NEW Stimulus Package in Congress: $2,000 Per Month! [Details]

NEW Stimulus Package in Congress: $2,000 Per Month! [Details]

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House Representatives today introduced a new stimulus bill called the Emergency Money for the People Act. This plan, if implement, would release monthly stimulus to all Americans at least 16-years old as of January 1, 2020. The stimulus amount would be $2,000 for anyone 16 years or older which now solves the college-student loophole in the Cares act and the senior dependent issue as both would now qualify. It’s not clear if those who are NOT residents or citizens would qualify (e.g. those with ITEN numbers). A married couple filing jointly with 1 or 2 children should expect $4,500 per month. A Married couple filing jointly with no children would expect $4,000 per month. A single person should expect $2,000 per month. A married couple filing jointly with 3 or more children should expect $5,500 per month. IF approved payments are to be made within 14 days of the act passing with a new toll-free number and option for Zelle, Paypal, and Venmo deposits. In addition the Emergency Money for the People Act suggests that this money will NOT be taxable. Income limits / phase outs begin at $130,000 for individuals and $260,000 for couples filing jointly.

This bill has not yet been passed and there may be many modifications to this. However I recommend following it closely. It’s the Emergency Money for the People Act.

Is the the second round of stimulus payments? Possibly. Congress is currently fighting and debating an additional $250 billion to support small businesses via programs like the Paycheck Protection Program, HOWEVER this Emergency Money for the People Act (EMPA) is SEPARATE from that fight and we might see many more checks coming our way signed by Donald Trump.

Unemployed people would be eligible for this second round of stimulus.

2019 tax-returns would be used to determine your eligibility unless you haven’t filed, then 2018 would be used or your social security information.

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112 Responses

  1. Meet Kevin says:

    Keep the Discussion Going and Join my Discord Channel (Free / Public Chat about Stimulus, real estate, etc.): 📬 Discord📬

    • Carissa Holmes says:

      Will people on SSI get this if it does pass

    • lori lair says:

      1200 is a tax liability against 2020 tax. Loan. Middle class shafted again
      Why is no tax guy talking about this!

    • lori lair says:


    • Osmon Frances says:


    • Jay Hig says:

      Meet Kevin Hi Kevin, hope all is great! I have a question, what can I do if my tenant is not paying rent due to not working because of Covid19 although I seen them leaving at the same time as before when they worked? Is there something I can have them sign because they are not paying rent or anything else to protect me, etc? Thank you

  2. Jonathan Chavez says:

    Guess it’s time to embrace minimalism ten-fold and use this free money wisely, be it building an emergency fund, paying off debt, or investing carefully!

  3. Bob Alexander says:

    sounds like a trial run for “universal income”

    • Richelle B The PartlyNormal LMT says:

      Or hyperinflation. Look for a loaf of bread or roll of toilet paper being able to buy a bag of gold…lol

    • Saved By Grace says:

      @**S P Y ** Amen..

    • Saved By Grace says:

      @Cody K May God bless you……

    • Tori Temple says:

      Depression level unemployment…. 5 million more new employment claims reported today

    • KW II says:

      @**S P Y ** this is exactly what it is. If people are desperate enough they will accept the mark. People only care about instant gratification and don’t look at the long term possibilities. This would definitely make ppl depend on the government more. Many people stay in the projects and reject raises just to stay qualified for welfare. This kind of places us all on welfare in a way or at least a welfare mind state. We have to trust in Christ alone.

  4. James Moore says:

    How in the hell are we gonna be able to afford milk?!?!

  5. Jason Brand says:

    The last of the printed money before changing to digital currency.

  6. conchetta langon says:

    If it passes I’m paying off my student loans🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Austin Mitchell says:

      Haha if you did some educated research most folks leave college with be no available jobs. They are either outsourced and moved to other countries. The reality hurts a lot of people got sucked by the colleges. So not a native statements it is a fact! Do you’re research and stop with the buyer’s remorse. Some people might of gotten lucky my wife sure as got fucked with the student loans. She can make more at freaken chick fil a. A degree guarantees you nothing anymore with he exception of maybe the medical field or knowing someone who knows someone. That is reality and it hurts.

    • Christine P. says:

      Get if girl! That’s a fantastic idea

    • JoeGator23 says:

      @Marybeth Langendorf Well then, I wish they would refund me the money that I worked hard for to pay tuition. Why should you get off free when the rest of us suffered and did without to pay for school?

