New Rule: America Rules, Trump Drools | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

New Rule: America Rules, Trump Drools | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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In in editorial new rule, Bill Maher urges Democrats to stop conceding the Republican narrative that America is a country that needs drastic change, and reminds us that the facts tell a different story.

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19 Responses

  1. Charlie Hebdo1 says:

    45 million Americans live below the poverty line! Maybe if Bill Maher would
    leave his Ivory Tower that is full of Hillary Clinton’s surrogate lemmings,
    he may understand that. The transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street sum
    it up. She is the status quo, the candidate for the lobbyists, the elites,
    the establishment and the rich. You won’t hear many jokes about her though,
    it is all just a bit too close to home.

  2. David Rockefeller says:

    Damn, Bill is just a straight up Clinton apologist now. I can’t even bear
    listening to him anymore, disgusting.

  3. JL says:

    Well when Trump wins the Yahoos will rush the cockpit.

  4. Bruni says:

    The American Dream is dead? Sounds like something Sanders would say.

  5. uutuber431 says:

    tbh i don’t think ridiculing the plight of middle America is the right tack
    to take. they did get fucked over by trade deals and deunionization.

  6. Heroic Love says:

    Bill has broken it down like only another white man can. This is Trump.

  7. beth magelaner says:

    Bill u are clueless….stay in your bubble

  8. colton morris says:

    Not all Trump voters are racist,, But all racist are voting for Trump,,
    just saying

  9. Guillermo D says:

    Republicans = ??????

  10. Shaeyquan says:

    Holy shit the best explanation I’ve heard for trump supporters WHINY LITTLE

  11. Rusty Streets says:

    I don’t mind people like Maher and Taibbi shitting on Trump; that’s what
    they do.

    That said, I can’t believed that they’re so mortified by the idea of a
    Trump presidency that they are completely willing to give Hillary a free

    They know that Hillary is a deeply flawed candidate solidly in the pocket
    of corporate interests. The way she did Bernie and his supporters was
    absolutely abhorrent, but this never gets mentioned by these once astute
    political mouthpieces.

    I used to like Maher because he was an equal opportunity offender; now he
    tows the party line and seems all too eager to bend the knee and acquiesce
    to a candidate I’m all but certain he has nothing but scorn for.

    The fact that our choices have been whittled down to Trump v. Clinton
    doesn’t bode well for our future, but to pretend that Clinton isn’t just as
    miserable (if not worse) than Trump and self-censoring any of the
    well-deserved criticisms you could rightfully hit Hillary with just stinks
    of desperation and intellectual dishonesty. Calling someone out on their
    bullshit isn’t an endorsement of the other equally dangerous and inept

    It’s sad to see this regression.

  12. Bubbles McGee says:

    You know what would be awesome if we get to hear tape of Hillary or bill
    making lewd comments then we all would know officially how fucked we are
    lol .

  13. Jordan F says:

    Pitbull was such a fucken idiot in this show. One of the worst guest Maher
    has had on – total fucking cunt stain

  14. Bho Loo says:


  15. manthasagittarius1 says:

    Ha — rude to give your guest a spit take, Bill. Or a snot take, or
    whatever that was.

  16. Lloyd B says:


  17. garrett21 says:

    Bill lies more than Hillary

  18. David Curry says:

    What Maher said about celebrities not conducting themselves as Trump
    described is, like everything else he’s said this election season, a bald
    faced lie. All those paparazzi pics are just photoshops!

  19. dirbrody says:

    Trump 2016…