Here’s a new puppet concept that I designed and built during the last two months. It took some time to refine, and alterations may still be made, but it’s at a stage now that I’m happy to show y’all.

Apologies for the echoey room :/


© Barnaby Dixon

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19 Responses

  1. clawhammr666 says:

    Well, I subbed, fluid movement of this, wonderful work.

  2. Xander Cozaciuc says:

    get some green gloves

  3. Sylvain P. says:

    That’s a very nice project Barnaby ! I think i could give you an idea: Use
    some slim black gloves and a a black background for manipulate it. I’m sure
    you will have a very good rendering. The problem isn’t the puppet… but
    the marionetist ! The next step is perhaps to find a solution to enhance
    your puppet. Be intelligent and protect a maximum your project. Many toy
    manufacturers may be interested. Surrounds you trust people and never gives
    plane! Good work !

  4. Fraser Ntukula says:

    really cool design dude, both the puppet and the rig!

  5. SkeulIz says:

    i understood “It was for stopmotion at first, but indeed the move is really
    cool, but we still can see my hand in the back”

    How about green glove ?

  6. AdamHasInternet says:


  7. Joshua says:

    Holy crap this gave me ASMR. Lol, you’re very talented! Good job bro ☺️

  8. Tylor Starr says:

    think we found a new form of asmr tbh

  9. Bedo The Cheeto says:


  10. MrFiask says:

    i would pay for that. Oh god i want that

  11. JHSF / 21st Century Express (Joe Hudson) says:

    Amazing. And whoever said “I’m pretty sure Jim Henson has made puppets like
    these” is WRONG. I’ve never seen anything as fluid while compact &
    (relatively) easy to maneuver. It’s still in the beta stage, so who knows
    what more you’ll flush out of it. I’m subscribed, impressed and a die-hard
    fan. #gobarnaby

  12. Cadoodles says:

    this is dope af!!!

  13. Jallorn says:

    I am not a puppeteer, but I am an actor, and there is more personality in
    this puppet than some of the roles I’ve played. You, sir, are very skilled,
    and I wish to meet the character within this particular puppet.

  14. datFloyd says:

    Racist. This is appropriating African culture.

  15. vishal chan says:

    totally Fake. I can see the graphics.

  16. Cr3pit0 says:

    I would make a Version where is Hands Dissapear. With Black Cloth or

  17. itempaddle27 says:

    Incredible and very amazing thing! I love it! :D

  18. Gerym says:

    Did you ever think about black gloves+black background? I think it would
    look amazing. Your puppet is very well done, true craftsmanship! :)

  19. Guillaume BOUDRY says:

    Brilliant and poetic ==> I’m subscribing. good job