New iPad Pro review: can it replace your laptop?

New iPad Pro review: can it replace your laptop?

Apple’s new iPad Pro is a beast of a tablet, and Nilay Patel reviews it — everything from its new design and screen to plugging in several devices to the new USB-C port. Dami Lee and William Joel, professional creatives at The Verge, also give their insight into the new iPad and Apple Pencil.


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72 Responses

  1. JW Fan says:

    Luckily it sounds like many of these problems can be addressed via software, so if Apple’s listening, maybe we’ll get some of this functionality in iOS 13

    • Becoming Vincent says:

      the only way to force Apple to change its way is to express yourself with your wallet. That’s why like many others I refuse to buy the new Macbooks with rubbbish keyboards and impossible to upgrade. This might change in a few years as the european commission is working on a repairability score. At the moment Apple is close to 0

    • Joey Rosas says:

      JW Fan you’re right. One big piece of evidence is how they still have not made the MacBooks touch screen. It wouldn’t make sense to add that feature to their MacBooks if the tablet is made for that. I believe too we will get to a point where MacBooks and I pads are one and the same.

    • Edouard Heck says:

      JW Fan some rumors are saying that iOS 13 “yukan” (or whatever the name is) will bring big updates for the iPad, to make it much closer to the Mac (file system, support for usb, better App Store, etc..)

    • Miguel Gomez says:

      HAHAHAHA! good luck with that thought buddy. This is apple’s classic bs. Give customers a half-assed product that is purposely limited so they spend more money to “overcome” the limitations. Want more storage? Sure! But no external drives 🙂 just pay us for more local storage or our garbage cloud if 1tb is not enough.

  2. Sawbonz says:

    Man, that A12X chip makes the 7 watt i5 on the MacBook Air look like a joke. Can’t wait until Apple makes MacBooks with their own processors.

    • Henning says:

      +Sawbonz Oh, there is already a Windows on ARM and the News Snapdragon with Windows 10 1809 ist capable of emulating x86 on an ARM – with a 30% cut. I am a developer myself and I can tell you there is no easy way

    • Andy Liu says:

      +Subham Mandal Name ONE tablet that has 4k

    • Sawbonz says:

      +Henning So I guess we’re stuck in a world with two completly different competing architectures and it will be hard to blur the line between the two.

    • Henning says:

      +Sawbonz Yes, there a so many custom pro-x86 applications out there that I can’t imagine that ARM will ever be the way to go … But I think it’s the better architecture indeed.

    • TheJosiahTurner says:

      X86 vs arm, google it

  3. Robert idonotsharemyfullname says:

    am i the only one who thinks that 10-15 years ago apple was about “making the best for our target audience and charge them a lot (but fairly)” and now they are “making the most expensive thing, overprice it, and not really care if it’s useful” I’ve been frustrated with apple on that account for a while now, and every keynote makes me feel worse about staying in the ecosystem. Thinkpad here i come.

    • govols2214 says:

      Robert idonotsharemyfullname their new direction is to create the most premium product possible at a mass scale. Even billionaires use the same smartphones as common folk. If you can’t afford the latest and greatest, get a model from a few years ago. They are still good products

    • Factory 23 says:

      YAWN! boring recycled arguments. Switch to windows and get on with your life! end of story.

  4. Slayer1111111111able says:

    I HATE how you keep referencing the top tier iPad. The 1TB model is a show piece, just for crazy rich people. The most iPad most people with ever use is the 256GB model. While that still comes in at about $1600, very expensive, referencing this price would be much more accurate and less sensational than “the 2 thousand dollar iPad!??!!!” Please keep it real Nilay

  5. avicohen2k says:

    You want a device to adapt to you but apples whole ideology is to make the user adapt to their project. Like the famous words: your holding it wrong.

