New Killer “The Dredge” New Survivor, Mori, Perks, Add-Ons & more | Dead by Daylight PTB

New Killer “The Dredge” New Survivor, Mori, Perks, Add-Ons & more | Dead by Daylight PTB

First time checking out “The Dredge”, a fairly unique-looking new Killer, as well as the new map and Survivor. This content is currently available on the PTB for Dead by Daylight on PC (Steam) and will come to the live servers on most platforms in usually three weeks.

00:00 New Killer & Survivor
00:35 Killer Perks
05:00 New Power & Map
13:25 Mori animation
25:30 Mori animation (without webcam)
14:20 Survivor Perks
27:30 Add-ons breakdown

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Thumbnail 3D render by the lovely Ev3ntic:

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43 Responses

  1. not Otzdarva says:

    Gameplay of Dredge/Haddie:

    – Killer can teleport back to the Remnant he leaves when charging his power, similar to Spirit using the purple add-on or Hag teleporting to a triggered trap. This actually is fairly strong in chase. The main counterplay for Survivors is to run into the remnant, which destroys it, or run away as the Killer moves at ~92% speed.
    – When teleporting during Nightfall, nearby Survivors get revealed in Killer Instinct, making it more useful than I thought. The teleport speed and recovery are much faster during Nightfall and they kinda become usable in chase, which is crazy!
    – The perk Dissolution does not work with Spirit Fury.

    • Callum Hogan says:

      @frosty18x Oh no Otz is human and can miss things. Glad you made a big deal about it so everyone can see how terrible he is and that he is a horrible content creator for making a mistake. Grow up buddy, it’s really not a big deal that he missed a few things.

    • Tomek Łoś says:

      @Wholesome Nea they get pulled in, downed and picked up

    • 7Thegamer says:

      haddie? as in haddie from the lore stuff?

    • MultiFandom HamHam says:

      @Tomek Łoś I hope so. That would teach those locker hiding survivors. lol

    • MultiFandom HamHam says:

      @Ryan RER_10101 That’s something only a survivor main would say. lol as if Dead Hard, Head On and DS aren’t overpowered, or flashlights with addons.

  2. Fanaticalight says:

    This has got to be one of the most horrifying killers I’ve seen added to the game, design and lore-wise. That mori animation is terrifying to think about. I have to give kudos to the devs for creating a literal monstrosity. Overzealous I can see it being used efficiently if a survivor is diligent and doesn’t get hit. Gives more of a reason for killers to hit-and-run to remove that possibility.
    Though, I was expecting like a shroud of darkness to be around survivors with Nightfall, like “oh you can only see 6M at any given time”, but currently is underwhelming. It would be nice to be surrounded in complete darkness, and the only clear silhouette you see in the distance is the killer, which will make for that extra scare factor.

    • Rob Johnson says:

      @Elad S Honestly, if your package looks anything even remotely close to that, you need to make an expeditious trip to the doctor.

    • Shivansh Singh says:

      @Fanaticalight they actually do scream
      At least Smeg does

    • Nigga Stole My Yoshi! says:

      Implying bhvr makes changes from the ptb ever

    • KhanceTheHunter says:

      @Elad S I though it was a metaphorical Dickhead monster with stuff strewn about to make it “scary” like bones n’ stuff.

    • Anomalox says:

      The though that it’s literally the incarnate of the inner evil of the “cult” and the man who led it is just chilling to think about tbh

  3. Milo says:

    Nightfall really should restrict your vision more.
    Overall, even if the killer turns out weak, they are just so cool.

  4. Vøjo_Mojø _ says:

    Right now, the only thing I’m a little disappointed in is Nightfall. When the leaks dropped, I was SUPER hyped to find out the new killer’s power would mess with the survivor’s visibility. It’d make matters a lot scarier by reducing the information survivors have, as well as bolster his chase somewhat by making it harder for survivors to find loops. Hopefully by the time he comes to live servers, they’ll make it a little darker.

    • Asain says:

      Its a debuff, that’s the job

    • Queue Be says:

      @Dude Bruh Because it’s a buff status and not a vision blocking power

    • Jeepers Reapers says:

      @RomansHoliday This game is *hella* survivor favored so I don’t see why they shouldn’t give Dredge a leg up here.

