New Killer Wesker “The Mastermind” – Mori, Survivors, Perks, Add-Ons & more | Dead by Daylight PTB

New Killer Wesker “The Mastermind” – Mori, Survivors, Perks, Add-Ons & more | Dead by Daylight PTB

First time trying out Wesker, known in-game as The Mastermind. This new Killer is currently available on the PTB for Dead by Daylight on PC and will come to the live servers on most platforms in usually two or three weeks. We’re also showcasing the new survivors.

00:00 Introduction
11:51 Killer Gameplay
23:15 Wesker Mori
28:28 Wesker Add-ons
01:55 Wesker Perks
05:12 Ada Perks
07:35 Rebecca Perks

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42 Responses

  1. not Otzdarva says:

    11:51 Killer Gameplay
    23:15 Wesker Mori
    28:28 Wesker Add-ons
    01:55 Wesker Perks
    05:12 Ada Perks
    07:35 Rebecca Perks

  2. Foderis says:

    Otz:*hits a railing on the second bound*
    Otz:Omg the second bound is shorter!
    Otz 5 minutes before: *covers half the main room with the second bound*

  3. SethiKinsGaming says:

    25:18 anybody notice how his power is effected by vault speed? you could pair it with bamboozle, fire up and his perk Superior anatomy for some INSANE vault speeds!

  4. Left 4 Sharkbait says:

    Otz, note that the red circle means that they are actually fully infected, and so if they are slammed into a wall while Wesker is holding them, they will be instantly downed even if healthy. You also grab injured survivors that you slam into walls as well, which is what you were actually doing.

  5. Mr.D says:

    A bit of clarification on Wesker’s power. The second dash is actually longer than the first one and not shorter, but it’s pretty difficult to see in rpd. Survivors are fully infected when you see a red circle around them in the hud, in that case even if they are healty you can directly grab them with your dash. You grab survivors even if they are not fully infected, but they need to be injured to do that. The “virulent bound extension” (the one mentioned in the chalice add-on description) is the window where wesker will continue to go further with his dash (after hitting a survivor with it) trying to collide with a wall, if that is not the case, the survivor will be thrown away, getting injured if hitting something but not getting infected. Hope this helps!

  6. Revellations says:

    The dash his bound provided into a window/over a pallet would be HUGE especially with his +40% speed perk. If a surv fast vaults he can close that gap immediately and even without the 40% perk he could be right behind them again because if you are just outside hitting range you can prep a vault to be right on their heels. Also skips over god pallets/windows

  7. Netherblaze aka. MLG Retard says:

    He’ll probably figure this out on his own but the second Bound is actually longer than the first, so like the opposite of Nurse. You bumped into something when you tested without realising

    • Broly says:

      @Kal maybe the devs will screw with the hit box and give the blight tech to wesker

    • Jarrid Atkins says:

      What? He literally does a short pounce and an extended long ass lunge at 13:02

    • Kal says:

      @Trey Queen definitely seems like PTB Blight: super decet power that is limited by really bad coding of the collision. Hopefully they can fix the hitboxes up a bit and all will be well!

    • Trey Queen says:

      I also find it quite frustrating at times, it often feels like you’ll bump into literally any prop or wall that is not the floor if you touch even so much as a pixel of them and cancel the dash.

  8. Cap0319 says:

    Im happy that he has a unique terror radius size as although small can help a character feel special. I hope they keep experimenting with terror radius sizes as it keeps some killers more fresh.

    Hope they eventually revert Pig back to 28 meters!

    • Why Wright says:

      @cedric Champoux now put starstruck+agitation on him and he gets 52 meters of exposed…and that’s without distressing that gives 24% to terror radius…

    • cedric Champoux says:

      I think it was meant to make him easier to hide from because of his insane chase power.

  9. Rein says:

    Reactive healing heals 35% of the “missing progress”, which makes it absolutely useless, not only it heals you much less when having high progress, but als makes it that you’ll never get fully healed by this perk

    • Grenadeslash says:

      @normy U mean broken?

    • normy says:

      Make it flat 35% or else useless

    • Grenadeslash says:

      It’s better that way. If it’s a flat progress, it would mean that u could take bodyblocks 24/7(with 4 man swf) without able to get downed and u don’t have to heal.

    • Arthur says:

      Perks like this should be a flat 10 progress + 25%, same for pop (though with lower numbers than that). Game design wise it’s the better way to balance percentage based effects. Effective in the intended purpose (Aka empty heal bar) But not useless when your heal bar is already up high.

    • Chaos says:

      Here my stoned ass was thinking you could get a free heal off your unhook with Resurgence giving you a free 50 and then a couple teammates get slapped for the rest

  10. A Side of Salt. says:

    I really want more voice lined survivors and killers. It makes the game feel so much more alive.

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