  6. Kathryn Blowers says:

    Tbh i dont even use a laptop anymore. I have my imac… and my phone. And i have a fairly old ipad mini 2nd gen that i should probably trade up for but… i so rarely use it outside of traveling that I just don’t. I have an old laptop but since i got my mac it has mostly been collecting dust. So imo if you have a desktop already… like me… its pretty likely this could replace your laptop because you do most of your work on a desktop and use the ipad as a portable way to carry around your work and do minor edits and etc. but it all just depends on what you do… your lifestyle. I can totally see people who barely need a computer at all just have this and nothing else. Because in my experience the majority of users aren’t your geeky tech savvy types… they’re people who just go on the internet and use word processors and occasionally play app games. And strangely enough, despite the price and power of this ipad being way more than they need, they might get it because they know it will last a very long time through all the updates through the years.

    • Calamitous98 says:

      Couldn’t you just stream your desktop from your iPad. This would mean you could have the power of your desktop desktop with the portability of your iPad. But obviously since the refresh rate of computer streaming isn’t that high you would use the applications on your IPad to watch videos. But ofc it wouldn’t be worth spending 2200 on a device that you use just to watch videos and stream your desktop.

    • Calamitous98 says:

      Nvm just found out that iPads don’t support a mouse lol

    • Alex Muncatchy says:

      I just don’t get this argument. If you use a device just for browsing the web and using word processors, why not just get literally any tablet on the market? why get the pro variant? why get an iPad at all? Why not just buy a cheap Chromebook for productivity.

      The age old joke about the macbook air being “one thousand dollar facebook machines” must ring true for their fanbase.
      Why spent several thousand dollars on something when something 1/10 of the cost could easily fulfill those needs?

      Here in LA, It reminds me of everytime I get stuck in rush hour on the way home from work…Bumper to bumper with a Mclaren sitting next to me, and we are both going the same exact speed.

      At what point does the cost/benefit analysis come into play with Apple’s dedicated following?

      The iPad is powerful enough to run virtually anything, and the Pro is heavily marketed towards creatives with the Pencil, so why are we stuck using “Lite” versions of these programs? I just don’t get it.

  7. EnNombreDeLaCiencia ! says:

    11:21 “iPad mini from early 2018” I’m confused 😕

  8. Utkarsh S says:

    Every apple product review has so much hidden skepticism in them. Subtle or not Apple deserves it with the price range they are aiming for!

    Love the details going on here with USB c! It’s basically cheating.

    • S Khan says:

      their price range is that of 2in1 touchscreem laptops that turn into tablets and are loaded with ssd and more ram. So no its not a good deal.

  9. WawaDvd says:

    Wonderful review. Detail, arguments and explanayions. It’s sad to hear that it still can’t truely be used as a computer and no ext-storage kind of frustrates me.
    So much power but no way of really using it… but Apple isn’t even close to thinking about a “Windows 10”-like iPadOS, with Apps AND Programs compatibility.

  10. Marc Hickman says:

    I literally spoke to Apple concerning the limitations with the new iPad, they informed me that I should use the cloud instead of an HD because it’s still not recognizable. I wanted to replace my MBP with this, unfortunately, Apple isn’t there yet. Thank you so much for this video! It’s painful to say that the Microsoft Surface Pro is better, I just dislike windows.

    • Eventus Vantos says:

      Marc Hickman how can you dislike windows when it offers far more applications features freedom customizability and more.

    • Angelo Tognon says:

      if only sp6 had type c (with tb) I’d buy it, I’ll have to wait for next gen I guess, this iPad was disappointing at best as a laptop replacement

    • Mondray Maye says:

      Which version of Windows you don’t like is the more important question. Even though Windows 10 is growing on me I still don’t like it. I prefer Windows over MacOS especially for gaming

    • Marc Hickman says:

      +Mondray Maye I use windows 10 for work but I’ve been using Mac’s for about 9 years now. I prefer OS over windows

  11. Prateek Choudhary says:

    An ipad would never replace a laptop until it supports a mouse.