    • outcast566 says:

      @bronx bully Man I had the college experience for free. It’s call Job Corps. Lol

    • Jordan says:

      @bronx bully You should look into the numbers on how many people actually get those loans forgiven:

  7. Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant says:


  8. Walternate says:

    Gunna be $20 for a loaf a bread soon with all the inflation coming our way. Gotta invest in bread.

    • Jaime Warlock says:

      Then buy some flour and bake your own bread.

    • Dyana S says:

      Solenya It’s called inflation.

    • Shurmash says:

      Money is fake and inflation is a lie created by the wealthy. When they need money for something “inflation” isn’t even mentioned. When the people need money all of a sudden it’s “we’ll bankrupt the country”. They can always find money for bombs and missiles. Pay the damn people and stop giving handouts to countries that don’t give a damn about us.

    • karma's a bitch says:

      Walternate invest in bread? At this rate you’re better off starting to grow what you need to make your own bread.

    • outcast566 says:

      @Steven horsefield Ride a bike.

  9. Jase Tyler says:

    Man. Imagine if they had just gotten right the 1st time around. They could’ve given each American around 18,000 and been done with it

    • Rachael futch says:

      Jase Tyler this would be a more economic sustaining solution. A more realistic one time payment

    • A Paid NASA Shill says:

      You guys all realize there’s no such thing as “free” money, and this is all coming in the form of debt backed currency from the fed?

      It’s taxation of the unborn… People complain that the boomers, yet the same people are willing to steal from future generations when the money goes in their own pockets.

    • Rachael futch says:

      A Paid NASA Shill yes this is an advance on next years taxes

    • outcast566 says:

      All the boats and hoes I could buy.

    • Carlito T says:


  10. jalabi99 says:

    Senate: “There’s no way we can afford to give our constituents $2000 every month for six months.”

    also Senate: “Hey there, military contractors?”
    _(backs up Brinks truck and pours money out on them)_

  11. S L says:

    Get a grip this is going to bankrupt this nation, the debt is going to get passed onto you and your kids, great grand kids,great great grand kids.

    • M Gray says:

      YEA SERIOUSLY!!!!! because ppl are getting 5/6 grand a month especially counting kids and they would normally probably only make $2,000 a month depending what state you live. This is gonna be a nightmare in the future!! That’s y I emptied out my retirement lol WE ARE DOOMED EITHER WAY LMAOOO

    • A Paid NASA Shill says:

      @M Gray Yeah… I love my country, but then I hear people say shit like “free money”. Or that we need “life saving” sex changes should be essential. And it makes me think this country isn’t going to work out…

    • Marie Cameau says:

      That what the demonrats want distroy this country people Wake up

    • onenite2nite says:

      the Corp too tax cut was doing that anyway

    • Subtle Beast says:

      S L Fuck the nation. It has been bankrupting people since the day currency began.

  12. Moni Love says:

    While I’m hearing this, I’m thinking, “What’s the catch?” Something doesn’t seem right about this. 🤔🤔

    • CAPCOM784 says:

      @Moni Love If it did ever get that bad I would move out of the United States.

    • CAPCOM784 says:

      @adr3naline23 I like the sound of that the rich actually giving back to the poor.🙂

    • Julio Hernandez says:

      @Emdot576 This is maybe, just maybe our only silver lining. Since the dollar is the reserve currency abroad to prevent a possible hyperinflation.

    • LiT TV says:

      The money they are giving us is just a drop in the bucket compared to what they make

    • Jaime Warlock says:

      @v4vendetta37 Look at how much money is being printed and wasted every year and the resulting inflation from that. Now figure out the % increase in new money needed for the UBI and you can calculate the new inflation rate. I can’t go into all the math and details here, but check out UBI on the Reddit forums. UBI is very affordable.

  13. D H says:

    Put that **** in savings because a gallon of milk is about to cost $9.

    • Shurmash says:

      Inflation is a lie created by the wealthy. When they need an infusion of cash inflation isn’t even mentioned. When the people need money all of a sudden it’s “inflation will ruin us”. The entire system is a giant Ponzi scheme. Take what you can get.

    • Faethe says:

      A gallon of milk is already $7 where I live. Bring it on.

