New Pokémon Discovered: Introducing Meltan!

New Pokémon Discovered: Introducing Meltan!

What’s this? Trainers, thanks to your field reports, we can now confirm that a brand-new species of Pokémon has just been discovered! Introducing Meltan, the Hex Nut Pokémon! Professor Oak and Professor Willow have teamed up to research this mysterious new species of Pokémon, and what they’ve uncovered is pretty interesting. Take a look at their findings so far, and let us know in the comments if you’ve encountered Meltan in the wild!

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72 Responses

  1. Sonic2000 the hedgehog says:

    Get ready guys. Here’s whats gonna happen in the anime:
    Mysterious trainer: “Go Meltan, I choose you!”
    Ash: “Whoa what’s that pokemon?”
    Mysterious trainer: “It’s from the Buto Region”

    Ash: ” What!? No way a new pokemon”
    Mysterious trainer beats Ash in the league or some post Alola battle

    Ash: “The Buto region… New Pokemon I haven’t discovered. Pikachu lets go!”

  2. Pocket Face says:

    Dittonut was a better name.

  3. Ique says:

    When you accidentally leak a Pokemon and then just double down and “release” it

  4. Morris SHM says:

    What kind of Unown is that??

  5. J Swizzle says:

    Willow is so rude– Oak was probably gonna mention the region it came from, geez.

  6. [Blacc] Shibe says:

    We got Meltan now…..BUT


  7. Nick R says:

    Can we talk for a second about how surreal it is that Willow a realisticy designed character is talking to Oak, who is basically a cartoon?

  8. TheNorth15 says:

    Trainer – “Meltan! Use flash cannon!”
    Meltan with sunglasses – “Hasta la vista… baby.”

  9. Baga Jr says:

    I think all the people that don’t like the design haven’t seen Meltan in motion. When the pupil is moving around, the nut really looks like an eye and it’s adorable.

    • FurredDragon says:

      Baga Jr Meltan is adorable.

    • Daniel Delgado says:

      It’s a welding joke

    • Giannoli says:

      It’s not a terrible design. It’s just that this is the next generation’s representative. It’s a mythical pokemon. This should have the marketing power of lucario, zoroark, sylveon… instead it looks like a filler pre-evo of a mid-game wild pokemon.

      If it’s role was more of a beldum and less of a manaphy then i would be fine with it

    • Josh Olechow says:

      Lucario, Zoroark, Sylveon were never mythical Pokemon tho… Mew, Jirachi, Manaphy. Marshadow, and Victini are all examples of some mythical Pokemon. Maybe do abit of research.

  10. KenshinXHimura says:

    For those saying the design makes no sense, it is a hex nut on top of a liquid metal. That metal happens to be Tin, used to weld. The name fits as it is a melted metal, Meltan. Stop saying it’s just a nut on top of a Ditto. Yes, it has the form of the Ditto body, but what it represents is completely different.

    Not sure what the tail is but it could be a Welding Rod. Makes sense because it’s red, which means it’s hot. It is what keeps the body part of the pokemon liquid, otherwise it would cool off and stay solid.

  11. LeafQueen says:

    I was expecting a new eeveelution but instead I got a ditto with a nut stuck on his head.

  12. PangoPixel says:

    everyone’s talking about Meltan but can we please talk about Oak’s hmmmMMM at 0:55

  13. Card44 says:

    Game freak guy who made this: ScReW it I’ll just NuT on the computer and see what comes out.

  14. Daniel Ippolito says:

    I hope Meltan could be a usable Pokémon in Gen 8!

  15. Fuco says:

    *W I L L O W M Y B O Y*

  16. TonyAM says:

    Even though it’s been revealed to be a mythical Pokemon like Mew and Victini, I genuinely hope that Meltan evolves.
    We had a Pokemon in the form of Cosmog be able to evolve into one of two box art legends as well as the Ultra Beast Poipole evolve, so it wouldn’t be unheard of.

    • Zach Early says:

      TonyAM I thought legendarys couldn’t evolve. Then I played gen 7. Soooooo yeah that went out the window. And I agree he kind of needs a evolution. He looks fine but more can be added

  17. Quadraxis says:

    I love how mildly annoyed Prof. Willow sounds at Oak interrupting his discovery.

  18. Elite Lunala says:

    I’m Meltan!
    I’m Meltan!
    Oh what a world!
    What a world!

  19. thepokesage167 says:

    Miyamoto: “The new Pokemon games aren’t getting as much hype as they have in the past. How can we fix this?”
    Employee: “Let’s put in a new Pokemon! They go NUTS over those!”
    Miyamoto: “Nuts! Great idea! I love it!”
    Employee: “Ditto!”
    Miyamoto: “That’s it! A Ditto with a nut! Just change the color, remove Ditto’s face, and give it an eye. Oh and give it a tail, just for good measure!”

  20. thegoodnoob says:

    When ditto and unknown had a baby this is how it would look like

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