New Rule: The Blue Wall of Silence | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

New Rule: The Blue Wall of Silence | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill applauds the police officers who have finally begun to acknowledge that the problems in their ranks extend beyond just a “few bad apples.”

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81 Responses

  1. J Man says:

    Thank you to all of the officers serving your community with the right motive and actions. Shame on the ones who see themselves as being above the law.

  2. casbott says:

    4:55 Question number 2 should be “In School, how much time did _you spend shoving other kids_ into lockers?”.
    That’s where Bill gets it wrong, a lot of cops weren’t bullied, they were the bullies in school. And that’s why they joined the Police *Force…*

    • Warren Winston says:

      My wife has always had an issue with cops. When I first asked her why, she repeated exactly what you said – “Because everyone I knew that became a cop was a school bully. They loved to put everyone else down”. I used to be a lot more supportive of them until YouTube came around. Also, I get sick of “99% are good” – BS! Derek Chauvin was on the force 19 years. How many “good cops” stood by and did nothing???

    • Paul Harvey says:

      Well said and spot on!

    • Craig Corson says:

      @Sean Andreychuk The KGB died with the Soviet Union. It’s the GRU now.

    • Singer RB says:

      @Chicken Little Syndrome He is a hell of a lot smarter than you!

    • D-Ros Roisero says:


  3. joan fortier says:

    “Fascism will come to America, wrapped in a flag and carrying a Cross.”
    Sinclair Lewis

    • 리주민 says:

      Its been here. Wars are made through executive fiat because us needs to have an enemy, lest they look inward. Your view of america changes depending on if you’re on the outside looking in, or on the inside looking out. Fascism doesn’t require genocide. Not all fascism is N-zism.

    • D-Ros Roisero says:

      @Morgoth Bauglir

    • D-Ros Roisero says:

      @Manfred Adams

    • Kristopher Tower says:

      oh stop with this left and right wing bickering…. both sides have fascists, both sides lie, both sides think everyone should do what they do and think what they think…….its divide and conquer, plain and simple…..and no matter which side wins, we still keep losing more and more freedom…..and this is by design….you know behind closed doors the leaders of both sides get together and party and figure out how to keep us in the dark, …..they may be opposing sides at our level, but at the top, theres only one side

    • Allô français canadien says:

      @Morgoth Bauglir hahahaha its quite obvious you dont have a clue what your saying

  4. J.F. Davis says:

    “If you hate them so much, turn them in.” Exactly Bill.

  5. Northeast Ohio Ed says:

    How about licensing state by state, like doctors, teachers and nurses? Renewable every two years, a disciplinary review board, and the legal requirement for an active, valid license in order to wear the badge in any capacity? Your license gets suspended or revoked, thenyour law enforcement career is ended.

    • Chris Adkins says:

      Best idea I’ve heard yet.

    • Bam MasterJ813 says:

      This is a very good idea! See this is what we need is an open dialogue. We all can agree police brutality is bad, we can all agree racism is bad. We can all agree that we should do something about it. So why are we still at this point in life? It’s the media that’s causing this division. They need to be held accountable for this division. We know that nobody in every walk of life is perfect and we shouldn’t expect that from them. We need to start seeing everyone as human again.. it’s terrible cuz my family is heavy in law enforcement and they hate there being segregated into this hate segregation. But nobody wants to see each other’s side. There’s a big divide and it is caused by the media.

    • Steven Tatlock says:

      @Bam MasterJ813 Infantryman who served 18 months in Iraq here. Took detainees responsible for severely injuring platoon-mates. Guess what, we never killed any of them, let alone by slowly suffocating them over 9 minutes. I’ve seen worse than “their side”, fuck off with that bullshit. Boohoo, sorry all their unpunished criminality against the civilian populace has led to some bad blood. Maybe they should try seeing the side of the ones getting disproportionately murdered.
      The division isn’t the media- the media is getting clubbed and arrested and peppersprayed too, you excuse making fascist. The problem is unpunished, systemic police brutality.
      Maybe your family should try getting real jobs?

    • Wuhan Virus says:

      They just need to be trained to kill these criminal animals off camera

    • prettymelanin exotic says:

      And if there body cam is off charges should be instantly dropped.

  6. Cason says:

    Executive order: Any cop with a report of excessive force gets 30 days and theyre fired. If proven to be a factual report they are fired immediately. Any cop fired because of an abuse of power like excessive force can no longer be hired in a position of power.
    –they are entered into a database much like pedophiles are.

    Any district that refuses to remove the “bad apples” are not eligible to recieve funding from the state.

    This wont solve all problems but itll solve a few.

    • m t says:

      Lawsuits against cops are defended on the taxpayer’s dime, believe it or not. Take it out of the police pension fund instead. They might police themselves better when their retirement is on the line.