    • Friede says:

      @Booty Chief someone else in the comments suggested that the killer have glowing eyes rather than the outline, which I think would be nice. That or have it wailing. Something alerting but still scary.

    • One ring to rule the magicarp says:

      @RomansHoliday ah yes, in order for the game to be balanced killers key abilities must favor the survivor. I’d love to hear you explain how survivors should need to take a perk that buffs killer…

  5. House_Tyrell says:

    I really hope they make Nightfall actual “total darkness” like its described in the power, as well as remove the weird white aura around the killer. Nightfall doesn’t change anything except make it easier for survivors to see you, makes no sense.

    • Mrchocoslave 78 says:

      @dark prime i would try doing like Minecraft’s blindness, if you know what I mean. Would be cool and extra scary

    • dark prime says:

      @Mrchocoslave 78 that’s the thing in more well lit maps it hinders the power due to the fact that it is only a problem currently at extreme distances if the pure black wall is anything to go by, the only way it could work like you talked about is in the darker parts of maps (like the new maps mansion) or maps that are dark all together. One thing they could test is just cutting the radius you can see down by like half so it just turns into a pure black wall of fog after a few meters with maybe the rest of the radius you can see in being darker by about 25% to 15%, I’m not saying it will make the ability better it’s just my suggestion on how they could test the ability, they should still have some indication on being able to see the killer (like giving the eyes of the dredge (skulls included) all glowing white eyes during nightfall mentioned by a few other people here in the comments. Just my two cents but I feel like that could help. (the radius players can see being darker by a certain percent I can see being broken in darker maps so maybe just a pure black fog after a few meters should be enough)

      Edit: added in some words I forgot to add and worded like two parts a touch better

    • Lerrej says:

      @Mrchocoslave 78 IMO You basically miss no vision if anything you only gain a better understanding of where the killer is. If the Vision range was like 10m or something it would be a much better ability.

    • Mrchocoslave 78 says:

      @Lerrej they could have done it better, but i wouldn’t say it’s useless

    • Lerrej says:

      @Mrchocoslave 78 Still kinda useless

  6. Texas red says:

    I really do hope that the nighttime gets a lot darker, and maybe instead of a glowing white aura they can give it *really* bright glowing eyes during nighttime or something like that

    • Francois Sabbagh says:

      Imagine if it gets really really dark and you are on Midwich and you use also undetectable perks like Tinkerer 😱😱

    • Queue Be says:

      @🙂 🙃 How is nightfall useless. Seemed pretty helpful for chases. Gives him a lot of buffs when he already seems strong

    • Sib's Art says:

      If they make it darker, the survivors will glow brighter in comparison.

    • Duck is Hope says:

      but they cant do that… because pc players will just nerf the killer by messing with their filters ta have n advantage n eliminate the darkness from his power… this way everyone is kinda on the same playing field…

    • The Doom Slayer says:

      @E_2the_mma let’s not simp for a corporation especially one so bad like behavior. It’s weak. Nightfall as is be useless. A buff really to survivors. As you glow bright white making you easy to see in loops.

      And his power is basically sadako but with lockers instead of tvs

  7. Sam Shelton says:

    That Mori is so terrifying, every single one of the hands that come out of the dark and stab you are holding different tools, one a screwdriver, one a knife. I think there was even a claw of a crab or lobster. A horrifying cosmic entity, how did it take this long for this game to add a killer like this!

  8. The Boulder takes issue with that comment says:

    I love the killer design, very creative and terrifying. The chase music is S-tier as well. Really looking forward to trying this killer out, I just hope they make Nightfall a lot more powerful because it’s trash right now.

  9. Curiousm 16 says:

    There’s a lot i dislike about this game, so much so that it has led me to stop playing it, but I am always surprised at how well the art team is at making absolute masterpieces. They consistently knock it out of the park, and this is yet another shining example of their exemplary work

  10. LaxMax says:

    Seeing how this killer has a power that directly interacts with one of the main objects found on every map, it really makes me think why the developers didn’t give the artist some sort of power interaction involving the crows that are naturally throughout every map aswell. Always found that as a flavor lost, maybe in the future they will rework that into her somehow.

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