NEW PS5 System Update: Discord Voice Chat, VRR 1440p, Redesigned Game Hubs, & More.

NEW PS5 System Update: Discord Voice Chat, VRR 1440p, Redesigned Game Hubs, & More.

The latest PlayStation 5 system update is here and this one primarily focuses on evolving features that were put in place within the last year or so. Discord support finally has voice calls, 1440p can enable VRR, and Game Hubs have seen another slight redesign. As per usual, there’s a laundry list of other minor changes and improvements as well, so this is everything that’s been discovered so far! Pretty nifty huh? Firmware and all that. Gotta love it. Update me baby. Mmm.

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0:00 – Intro
0:14 – VRR Updates For 1440p
0:33 – Discord Voice Calls For PS5
1:36 – New Voice Commands
2:24 – Redesigned Game Hubs
3:13 – New Share Screen Accessibility
3:23 – Join Game Session From Voice Card
3:32 – Cross Play Update For Cards
3:42 – PS Mobile App Online Status
3:47 – PS VR Filters For Game Library
3:57 – Game Lists Sorting & Filters
4:14 – Multiplayer Game Presets
4:33 – PS4 Saved Data Migration Update
5:00 – PS5 To PS5 Data Transfer
5:14 – No More Download vs Disc Issues
5:45 – Manually Upload Captures
5:58 – Keyboard Updates
6:25 – Screen Reader Enhancements
6:54 – DualSense Wireless Updates
7:03 – Authorized Apps Setting
7:10 – Two Updates That Are A Little Weird

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28 Responses

  1. MoniJesu O says:

    I hope ps5 gets a stream feature for discord in the future

    • Alexandre Dias says:

      i was about to ask if it was possible to share screen on PS5… damn this was the one thing i was hoping for the Discord implemation

    • Anti Spiral115 says:

      That would cool so I can show friends some games that are still not on pc

  2. Crocopotamus says:

    PS5 not distinguishing between digital and disc games is the best thing about this update. I usually buy discs (for my collection) but months later if I see a reasonable offer on the PS store I typically buy it for the convenience of digital games. My internet sucks and not having to wait 10 hours to download 100GB of a game already installed is awesome. This was the one reason my Xbox digital library is larger than my PS digital library.

    • Bill Hubbard says:

      @UnicornGamer97  the trophies ain’t going to matter buddy if anything happens to your account whether it’s hacked or corrupted or something happens were you need to make a new account there ain’t really much anything you can do about the trophies. But again I don’t care about trophies I buy games to play and if I have to pick between losing game data and trophies or losing the entire game itself the trophies in the game data can be gone

    • UnicornGamer97 says:

      @Bill Hubbard I care about trophies. I have several years of platinum trophies, since I have a near-100% completion account

    • Bill Hubbard says:

      @UnicornGamer97 I don’t care about the trophies I can always get them back and it wouldn’t cost me a dime to do so. Who cares about trophies when you got the game to play and you don’t have to call up Xbox or Playstation begging and pleading angry and mad while there’s really not much of nothing they can do

    • Jdb says:

      @dapperfan44 Sure, but most games launch with a “Day 1 Patch”, where if you don’t download it the game is a buggy broken mess. It’s the sad state of games today, but the idea of preserving modern games with disc versions is non-sensical

    • dapperfan44 says:

      @Bill Hubbard  I mostly agree with you, however to correct you about Hogwarts, to my knowledge that game does unfortunately require a day 1 patch. I am not 100% sure the disc will just play without the internet. But the vast majority of games do not need internet.

  3. Keiji Johnson says:

    A new Mystic video THIS early in the morning? That’s a rarity if I’ve ever seen one from him.

    • The Gadget Guru says:

      🤣 ok indeed it is my dude

    • Jgunz123 says:

      @Kevin Shields I’m a Kick affiliate, so no it can’t 😂. Enjoy your 9-5 😂🤡

    • Kevin Shields says:

      @Jgunz123 same can be said about you 🤣

    • Jgunz123 says:

      @Kevin Shields No life? Ironic 💀… this is literally his full-time job to do this. It’s called being self-employed; unlike you, chasing paychecks slaving away at a 9-5 for a corporation who doesn’t care about you that you could easily be replaced. 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Toriksta ` says:

    Excellent update, fixes some of my personal gripes with the system, namely the media section with PS App not allowing me to individually select pictures or videos to download, this is a great addition that’ll surely improve the overall experience.

    I’m quite impressed at the rate of updates and fixes Sony has been issuing as of lately; significantly faster than the PS4’s pace and ultimately presenting much more convenient experience. Looking forward to more updates like this.

  5. Kenneth Fox says:

    Love these incremental upgrades they add so much functionality to things. It’s crazy though that the Explore tab is still only the US though.

  6. Royal Hawk says:

    Thank you for doing this Ryan.. your videos are very informative and you go straight to the point, thank you for capturing the changed and showing them to us, instead of just saying the changes, un subscribed from all other Playstation channels.. your channel is the right place for everything Playstation. 10/10 continue!!!

  7. Chr15Payne says:

    Huge update for me personally. Share screen updates, join game, friends who play. All of these are important for me

  8. Beau Tepley says:

    Wireless updates for the dual sense and not having to redownload a game when you have both physical and digital copies of it are a game changer. Great update.

  9. Kx xK says:

    Great update, especially that disc/digital does not require another installation now. If they can now get devs to work on activity cards reliably, I will be even more happy. If used like in HL, the feature to skip all booting screens is insanely nice.

  10. Ice Wolf says:

    The saved data thing is HUGE for me. As someone who wasn’t able to transfer things and hasn’t played all of my ps4 games yet on PS5- I always manage to forget to download the cloud saved game and end up having to close game and do it a roundabout way. This saves me a bit of time so I’m so glad it’s here!

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