    • Hal Jordan says:

      You have to hurt their cash flow.
      Nothing ever happens unless it hurts someone’s pocket book
      Take money away from their pensions. As far as I’m concerned, any money they have is tax payer money.

    • Cosbification says:

      @Yuki Schlagel that would be terrible. Even less people would report for fear of being charged if the cop was found innocent (which seems to be the case in 99.9% of complaints).

    • Will.I.Am11 says:

      That won’t solve anything at all, except add to the problems. Look at Buffalo, an entire unit of 57 cops quit because they did not agree that 2 of them did anything wrong who were suspended. I’m sure you are saying right now, “Good riddance.” Unless you happen to live in Buffalo or have a business there, that is. What’s funny is that they are talking about disbanding police and then setting up armed neighborhood units. Isn’t that police but by another name? It will take about 2 hours before this new organization runs into the same problems.

    • gary doss says:

      Outstanding comment.

  7. WormholeJim says:

    “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy appears to extend well beyond just the existence of homosexual people in the navy. It’s appearently governing the core behaviour of federal employees – it is revealed time and time again.

    • Matt Rowland says:

      federal employees? wtf are you even talking about? this video is about cops m8

    • Michael Beall says:

      I disagree, when I joined the military we were told if you see something wrong and don’t say anything then your just as guilty. And I saw this enforced many times. I now work for the postal service and I have never met or seen another employee who would help or stay silent if the saw a fellow employee committing a crime.

    • James Irving says:

      @Michael Beall …For some reason the Cops are different…I’ve met cops in Florida who carried TORTURE KITS in the trunks of their car and openly BRAGGED about crushing the fingers of “suspects” with PLIERS!!! And their fellow cops just laughed it off….I was STUNNED by the SILENCE of the “Blue Wall”….

    • Jacques Blaque says:

      “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” is long-gone. Forgotten the endless crap the repubs slung at Obama about scrapping that? Convenient for them.
      Most important point IMHO: we’ve got to get way beyond the THEM VS US thing, understanding that we’re all in the one boat and have much more in common than separating us. Them vs Us is the trumpian MO to divide & conquer. We’ve got to excise that tumor.

    • gary doss says:

      @Jacques Blaque Great comment.

  8. Inebriatd says:

    The best thing about morality is that it’s easily feigned.

  9. sumo bowler says:

    “I know being a cop is hard, but some jobs everybody got to be good. like pilots. American Airlines can’t say ‘most of our pilots like to land, but a few bad apples crash into mountains.'” Chris Rock

    • Bj B says:

      It’s odd to me that reading some of these comments white people love to point out black on black crime. They act as if white people dont kill other white people. They refuse to see what is happening with sworn officers of the law who become police officers to serve and protect our citizens. However, when it comes to black unarmed suspects they seem to shoot and kill them first. Black street gangs are not sworn police officers so you cant compare their disrespect for the law to policemen who disregard the law. I often think of the young white kid who murdered 9 black church members inside of their own church. He went on the run and when the cops caught him, he said he was hungry so they bought him a hamburger and fries with a coke and allowed him to eat it before taking that murderer to jail. George Floyd just wanted that cop to take his knee off his neck so.he could breathe.

    • D-Ros Roisero says:

      @Rap Fan Businessman

    • sumo bowler says:

      @Flavio Agushi first of all there has been plenty of outrage about that. secondly, just because there have been abusive priests in no way excuses police brutality

  10. Mac Giveyouflak says:

    i proved a cop lied about me in court and the freakin judge told me to never attack his officer of the court and found me guilty. lets look at shit judges too.

    • Piero Ochoa says:

      Were you one of the witnesses in the Micheal Brown debacle?

      Witness 22, who originally claimed she saw Wilson kill Brown in cold blood, admitted she lied to investigators and never saw the incident at all. She said she was just passing along information which her boyfriend told her he saw. The court transcript reads:
      Prosecution: You gave two statements, were both of those statements true? Witness 22: No. I just felt like I want to be part of something… I didn’t see what I told the FBI what [sic] I saw.

    • Kelly Craig says:


    • clouddavis says:

      You will almost never win a case in court with an officer there for your citation, the judge always rules against you unless they don’t show up. I’ve seen people in witness protection having to give up her new identity for a non-moving violation. She pleaded she didn’t want to give her real identity and the judge still opted to ticket her and expose her identity to the all the people waiting to to hear their case next, lol it was surreal, every case no matter how obscure or dire, the judge would go with the officer, even when the officer made a mistake

    • gary doss says:

      Yes, and now with evermore unqualified judges being appointed, will continue.

    • Wuhan Virus says:

      @clouddavis fake news, they give new names in witness protection. Nice try tho

  11. judith sterling mendoza says:

    This has been going on for years. Several of my family members has had run in with crooked cops. My husband of 30 years back in 84 he was 17 2 cops lied and said he shot at them . Thank God he was in church that day . He came home his mom was crying saying they just left the house with warrant she was begging him to turn himself in he said mom I’m didn’t do this I was in church with a friend. The pastor was called and took him up there with evidence that he was in church at the time the cops said he shot at them. Moral of this story years later one was arrested and charged with murdering a 16 year boy who also was the cop lover. The other one was let go for something else and became a bondsman he died a couple years ago.

