[NEW SEASONAL EVENT] Welcome to the Year of the Rooster!

[NEW SEASONAL EVENT] Welcome to the Year of the Rooster!

Happy Lunar New Year: http://blizz.ly/LNY2017

Good luck and great fortune await you, heroes. From now until February 13, ring in the Year of the Rooster with your family and friends in true Overwatch style. Collect over 100 seasonal cosmetic items, enjoy a special fireworks display on Lijiang Tower, and get ready to capture the flag in a brand-new brawl!

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20 Responses

  1. Xxx_MLG Pokeballer_xxX says:

    Wrestle with Jeff, prepare for death.

  2. A Person on Youtube says:

    already saw this but im still jizzing over the Reinhardt skin

  3. Hazzador says:

    If this was EA, it would cost us £5.99 for this extra content

  4. Riahisama says:

    Make capture the flag permanent

  5. Liam Cristello says:

    Fellow D. Va mains, rejoice with me!

  6. ZenakuShinigami says:

    reinhardt gets another legendary skin?

  7. Gaudy says:

    next seasonal event: no skins for reinhardt, or road hog.

  8. XenkailX Play Games For Muffin says:

    I have waited for 10’000 years for an *ACTUAL* D.Va event skin and here it
    is. lol

  9. They Call Me Spacy says:

    The ending with Dva was magical

  10. Wade Taggart says:

    Everyone’s bent out of shape about the Shimadas…

    I’m just sad Widow was passed over again.

  11. Annie H says:

    that d.va thing at the end made me tear up im not even kidding

  12. PrimalSurge says:

    Fellow Winston mains! Celebrate with me!

  13. JustDave says:

    D.Va’s bowing out from the meta. Goodbye sweet princess.

  14. Teh Submarine says:


    well if you paid attention to history, China and Japan aren’t exactly

  15. DoomMuppet says:

    Shame people are getting ungrateful

  16. Spartan0941 says:

    Soldier 76 never gets anything….

  17. Biggie Cheese says:

    I can’t stop nutting to mei’s new skin

  18. alex tumbler says:

    Now i cant wait for ign to upload this video again

  19. GhostCrafter123 says:

    Can’t wait to not get any epic or legendaries

  20. Monkey D “AceSabo” Luffy says:

    R.I.P Diva (Nerf). The last scene was her own funeral.