New Season 4 | 1.22 Update – New Maps, Modes, Weapons & More | MW Multiplayer/WARZONE | JGOD

New Season 4 | 1.22 Update – New Maps, Modes, Weapons & More | MW Multiplayer/WARZONE | JGOD

I read through the 1.22 Patch notes for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and give my thoughts. Here they are if you want to read them yourself:1.22 Patch Notes:

0:00 Intro
0:23 When/How Big Update
0:58 Weapon Mastery Challenges
1:36 New WZ Events
4:54 Playlist Update
5:57 General Fixes
8:29 Weapon Balancing LOL
8:51 Warzone Changes
9:39 Special Operations
10:13 Initial Thoughts
10:52 Outro

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The “Update and News” Series is a series where I focus on all the Current or Upcoming Update or patches and Discuss News in Modern Warfare.

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New Season 4 | 1.22 Update – New Maps, Modes, Weapons & More | MW Multiplayer/WARZONE | JGOD
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59 Responses

  1. Insert Name says:

    When you’re about to go to bed and jgod uploads

  2. PyreXenon says:

    When your so early it says it has 0 views

  3. Joseph Gonzalez says:

    Yo tons of people beat me today lol much love! S4 hype y’all!

  4. War Ghost says:

    I’m so exited for the new smg the vector

  5. Disaster Piece says:

    Im suprised you’re still awake and not sleeping lol

  6. Lonzo o says:

    How many people up and waiting for season 4

  7. Elliot Hong says:

    I literally waited for this video. It is currently 1am and I’m tired af, but thanks for the content heads up!!

  8. JOSEPH KW says:

    I thought of the only two teams in warzone today while watching Vikings war and they actually did it lol.

  9. Joseph Gonzalez says:

    I mean we still have to fish out the shadow buffs/nerfs right? Lol

  10. Aldo Viera says:

    All that work for a sticker 😂😂 do they think we are a joke

  11. Alejandro Rios says:

    Fire Sale, sounds like a dream come true to campers lol. There’s gonna be campers at the buy station!!!

    • Sport School says:

      Just camp the buy station and get 20 kills for free then… lol

      Also, it’s good that these annoying a-holes would have a reason to get out of their little houses…

  12. loto maiava says:

    jgod NEVER disappoints me i swear…

  13. Braedon Morrissey says:

    who’s ready for the video in 4 hours of JGOD posting the new Mastery stuff lmao

  14. Molliwhoppedd says:

    They needed to fix the guns in warzone on the ground popping up as whole other different guns than what actually are

  15. Jay Lima says:

    Please ask them to fix the perminate “Air Space Crowded” bug when I have an airstrike.

  16. je12ich0 says:

    WZ event sounds fun but was hoping for a nuke or a flood on the map

  17. Reynaldo Usman says:

    They will respond to you (Activision) a month later LMAO..

  18. Tyler Dempsey says:

    They better have fixed those stupid rocks you can’t climb

  19. Donna Winter says:

    Love that they’re giving people more reasons to stick around after they die in WZ Tired of teammates dying immediately after landing and quitting after losing the gulag

    • Forgetful says:

      i relate to this hard lol, esp when after they leave you get enough to res them

    • Legendouss YT says:

      Join the MW discord server to find teammates, such a better experience as far rage quitters go, and they will always have a mic!

    • XxPepeGamerxX says:

      Im not played the new update, but i think its noob friendly; maybe can unbalance the game

  20. James says:

    JGOD: Here’s all the new features and what to expect
    Me: Mission briefing and parameters understood SEASON 4 LETS GOOOOOOO

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