    • gary doss says:

      Nice to hear about an event , with an ending. Not everyone is suitable for law enforcement. A complete psychological evaluation would weed out nearly all ‘bad cops’. Time for change !!

  12. RcHydrozz says:

    I have friends on the police force. They said its too easy, now they have to take just about anybody. Thats what its come to. So bad, they had to lower the standards for more to apply and pass to be on the force. You’re getting more bad apples. What could possibly go wrong.

    • Doctor Feinstone says:

      The police department in my town is actually putting out classified ads in the paper to try to hire

    • TheJTcreate says:

      —-> “I have friends on the police force. They said its too easy, now they have to take just about anybody.”
      Which police force? LA Sheriff, LAPD and even the CHP haven’t lowered their standards. I know people who can’t get it. The only standards I’ve seen lowered are for women, but that is not the same thing.

    • Samantha Thompson says:

      I’m in Canada and in my area so many people want to do it that they only take the cream. They also actively recruit minorities.

    • gary doss says:

      Lowering the bar seems routine now.

  13. jefferee2002 says:

    The problem is there are a lot of laws and regulations that make removing a bad cop virtually impossible. This is where we need to start.

  14. Carrie says:

    *COP: Do you know why I pulled you over?*
    *SARAH SILVERMAN: Because you got Ds in high school?*
    It’s a joke but sadly very true.

  15. Illusory Veils says:

    4:56 No the first question should be: How much time did you spend shoving people in lockers?

  16. Addison Steiner says:

    It’s hard to believe the “most cops are good” line when 3 cops failed to save George Floyd from Derek Chauvin.

    • Damien Alexander says:

      most cops are good, meanwhile 2 of them are saying they were rookies and didn’t know any better.
      yet they got the job. that’s your law enforcer folks. yet they are not the ones who passed themselves by as cops, someone else allowed that too.

    • Wuhan Virus says:

      @curbicon yup his murder was justified. Glad he is gone

    • Damien Alexander says:

      @Zenigundam jesus christ. so people are allowed to be stupid and negligent to people you deem stupid and negligent. Sir, I hope you stay inside during all this.
      and you say he didn’t deserve to die that way, but say if he wasn’t a criminal he wouldn’t have….
      dude, you’re part of why this is happening. wake up, or get burned down with the rest of the trash.
      if it was an accident, why did all of them quit after 2 got fired?

    • Jeff Sullivan says:

      @Zenigundam great job at bringing up something that has absolutely NOTHING to do with what happened to him. I don’t think you’ve heard anyone saying they’re celebrating the life of Saint George. A man without sin. Whatever George Floyd was, and whatever he was destined to be, was taken away from him; when those cops decided to be judge-jury, and executioner .

    • Zenigundam says:

      @gary doss George Floyd was suspected of fraud/embezzlement and resisted arrest before the cameras caught his apprehension. The old man got in the face of a law enforcement officer, which is considered assault (the apprehension or fear that physical harm is imminent). The cops handled their business and protected themselves and society.

  17. Mokona127 says:

    “the cops I meet are not that guy”
    Just throwing that out there, but… You sure they are not just ‘not that guy’ to you…?

    • gary doss says:

      It’s all about each individual experience. Most cops I meet are quite OK.

    • john bill says:

      You must’ve missed the part where he said that some of them were that guy

    • Allô français canadien says:

      Anytime someone gets beat by a cop. 9/10 times they deserve it.
      The only time cops were ever dicks to me or hit me, was when i was talking sht to them, prevoking them and yelling at them. This is what happens when you fight them.
      If you treat them like humans they will treat u like one too, they might even let you go with warnings. Moral of the story treat people how u want to be treated. Cops or not

  18. sympthylost says:

    You realize “that lady” is stepping up against people only pretending to be protesters, right?

    In case you’re wondering where the cops were, they’re literally right there facilitating the destruction in black bloc.

  19. Maria Maoh says:

    No Mr Maher, question number one should be: “How many people did you lock in a locker?”. Yours can be the 2nd one to ask.
    The captain of the football team, that has been part of a 2 class system all his life, should never be a cop, but yeah sure, former bullying victims are not suitable either, as is anyone that thinks, a badge will give him respect and authority.
    That basically rules out 90% of current police force.

  20. Chris Adkins says:

    From Northeast Ohio further down this page, the best idea I’ve ever read:
    “How about licensing state by state, like doctors, teachers and nurses? Renewable every two years, a disciplinary review board, and the legal requirement for an active, valid license in order to wear the badge in any capacity? Your license gets suspended or revoked, then your law enforcement career is ended.”

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