New Slang You Should Know (GAME)

New Slang You Should Know (GAME)

Yolo bae, your swag is on fleek! GMM #942!
Some thoughts on the Orlando shootings:
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20 Responses

  1. Flamin Hot Neetos says:


  2. Marten Harmon says:


  3. RhodainChristJesus says:

    Thats not how you use high key lol Rhett was right
    High Key is said when you want to let someone know something is to a high
    intensity, a high desire or something is Very obvious.
    High key I wanna get Starbucks
    These shoes are ugly, high key
    I’m mad hungry, high key
    etc. Also, who uses the word SUS? lol When I want to say something looks
    suspicious, I say “Yo that looks mad suspect” don’t ask me why… i just do

  4. Free “Game” Seeker says:

    Power is a disease. Care is the cure! Keep it coming guys!

  5. Emily Jensen says:

    *hits the play button*
    Link: I’m finna-
    *immediately regrets it*

  6. Willow Tree says:

    when i heard that the next season of gmm was on august 1 i was like OMG ITS
    AN EMERGENCY as i run through the house with a pen to mark it on the
    calendar XD

  7. Lottie Ainsworth says:

    Omg Rhetts shirt is my favourite thing ever

  8. Olorhc says:

    Slang is for people from/in the streets, not college educated individuals
    attempting to be cool. Thanks i guess? so many more important things going
    on, but this will definitely be beneficial.

  9. Kimaria Miller says:

    Ik em all ?? some of these old

  10. maddiemeckwood says:

    ah man, rhett & link using slang kills me it’s so funny

  11. kthekid says:

    !you guys should play genie prediction cards: third wish edition its
    popular south of the equator

    and it’s time to spin the wheel of mythsincaluto!

  12. SabrinaKristina1 says:

    I fixed the title for you “Slang (that’s been around for years that
    ‘mainstream people’ are starting to use) you should know”

  13. Lynnsey Hale says:

    HIGH KEY FINNA BINGE WATCH GMM. But my wifi keeps cutting out >~< gmt!!1!

  14. Evan Gutierrez says:

    Finna is old though

  15. Patrick Clark says:

    There’s a difference between slang, misnomer, and mispronunciation. “Finna”
    is a mispronunciation, not slang.

  16. Shavi Sikaria says:

    Gretchen: “That is so fetch!”

    Regina: “Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It’s not going to

  17. Erin Aulfinger says:

    going in highly critical because the word finna is on the thumbnail and
    I’ve been hearing that my entire life.

  18. A Couple Of Goddesses says:

    I wanted AF to be on here. Is AF to old and played out? Because I’m still
    saying it? ??

  19. tigerlove525 says:

    I’ve never heard GMT. Y’all aren’t looking on the FBI slang list again are
    ya? XD

  20. Yung Gud says:

    I’m white and I live in the suburbs and I’ve been using these words for