New Pokemon Reveals! Pokemon Presents Reaction August 2022 | Austin John Plays

New Pokemon Reveals! Pokemon Presents Reaction August 2022 | Austin John Plays

Pokémon Presents August 2022 has shown us several updates for masny Pokemon Games, Pokemon Go, and Pokemon Unite. There was also a new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer. Here is the Austin John Plays Pokemon Presents Reaction August 2022

Official Playlist of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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0:00 Intro
0:47 Worlds
1:34 Pokemon Go
2:45 Pokemon Unite
3:40 Pokemon Masters-EX & Cafe Remix
4:14 Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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44 Responses

  1. Joel says:

    I like when new Pokemon things come out bc that always means new Austin John plays content!

  2. Mary says:

    Austin actually helps me enjoy these trailers and things, he’s generally optimistic and because I’ve always enjoyed Pokemon I know it’s safe to get excited in this comment section 🥰

  3. Jr12gamin says:

    The legendary Pokémon from scarlet and violet gives me toothless vibe from HTTYD. I love it

  4. The Mrs says:

    I still love Scarlets legendary, even though it looks silly running (they should have left the back tail unfurled behind them like in their relaxed pose). Really love how much info dropped. It’ll be interesting to see how each pokemon type is represented in that terastal gimmic.

  5. iGlowBerries says:

    Scarlet and Violet are going to feel weird with being able to ride the legendaries early in the game

    • MisterRai says:

      I’m gonna assume that their development is part of the plot. It stays with you throughout your journey and gradually gets its ability to fly, swim, etc. as part of the plot, then once it’s in full power, you get to battle and catch it

    • Tyler Spaghetti says:

      @Austin John Plays WOW Austin, this is an awesome video. I thought you were going to rehash the same reaction you did for the first and second trailer…

      Nope 😊😉

    • EyesoreJr says:

      Personally, I always felt cheated to get a legendary at the end of a game where I’ve already beat everything. I think they need to work on how legendarys come about in the near future and you should be able to get babies and train them just like all the others. As of now, apparently legendarys just spawn from nowhere. Either that or now we know what Arceus does in his free time. Just randomly create legendary Pokémon.

    • Hextech Magikarp says:

      Would have been a cool idea to make starter pokemon legendaries with evolutions

    • Fedora Agosto says:

      At least for me, I don’t mind too much acquiring them early in the game. What bothered me a bit was how they literally transform into bikes lol

  6. Bad Art Person says:

    Anyone else just find Austin John’s smile just makes u smile

  7. Aeman Kheidi says:

    Genuinely excited for this game. It looks like the past 3-4 games were “tests” and this is the final product of everything! Best trailer

    • Michael Olympus says:

      While I think Sun and Moon was a test for this, it felt like full in another way though.

    • BlueFire Gaming And Cards says:

      They better not have been just “tests” because they charged $80 for those games. Somewhere around $110 for the full game of one of them. (Sword and Shield).

    • Brandon Fulstone says:

      It does seem like they were tests. I’m also excited for the game

    • Diarrhea of Anne Frank says:

      So glad we paid full price for beta test games. I’m sure they got it right this time

  8. Tribdinosaur says:

    The multiplayer in a wide open map was my favorite part of Gen 8, and it looks upgraded in multiple ways here in Gen 9. I am excited!

  9. Darkjoker112 says:

    Most excited for Houndour/Houndoom being in a main line pokemon game again. Haven’t seen them since x and y. My 2nd fav line after the charmander line.

  10. Sophia Miller says:

    I got all emotional and my eyes watered watching it too. It seems like they are really going to improve the game I’ve loved for 25 years, finally.

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