NEW POKEMON REACTION! Pokemon Scarlet and Violet New Gameplay Reveal!

NEW POKEMON REACTION! Pokemon Scarlet and Violet New Gameplay Reveal!

The full Live Reaction and predictions breakdown for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!
The new Pokemon reveal and Legendary Pokemon Reveal for the upcoming Pokemon Games!
#Pokemon #Gen9 #PokemonScarlet #PokemonViolet

Breaking down the latest in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet News! In this video we react to the latest in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet! The new Pokemon Legendary were revealed having a very clear theme to past and future! We react to the new Pokemon like Smolive and many more! Koraidon and Miraidon are likely to be ride Pokemon!

Full Breakdown:
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46 Responses

  1. Stephanie Ozalas says:

    Korai in Japanese means “time-honored” or “ancient.” Mirai in Japanese means “future.” Truly a past and future legendary combo!

  2. Thomas Robertson says:

    Sada and Turo have past and time clothes, and pasada and futuro means past and future respectively. The legendaries also have past and future about them. I wonder if the opposite professor or even the one actually in your game are evil team leaders, after one of the legendaries?

    • Darrel Dorigatti says:

      TBH I believe its two seperate games. Seperated by time period. Interesting if the “stories” will be different, or an example of “history repeating itself” and the same calamaties strike the region again. Interesting concepts. What if, what if, all the “cool new regional evolutions” we want…are in Scarlet only. A PLA type of thing. Back in the day, Tauros could evolve. He cant now.

      Obviously they can counteract this with other pokemon getting new forms in the future. Realizing full potential. Maybe trading pokemon from one version to the other can have effects, due to time period difference.

    • SilverHawk says:

      That woould be interesting!

    • Teflon Kapone says:

      This actually makes you think about buying both games

    • Accalia Tala says:

      Does that basically mean, one game is set in the past and the other set in the future?🤔 And those legendary Pokemon are basically our time machines? So many questions.

    • Amanda Makin says:

      I think the tradition of Professors being named after trees is dead

  3. AngelSlayer69 says:

    I’m going all the way with Scarlet as I have always loved the primal esthetic more than the futuristic one and the scarlet one just looks incredibly badass.

    • Locseryu says:

      i always have to go violet. Violet is basically purple, my fav colour, and i was more attracted(?) to the more futuristic feel

    • R7 says:

      @Willy Wonderbread fr

    • Omega Giratina says:

      I know right?! That’s what I said about the Scarlet legendary! It’s definitely badass looking I agree! Honestly for me I’m gonna go for the Violet legendary cause I love the motors on it’s back it’s really cool looking to me.

    • CobbleStoneGang says:

      @Grimstone Sulfur I think they both look amazing but the neck part of their designs makes it seem like they can’t look down lol

  4. DevFork22 says:

    Okay this is what I was thinking, Like you said they had the “wheel” on their chest and the Pokémart place but Its a charging station and I think it’s an Electric bike because of future being electric and a bike because bikes are older than motorcycles, so it would be past.
    Summary: We get an electric bike

  5. Tyler Dittmann says:

    It would be cool if each starter had different final evos depending on the version you are playing since it’s past and future.

    • Dragz Entertainment says:

      That’s a good idea and might happen

    • Shane Hazlett says:

      @Ice Fenrir eh. I could see a the new gimmick (like megas, z moves, etc.) having version exclusives for the starters. I just have harder time believing that they would have version exclusive final stage evolutions of the starters. Just seems like a stretch too far for me to believe.

    • Alex Rodriguez says:

      everyone says that about every starter when they’re announced 😂😂

    • Tyler Dittmann says:

      @CobbleStoneGang maybe like a beast/prehistoric vs techno vibe would be really cool!

    • Ice Fenrir says:

      Keep in mind in the past, there were mega pokemon that were version x and version y so I’d easily believe that the starters might have different evos per version. Also just because Khu didn’t explicitly say multiple evos doesn’t mean anything, he’s proven very reliable sure but consider he may have left out a “Rumor Leak” for future leak. He intentionally doesn’t give us outright answers so what’s stopping him from holding back info on something I am sure we ALL want and would be hype for.

  6. Seismitoad says:

    It seems that Khu was definitely right about the legendary typings!

    • Pokaay says:

      @Your souls belong to us we’ll see where it goes lol

    • Your souls belong to us says:

      @Pokaay Khu said it would look better if it was white, not necessarily that it IS white.

      All I know is that Lechonk is gonna evolve into the new waifu mon & I don’t know how I feel about that right now lol

    • jen chung says:

      @Your souls belong to us Lechungus

    • Dragon Skinner says:

      Unfortunate since I don’t like dragon fighting at all but love both Miraidon and Koraidon. Also sucks since Scarlet has the better professor imo.

    • Pokaay says:

      @Your souls belong to us but its supposed to be white right? maybe its a split evolution?

  7. DisposiableHero says:

    I’m gonna call it now that the “Pikachu knock off” is going to evolve into a Red Panda and be Fire/Electric

    • Amanda Makin says:

      Having no Pikaclone would be yet another Pokémon tradition broken other than the Fire starters being loosely based on Chinese Zodiacs (not actually being based on them, just inspired by them), Eeveelutions being every even numbered Gen (2 has Umbreon & Espeon, 4 has Leafeon & Glaceon, 6 has Sylveon, Gen 8 has none) & the Professors being named after trees (S & V Professors are translated to Past & Future).

      It would be interesting if this game breaks many of the Pokémon traditions.

    • papapapa16 says:

      @SS FF it’s either that or gen II doesn’t have one. Pichu is just a pre-evo.

    • SS FF says:

      @Amanda Makin stop trying to argue with block heads that think every Pokémon in a region is based off a native animal lmao

    • SS FF says:

      @papapapa16 can’t even win an argument over Pokémon? Stop arguing and go study

  8. GhostWater Jones says:

    I’m calling it now, Smolliv’s evolution is gonna be a Martini, shaken, not stirred.

  9. Sam Gardner says:

    It’s cool we can go wherever we want and don’t have to do things in a set order. I’m assuming that means that level scaling is a thing much like the Wild Area in Sw/Sh

    • Sam Gardner says:

      @shark Tenko I believe that as well. I don’t think there won’t be order among the chaos. Or even if you can visit the 8th gyms city, you won’t have any reason to battle them with their high powered team. Unless there’s a scaling system I guess.

    • shark Tenko says:

      Likely there will be a slight push to get you to go in order, my guess is locking things behind badges

  10. 1998LeonSKennedy says:

    This whole situation about the pig and the makeup we saw before and the fact that Lechonk was announced. Makes me think that this is going to be the “Waifumon” the riddler was talking about before.

    Not as shocking as I expected with all those riddles, but still a really good trailer.

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