrewInDefense says:

      @VampireQueen94 I for sure am excited to see the skins for her, because she’s definetly unique compared to all the other heros, with her smooth design and all

  16. Alex Redstar says:

    McCree: they need you!

    Echo: Ok, but you’ll have to wait *2 years*

  17. • McSleepyy says:

    When she said, “Her Echo.”
    I got chills! The voice actor did awesome!

  18. Zack Chua says:

    Echo: Turns her wings into a chair
    Also Echo: Doesn’t actually sit on it

  19. Dylzz says:

    “Her legacy. Her promise. Her ECHO.”
    i see what u did there blizzard

  20. JeffTheEevee says:

    Symmetra’s sitting emote: “who are you”
    Echo’s sitting emote: “im you but better”

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