New Rule: Change Anxiety | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

New Rule: Change Anxiety | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill Maher gets into the mind of Trump voters, who see diversity in America as a sign of decline.

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19 Responses

  1. The Xman says:


  2. Myia Jordan says:

    dead on bill. these dumb fucks cant see all the laws he signing r designed to help him and his ceo friends. this new bill where corporations pay 15% in taxes gives us 4 trilliom dollars in debt. i am good but the others r fucked.

  3. charmedfan7704 says:

    That’s true. Trump voters are immune to truth, facts and sanity. That’s why they had to coin the term “alternative facts.” Lies, to all the sane people.

  4. thebestever475 says:


  5. Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot says:

    Bill is a little too good with that GOP supporter voice lol.

  6. T Cat says:

    Yeah the real problem is emotional. Bill Maher nails it on the head. They don’t like the way progressives changed things and they elected Trump as a middle finger to everything done right in the past 8 years. Add opiates to the mix and you have a fucked country!

  7. UNC GRAD says:

    When Trump starts WWIII, Trumpturds should be sent to the front lines!

  8. AvangionQ says:

    This is why I gave up on Facebook a little while ago ~ the only way I know how to argue is with facts, evidence and reasoning, but when talking to Trump’s impervious to facts crowd, my efforts to make an impact fall on deaf ears …

  9. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    Trump voters react to reality the same way Tom Cruise reacts to his feelings for men: denial.

  10. 7Kris07 says:

    I’m a simple man. I see Hamilton, I press Like.

  11. UNC GRAD says:

    *Trump won by spreading hate and fear*, NOT FACTS! SAD!

  12. Char Aznable says:

    It’s because to democratic party is shit,i don’t even liked the guy but i rather vote for him than vote for “Muh Vagina” 2016 and her supporters are a bunch communist loving fucks in college that are anti free speech/anti gun and disgusting SJWs fix your garbage party and stop bitching on why you lost.

  13. Magnumanxl says:

    #MAGA (Morons Are Governing America)

  14. Jordan Wendt says:

    Basically Bill is arguing for massive, demographic transformative immigration from impoverished, corrupt, crime ridden 3rd world hellholes in perpetuity so democrats can form an insurmountable voting block. This has already happened in California.

  15. Mark Raymond says:

    “Stop using facts”. The left hasn’t used facts in decades. They operate on emotive reasoning alone. It worked. So now the right, as evidenced with Trump, is going to do the same.

    So now we get to live in a world where no one tells the truth and everyone appeals to emotion. Where people will tell you with a straight face that Islam is the religion of peace and gender is a spectrum. Where a guy will tell you he’s cutting taxes for billionaires to help the working man and that a wall is going to alter demographic change.

    Most people voting Trump don’t care that he’s a liar. They just want to see the other side upset. As Michael Moore put it – He’s a human molotov cocktail.

    You can explain to his voters how he is a liar or his policies are poor, but it doesn’t matter. Not because they are gullible or because they don’t care about “facts”. But because they don’t care about the results. They just know that this is hurting a lot of people they dislike, and therefore it feels good. A society wide case of cutting off your nose to spite your face. You see the same on the left – They champion the dismantling of free speech and the return of religious fundamentalism. Why? Because it irritates those that they oppose.

  16. charley15z says:

    Oh…this segment is going to trigger many. I can’t wait.

  17. Derpzilla says:

    The Far Right is the biggest safe space around. It all starts with a big ass book that tells em to believe outdated horseshit. Information warfare is a bitch. Then fact by fact we attempt to bring em to a competent level, so they can throw themselves down another shithole excuse. Religion is used by evil people to do shitty things, yet somehow they cant realize this simple truth. Despite so many examples historically and currently. SAD!

  18. Kent Erickson says:

    As Maher suggests, there’s no reasoning with people who are impervious to reason. Die-hard Trump supporters pick their political favorites the same way they choose their NASCAR favorites–on the basis of public perception, gut instincts, and/or emotion. And once attached, there’s no letting go. As Trump once said, he could shoot a person dead, in broad daylight, in the middle of Times Square, and these people would still love him. Trump has duped his supporters, it wasn’t hard, and he openly rubs their noses in it on a daily basis. And this is because the one thing Trump understands is that these people are too stupid to recognize when they’ve been duped (which requires a capacity for reason).

  19. TheJonnyzeus says:

    Bill’s right. I am tired of responding to Trump supporters and hoping they see sense. They are not going to. Certainly not yet and not now. If they fell for the bullshit in the first place, then the situation speaks for itself.

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