NEW M1 Max MacBook Pro Reaction: The Ports are Back!

NEW M1 Max MacBook Pro Reaction: The Ports are Back!

Apple’s finally created what we’ve all been waiting for. I hope you didn’t get the last one.
The M1 Mac Review:
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40 Responses

  1. L.Dre says:

    Here to make sure my somewhat impulse buy was justified

  2. This is Tech Today says:

    You put a notch on the iMac. Are you trying to make the internet burn the world down? 🤣

  3. Tim says:

    “So Apple chose a Notch. They chose kind of a big Notch. Notcha why.” Love Marque’s pun here!

  4. GamingScan says:

    Oh wow. What do I need to do now to cook my eggs in the morning after opening 3 chrome tabs on my 2018 Intel Macbook Pro?

  5. Eduardo Silva says:

    “They chose kind of a big notch. Notchure why” That pun must have been planned

  6. Xenofilius Lunekjær says:

    I’m actually most excited for a proper keyboard finally.

  7. Chris says:

    Me: why can’t Apple make their phones with attractive designs like they do with their computers

    Marques: “look at this unnecessary notch”

  8. NihonGoal says:

    Oh. Oh my. I think my 10-year-old Macbook finally needs to graduate. I can’t imagine the difference I’d feel once I make the switch to THIS.

    • *NinaBina5* says:

      Mine too! I’ve been holding off cause I love my ports, physical keys, andddd MagSafe, but they’ve finally got their act together haha

    • Alain Kuntz says:

      @Nekodomo of course they still use Intel, before that we had PowerPC. And by before that I mean before 2005 😅

    • Ver says:

      10-year-old Macbook? wow that’s ancient, bet even the newer intel cpu’s are faster

    • Mosa Al Ali says:

      I’m still using 2011 i5 MacBook Pro, upgraded ram and SSD. It works fine for web browsing and not heavy coding.

    • Ken says:

      You should just get a 2019 MacBook Air and called it done. Or if you need more power I would probably get a 2020/2021 MacBook Pro M1

  9. Tom Jonkman says:

    I noticed I got most excited about the old features just being re-introduced..
    Nevertheless, those new chips also sound really good.

  10. Adam Ross says:

    Hot take: the notch is that size to get everyone used to it so we don’t go through another change when/if faceid is added.

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