    • TheJosiahTurner says:

      Usb C my dude

    • AreYouDavid? says:

      +slosher Get over it, headphone cables are yester-year. The cable only gets in the way… especially phones, they are a nightmare because the cord constantly gets tangled on door handles (if the wire is not under clothing) The future is wireless, it’s only Apple who dare be ahead on this one. and its a brave bold move.

    • Brendan says:

      +AreYouDavid? Get over it, people wan’t options. What works for you might not work for others. Sure the future might be wireless, but removing the wired option wasn’t done to push innovation, it was simply done to boost profits. Nothing wrong with increasing revenue, but there’s “brave” or “bold” about it either.

  12. Carl John Franz says:

    A great device crippled by iOS, Apple are useless, I won’t be buying this.

    • AreYouDavid? says:

      No worries, they’ll still make billions without your input.

    • S Khan says:

      +AreYouDavid? by sheeps like you, truth hurts. if you really want the device to be great make iOS tablet better and more functional so it can actually use the processor for demanding things. it really brings nothing new to the table than the other older iPad. the older iPad runs every single app and game fine.

  13. Rocco Casadei says:

    Finally, a not-overenthusiastic, systematic, comprehensive review of this thing from a professional’s perspective. Thumbs up Nilay!

  14. EposVox says:

    “I don’t want to adapt to my computer, I want my computer to adapt to me.”
    Brutal review here. I love it. These are the issues that have always kept me from getting one.

  15. Luke White says:

    No YouTube 4k?! That’s a deal-breaker for me.

  16. Ismo Mattila says:

    IOS on a phone = AMAZING
    IOS on a tablet = GARBAGE
    Always been this way.

    • NovaDoll says:

      Ipads are the best tablets vs android tablets. I had so many “nice android tablets” they sucked. If you need a laptop then get one. We all know the limitations of non windows tablets.

    • lostn65 says:

      Android tablets support mouse, so at the very least you can make Excel work. Doing that on a touch screen is painful.

    • Zach says:

      iOS on iPads have always been great for entertainment/education purposes but not actual productivity in my opinion. in that case macOS is much better suited

    • S Khan says:

      +NovaDoll except android tablets arent as limited like ipad’s ios. The tab S4 is still the better tablet with external storage support and amoled screen. Why pay that much when tablets are deemed to be oversized phones according to apple with inferior screens than their latest iphones..

  17. Alex Sarriegui says:

    Put the A12X in the 12″ MacBook. Like if you agree!

  18. Justin White says:

    This is a great review, really hits the key points. Even though this iPad is leagues ahead of any other tablet in a lot of ways, I think I’d rather get a Microsoft Surface Pro or even a Pixel Slate because they have more flexible operating systems.

    • S Khan says:

      other than the processor which it cant take advantage of, how is it ahead? no oled screen, no good multitasking , no external storage support like the Tab S4…

  19. PS3Freak51 says:

    Does anyone else get excited when it’s Nilay reviewing?

  20. binary010101 says:

    Wow Nilay and the Verge team! Great stuff! That’s how reviews should be done. Looking past the marketing glitz, really exploring the use cases and asking the right questions that an average consumer might not ask. Absolutely loved the headline on Verge “THE FASTEST IPAD IS STILL AN IPAD” – that summed it up really well. You might have saved many people (including me) from buying an overpowered video and browsing device at 2 to 4 times the price of non-pro iPad. Agree it would be very useful for someone who draws a lot. However, they keep touting photoshop example – seriously how many average users pay and use Adobe photoshop? And I highly doubt that any serious video/photo professional would use an iPad on a regular basis – imagine sacrificing precision of mouse pointer, imagine use cases when one has to hold a button on keyboard and drag mouse pointer while looking at pixels on a giant monitor. Even though one can plug new ipad pro to a monitor, one will still have to look at the ipad (not the monitor) while making adjustments with finger/pencil.

    This is like selling a new wheelchair which looks beautiful, has Tesla drivetrain and costs much more than an normal electric wheelchair. Sure the new one can go really fast – but would you really on a day to day basis?

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