New Rule: What If Obama Said It? | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

New Rule: What If Obama Said It? | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill imagines how Republicans would react if Barack Obama exhibited the same crude behavior as Donald Trump – with a little help from Obama impersonator Reggie Brown.

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20 Responses

  1. Cornwall1888 says:

    Obama would be a dirty commie if he mentioned Russia favourably even once

  2. Ghost Trick says:

    Tump has 33% he won’t fall any lower. We all know he’s a joke. When will he be impeached??? Do it. % Of Americans are children, teach them to grow up by impeaching trump.

  3. Jay says:

    What if Obama said: “When you get these terrorists, you have to go after their families.”

  4. Jay says:

    What if Obama said: “She was bleeding out of here eyes, she was bleeding out of her…wherever.”

  5. Free Diugh says:

    Ever seen orange pulp? That’s what a Trump vs Obama debate would give us. Fight of the CENTURY.

  6. Jay says:

    What if Obama said Ted Cruz’ father killed JFK.

  7. Adam Byrnes says:

    Obama is about 10,000 times more patriotic than Trump.

  8. Since1990ish says:

    *If Donald Trump isn’t proof of white privilege and Obama isn’t proof that POC have to be twice as qualified I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.*

  9. ERI BRYAN says:

    What if Obama said: “If she weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her”

  10. HooDaFuq says:

    Obama was a terrible president…I know it hurts to know that the first black president was a lame duck….Thanks Democrats : /

  11. Dark Jedi says:

    Trumpism are worse than Bushism. GOP voters sure know how to pick real brain dead nit wits. I guess they can relate.

  12. Ismael Aguilar says:

    Yup , white privilege is alive and well. And not only in the US ,

  13. The Hellfire Club! says:

    America is a country full of white American nazis, Uncle Tom’s, Want to be white Hispanics and self hating women – exactly why America is so full of shit! This is why the world laughs at you, we see the hypocrisy with the way Obama was treated and the way the bigots kiss Trumps ass! Disgusting!

  14. BlitzenRider says:

    What if obama said grab a white woman by the pussy?

  15. thebestever475 says:


  16. Bob Miller says:

    Republican politicians are the lowest form of life on this planet. Right-wing politics are harmful enough without having these corporate shills act as propagandists on top of it.

  17. bento8 says:

    bill’s last sentence – about white privilege – that’s not correct. most white politicians on both sides of aisle will get crucified if they said what trump said. this is really about orange privilege.

  18. kidan gebremedhin says:

    Hypocrisy is a sport to republicans.

  19. Gabriel Thomas says:

    trump voters are mentally retarded. enough said.

  20. grfx41 says:

    Stop treating Trump like a MF’n toddler! It’s not “campain talk” or “locker room talk” or “sarcastic, but not that sarcastic”. That is HORSECRAP! He is the president and his words can have dire consequences! Hold him to account for what he says even if we know he’ll say something stupider tomorrow! Your republican slimeball guest can go to hell

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