New Rule: Trump’s Basket of Inexplicables | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

New Rule: Trump’s Basket of Inexplicables | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher examines Trump’s surrogates, and questions whether this cast of characters would be fit to serve in a Presidential administration. Original Air Date: September 30, 2016

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20 Responses

  1. Neon Light says:

    Seems to me a lot of Trump voters attended Trump university. They’re about
    as bright as microbes.

  2. Triple Tee says:

    Why does he always bring up that lawsuit though? lol

  3. Hi, Neighbor! says:

    I’m in love with the girl from CNN

  4. ItsShawntel says:

    It’s hilarious until you realize they might actually win ?

  5. coffeefrog says:

    Lol as much as I love Bill’s show, I always feel bad for the guests who
    have to shut up while he does his New Rules bit. There’s always at least
    one Republican or other who just has to sit quietly and watch him piss all
    over the things they wish they could talk about.

  6. Bri 1 says:

    Bill Maher is just another comedian, seen money in news, Is taking a turn
    whacking off on the American people. I hope you know Bill, a brick is
    tumbling towards your face.

  7. brent eggleton says:

    all you fuckin lefty’s are traitors to the usa hi from the uk we are now a
    free contry

  8. ChunkyStyle22 says:

    80% of his jokes are bullshit ableist crap….. so damned lazy.

  9. Shiro Amakusa says:

    Female Trump surrogates, especially Katrina Pierson, deserve to get fucked.
    and I’ll fuck them so bad they can’t take it anymore.

  10. Osmdogee says:

    These guys are only his supporters, not the future establishment. You
    cannot replace the establishment just like that.

  11. Shelly Mercury says:


  12. Dee Faison says:

    You ppl are gullible. Bill Maher is an arrogant clown whose opinions are
    100% biased against Trump. There is no journalistic value to his pointless
    rants. He has tricked you ppl into believing that Clinton is a viable
    candidate for president all the while dismissing her hateful, bigoted,
    dangerous and criminal behavior and policies. I am not a Trump supporter.
    The Republican party is just too messed up in their thinking for me to jump
    on that train. I, however, will not taking a ride on a train that is
    occupied with the hypersensitive, the close-minded, and the blatantly
    corrupt Democrat party driving by a warmongering, fact twisting, corporate
    loving, racist criminal. FUCC Bill Maher

  13. villalba874 says:

    Good work Bill. Now can you make Trump release his tax returns? By proving
    that his accountant is not a chimpanzee throwing shit at the fan?

  14. Heinvandah says:

    FUCK YOU… youre defending someone who is in bed with Islamic
    Supremacists. Has a Saudi spy working directly for her…

    Billionaires like Donald Trump have been walking all over Average Americans
    for a long time without Hillary ever mentioning them but oh shit if a
    Billionaire wants to call attention to fixing it.

    Get fucked Maher, you represent everything wrong with Media.

    You dont raise taxes when the economy is puttering along at 1%

    The red alert on the environment in 2005 called for inches of sea level
    rise, in the last ten years we have seen 2MM.

    The anti-war Left have gone full retard arming Salafist rebels all over the
    middle east and Africa.
    That is what you support? You have blood on your hands…

    So Get Fucked Maher, and all that bullshit propaganda you happily spew in
    favor of the Regressive liberal retards coming out of the colleges these

    Its basically like the Bible thumping right was ten years ago. The Social
    Justice Warriors need to be smacked down and made fun of for supporting
    islamic supremacy all over Europe.

  15. Kempes SFA says:

    Taco trucks on every corner? don’t threaten me with a good time

  16. Carlos 123 says:

    The worst of all is Boris Ep… whatever his last name is. Horrible weasel.

  17. Pork Chop says:

    The greatest scam in history is getting people to pay for state propaganda.

  18. Arlene Tognetti says:

    Bill Maher spot on Funny and dang True on this Trump and the gang of
    dipshits that surround Trump. Kudos Bill!

  19. Daniel Ostaszewski says:

    Dropping the mic like a BOSS Bill. Awesome.

  20. Robert Tauzer says:

    That last guy … that arrogance, that ego, that face just begging for