New Rule: Apply Precision to the Pandemic | Real Time (HBO)

New Rule: Apply Precision to the Pandemic | Real Time (HBO)

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Bill questions why the same people in medicine who, in private care, always say “get a second opinion” want to allow only one in the public debate.

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32 Responses

  1. Bus-Fun-Addict says:

    Bill fits my 50/50 rule. I like listening to anyone that i agree with 50 percent of the time. It allows me to identify that what i feel is real and true to my values. We need more pontificators like him.

    • Martin Wright says:

      I prefer the usual numbnuts on social media who just insult. Shows they are both educated and care about the issue enough show why they believe it. Cherry on top is when they call you a sheep for believing data.

    • Jt Jones says:

      Pretty much agree with everything he said except the part about one voice relaying information.
      In any nation with 330 million people there has to be one person speaking for the government after hearing from hundreds of other medical experts.
      The government has no choice but to go with the consensus opinion.
      Governing isn’t easy during a national health crisis.
      16.5% or 54 million Americans are over 65, 18% or 60 million are morbidly obese, while 42% are obese.
      Houston we have a problem.

    • Fitore says:

      Yup! I don’t totally agree with everything he says all the time but that the point of a healthy discussion and hearing different perspective

    • Penny The Dog says:

      Didn’t like how he cited the Hopkins study as if they were 100 percent correct.

      But otherwise he made good points and this was a solid segment.

    • Rijker Smith says:

      I cant laugh hard enough at that

  2. pretty bullet says:

    I enjoy listening to Bill and even if I don’t agree with everything I still like to hear his perspective on current events.

    • Freedom Life says:

      We should always listen and think for ourselves. But sometime it’s very hard to listen to people spew obscene conspiracy theory. Very hard for me to watch Fox News even though I tried my best. I changed to read them.

    • IAmTheOh says:

      you should only listen to people you completely agree with

  3. Hamza Chiadmi says:

    He addressed the Joe rogan controversy without even mentioning his name. Great job Bill, as usual.

    • Hamza Chiadmi says:

      @728huey You’re doing this on purpose or what ? Unlike tetanus or measles, the vast majority of children are asymptomatic ( or have very mild symptoms) to covid. And the vaccines you just mentionned have proven their efficiency through the years. Covid vaccines are still perfectible.

    • porscheoscar says:

      @JJ Cool so Young has a $150 million dollars in the bank and can speak free as a bird and Rogan is waiting to make a $100 million and in order to do so needs to speak a certain way to drive all those millions of antivaxers, unvaxers and his fellow the moon landing “was probably real” type followers towards a mediocre third party streaming service?

    • Kristjan Vendelin says:

      @porscheoscar ~30 Billion in net profit for Pfitzer is a small sum? We got a baller here.

    • Kristjan Vendelin says:

      @douglas bowles It happens to be 0,02% chance and he would have to be morbidly obese with other health ailments. Please release your children from the dungeon, living normally is safe for them.

    • Charles De Wit says:

      @norm vlqtte because you can cripple it by being vaccinated before you give it to someone who is at risk or can’t (which is different then won’t) be vaccinated.

  4. Jason Jouett says:

    It’s good to see good points being made from someone who identifies as liberal. There is hope for those of us on the middle of the fence that we aren’t crazy and we can all find a common ground.

    • Shawn Strange says:

      @lionel martin Be careful of identifying things as establishment or anti-establishment. Many things are grey areas. And our last president was an “anti-establishment” wolf in proverbial sheep’s clothing.

    • TheU2001 MIA says:

      Both left and right is scary. If you disagree with one, you are automatically on the other side. I will say this, I find it easier to speak with people on the right vs the left. The left can’t even have a discussion if it goes against their beliefs. Of course, that’s just me.

    • TheU2001 MIA says:

      @kmusicmagazine Why would he? It’s your choice in the end.

    • kmusicmagazine says:

      He did not argue against vaccination.

    • Jason Jouett says:

      @lionel martin I like it! Most Americans see themselves as middle-left, middle, or middle-right. One can never be woke enough for the far left or conservative enough for the far right.

  5. G.D. Graham says:

    Solid segment, and clips like this are why even as a Catholic Democrat who occasionally disagrees with his views, I still love Bill Maher’s show 😁

  6. Fahad King says:

    So happy to hear it, thank you Bill Maher! You’re evolving the political discussion for generations to come.

  7. Tony Pepperoni says:

    I’ve been watching Bill for over 24 years and don’t always agree with him but he’s got a point

    • Vladimir Olegovich says:

      By trying to prove his point he actually do what criticized “TV scientists” do – he sometime “forgets” to mention something. Like by showing european map of countries that decided to go back to normal life he forgets to mention that their “normal life” is different – it is not licking door knobs or spending hours in malls.

    • Piesho Nais says:

      What point?

    • GaryVolts says:

      A lot of his long time viewers were attracted to libertarian Bill Maher. It’s been a tough half a dozen years as of late.

  8. The Paradox Destroyer says:

    Great show as usual, every weekend I remain grounded in rational reality with a little Bill Maher.

  9. Zee says:

    Thank you, Bill! What we are doing to our kids is unethical. It’s bad enough that we are leaving them a mountain of national debt and a ruined environment, now we have decreased their social skills and added an extra helping of depression and anxiety.

    • Natashaboris says:

      While I see your points, I think I am going to take the point of view that a Chinese official made when asked about the long-term effects of The French Revolution:

      “It’s too soon to tell.”

      Bill has his points but I’ve also read a lot about pandemics and their aftermath.

      Too soon to tell. But humans will always do what humans do. Hopefully, we will learn from this but I have my doubts.

      Yep. Too soon to tell.

    • hastag_greendrinkslex says:

      Our kids have suffered greatly from this. The constant shuffle of NTI and teachers leaving have left a huge gap in an already unstable system. I see what it has done to our kids and we try our best as parents to help them work things out. All so hard to do when you as a parent are totally trying to make it work as well.

  10. OPEN MIND says:

    Great talk 💪

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