New MacBook Hands-On! (12-inch Retina Display)

New MacBook Hands-On! (12-inch Retina Display)

Apple added a brand new MacBook to its lineup on Monday, and it’s the thinnest, lightest Apple laptop we’ve ever seen. At just 2 pounds, the MacBook is not much heavier than an iPad Air 2, and it’s 24-percent thinner than Apple’s thinnest MacBook Air.

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20 Responses

  1. hi9580 says:

    FAKE!!! It’s obviously a render someone made.

  2. arebut69 says:

    Omg its so thin

  3. TechS3eK says:

    i mean this beautiful thing is only designed for Browsing, social
    networking, some office suit tasks and movies, if u want to step up your
    game meaning that working on some heavier applications definitely you gotta
    go with either Macbook Air or stronger Macbook Pro.

  4. Ryan McKenzie says:

    People buy Apple products for one reason!… They just want to look cool.
    Why else would you spend over a grand on a machine that gives you like no
    MY CUSTOM PC ONLY COST 80 BUCKS! It makes me feel less insecure cause I
    built it all by myself, and that makes me feel in control of my

  5. kefkapalazzo1 says:

    8gb of memory and 256gb storage base? I’m sold. macbook pro with that is
    1500. and i wonder if they’ve gotten the battery life to a point where you
    won’t need charging often 

  6. Jon Rios says:

    It weighs almost as much as the iPad Air 2 and it does about 1/2 as much as
    it???WTF??? The internals are about the same as a $400 laptop LOL. For
    $1300 bucks I can get a beast ass razer laptop that can actually edit
    video. This things specs chug. 

  7. Nyana11 says:

    The CPU is slower as a samsung s6 CPU, and you cant charge and use
    something other at the same time. Because it has only one usb c port.
    uhahah FAIL
    . you cant charge and use card reader. or you cant charge and connect a
    external display. you cant charge and use at the same time a external
    harddrive over a 80Euro adapter. Which is made in china by Slaves for 3
    euros and sold to us for 80 Euros.

  8. smartipants123 says:

    I think the perfect person this would be for is someone who travels,
    professional women with high end bags that they don’t want to destroy with
    chunky heavy laptops and who slightly prefers a laptop over a tablet. I
    like it. 

  9. rich richest says:

    I like the spacegrey!

  10. h3rrick says:

    the illuminating apple is gone =[

  11. Melodramaticcliches says:

    Why do you need a laptop so thin? thats ridiculous in my opinion

  12. Jim Williams says:

    Insanely thin and beautiful. The innovation that went into the technology
    is crazy. 

  13. fresh15flip says:

    Wtf no USB port??? fuack that. Macbook Pro all the way

  14. sam chang says:

    made for rich people just wanting to watch videos and use emails 

  15. dbauernf says:

    I’m no mac guy but that looks amazing.

  16. Santiago Amaro says:

    So is this “Macbook” the upgrade for the Macbook Air line or the Macbook
    Pro line? I’m so confused.

  17. Vishal Deepak says:

    I might get this because win 8 was so baad

  18. ivan23southeast says:

    it reminds me of chromebook.. 

  19. FusionPlays says:

    All they had to do is put Retina Display inside of MacBook Air, but no.

    It’s innovation. It’s APPLE.

  20. shivani sai says:

    Omg. This is so gorgeous. ☆☆