[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Orisa Origin Story | Overwatch

[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Orisa Origin Story | Overwatch

Catch up with robotics prodigy Efi Oladele and meet her newest creation: Orisa!

Learn more about Orisa : http://blizz.ly/Orisa
Read the PTR patch notes: http://blizz.ly/2mQ0WqI

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20 Responses

  1. DA5 - David C says:

    When comes out a italian character,WHEN?!

  2. Lonely Shpee says:

    Did feminists get triggered that the game didn’t have female robots? Now they’ll complain that it’s not overweight.

  3. Ragnar Lodbrok says:

    Baymax: African Edition

  4. OneJapTwoStraight says:

    When everyone wanted Ana, I wanted Liao, when everyone wanted Sombra, I wanted Liao, when everyone wanted Doomfist, I wanted Liao. I still want Liao. But I actually really love Orisa and Efi

  5. Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer says:

    Uninspired backstory and dialogue. I would rather play as Efi.

  6. Illegal Meme Dealer says:

    Almost thought that Efi was going to be piloting this robot, and was going to say ‘D.Va is still better.’

  7. BlackMilk says:

    Why do people have a problem with the new heroes? The only reason I’ve been reading so far is that they’re female. No explanation of why or how that’s a bad thing. Just that they’re female. How is that bad? You don’t like women? There’s still more male heroes than female heroes and it’s highly likely there’ll be additional ones in the future, so the amount can’t be the problem either. Are we all just allergic to virtual genitalia now? Just don’t understand why some of you are obsessing over the gender of fictional characters in a game. Must be tough if every time you look at that list of heroes you get all worked up over some digi-junk.

  8. Adam-Lucas Dewitt says:

    wtf we want doomfist not this creepy bot

  9. Iconic The Jam says:

    blizzard’s reuse of voice actors putting on slightly different voices is starting to get a little annoying because orisa is obviously pharahs voice actor and when i hear it i cant think of anyone except pharah, destroying this character’s individuality.

  10. Isabela Lemos says:

    geez some people are really scared of females

  11. Kyle Overton says:

    “Long ago, Numbani was in perfect harmony. Then, everything changed when Doomfist attacked.”

    “Only the defense bots, our protectors could stop him, but when we needed them most, they failed.”

    “Afterwards I rebuilt a new protector, a defense bot named Orisa. And although she is strong and brave, she has a lot to learn before she is ready to save anyone. But I believe Orisa will be the hero we need.”

  12. mattockmaniac47 says:

    all these comments about there being “too many female heroes” make me sad :'(

  13. FARESSS says:

    I’m a guy and I find people arguing about more female characters dumb including the fact that there are still more male characters and to even out so stop whining and if the next character isn’t male idk do what ever you want

  14. Kitteh Cat says:

    no henrai of this please.. I dont want it.

  15. Whiterun Guard says:

    Efi’s voice is so cute

  16. Big Smoke says:

    Can’t wait too see the comment section when a black female character comes out section would be full of edgy kids racism and trolling youtube comments are just cancer nowadays

  17. Hayley Enns says:

    wtf people are already complaining about three “female” characters being released in a row?? there’s 12 male heroes. with the new hero there is 11 female heroes. we haven’t even reached an equal amount and yet somehow this is an assault on masculinity ???

  18. Yoda says:

    No blizzard, we want Doomfist not another robot!

  19. Prayvell Pope says:

    Everyone thought Doomfist next. Boy, were we wrong.

  20. Senity says:

    there’s nothing wrong with Orisa, but…still waiting for Liao and Doomfist

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