    • Golden Lionheart says:

      @Chrystal Lee anything that cheap is not food. Its GMO and Steroids mixed with fluoride water etc. Real milk is Organic, Grass feed, Non GMO, etc. And its like 10 dollars for less than a gallon even today.

    • Brian Mullins says:

      .67 cents a gallon in Louisville ky now

    • Ukrainum's World says:

      $9? You are being so positive. Most amateur financialist and people who infest the YouTube comments section worse than crabs on a $10 crack whore say that we’re going to be paying at least $30 for milk. And $50 for bread 😱😱😱.

  14. Honeycomblife says:

    This feels very vaccine certification & fema camp to me. Why is this happening in my lifetime. They have seen how easy the people are to control with news media.

    • Violated Gerber Baby says:

      You are all drama queens.

    • Faethe says:

      WTF are you even talking about?

    • ProfessorPacks says:

      If they were gonna round us up and put us in camps they most certainly wouldn’t give us money first lol relax people

    • laszlo tassy says:

      I know it’s hard but we were chosen to live at this time, be brave.

    • Tony Aquino says:

      Its a scheme the evil politicians want to corrupt our youth with bribes. Read the fine print. Taxes and surcharges will be added. Where is that money coming from ? Child labor from china? Pedophiles who selll children? The government didnt even have money to help the adult people before all of the corona bull shit but now they got money to give every 16 year old. I am a parent i would not allow my child to receive $2000 every month and not even working for it. What values does that teaches our children. Soliciting to minors its sickening. The politicians should be arrested for enticing our youth and insulting our family values. Nothing is for free we the poor people have paid the price for the rich crooked politicians for decades now they want to give money away. God sees all your lies.

  15. barbara Walker says:

    I’ll beleive it when it’s in my hands way to good to be true.But their right 1,200 is not enough.

    • A Paid NASA Shill says:

      There’s no such thing as “free” money. You’re just passing the burden onto future generations.

      At some point tough decisions have to be made. The strong should get back to work, and take precautions. Pull together to help those in need with actual funds… And if grandma just needs to accept that leaving quarantine might mean meeting Jesus.

    • Bar and Bell Home Fitness says:

      @A Paid NASA Shill I’m happy YOUR grandma (or insert named love one) is ready to meet Jesus after someone else who got back to work unknowingly infected your loved one with corona while serving them. I’m sure your loved one doesn’t mind dying early either as this is NOT just an elderly disease. Perhaps you shouldn’t volunteer the elderly and others to die on your behalf of economic recovery. They might have a differing opinion.

    • My Corona says:

      Spaghetti Monster’s judging your life choices wrong. I found a bunch of sources explaining just what that language in the bill means. Here’s one:

    • SolNative says:

      barbara Walker it’s enough for me and I live by myself with owning the house I live in. Learn to manage your money better.

    • SolNative says:

      How the hell are we going to afford this? Inflation with go straight through Hillary’s glass ceiling she couldn’t shatter.

  16. Trendamatic says:

    The fed just handing out Benjamins like those dudes at the Vegas strip handing out escort flyers. At this rate a pack of condoms will cost 1 grand!

    • John Yang says:

      And they thought Andrew yang was crazy. Lol

    • Luis Echevarria says:

      That’s not how it works. We probably will pay it off with our taxes over time. The next generation will probably pay for large portion of it.

    • A Paid NASA Shill says:

      @Luis Echevarria That’s just delusional… Why do you think the national debt is consistently rising? Taxpayers won’t make a dent in this.
      Not to mention, that is exactly how it works. “free” money devalues the currency.

    • Luis Echevarria says:

      @A Paid NASA Shill what do you mean taxpayers won’t make a dent? What do you think our taxes go towards? A portion of our taxes go toward the national debt. Now the government can either reallocate where our current taxes go or they can raise taxes, if they do neither than yeah inflation can get worse. Britain just finished paying of WWII debts like in 2010. So yeah, this isn’t free money. Eventually we will have to pay for all of this. I’m not delusional, you’re just yelling out platitudes, parroted by uninformed masses.

  17. Anvar Rakhmatov says:

    Hyperinflation: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

  18. Leo Ferreira says:

    the level of inflation that this would cause would be absolutely crazy!

  19. Sky Robin says:

    When you’re an essential employee and work overtime and still get stimulated *I’m rich bitch*

  20. Master King Lee says:

    I haven’t even received my first stimulus check yet!

    *WTF* ???!!!

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