New to Netflix US | August | Netflix

New to Netflix US | August | Netflix


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New to Netflix US | August | Netflix

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20 Responses

  1. Dr.Canadian says:

    add fucking goodfellas

  2. Dr.Canadian says:


  3. LeoColotti says:

    What about Season 7B of Pretty Little Liars? it was supposed to be available on July 20th

  4. FatalAlejandro G says:

    Only thing even worth watching on here is The Defenders

  5. ElMenQueCMamo says:


  6. TheWizardofSolazz says:

    wow, this month sucks

  7. MMatta says:

    For the love of God give me RICK AND MORTY!!!! PLZ

  8. Vinny Corridoni says:

    …..this a joke?

  9. Ash Lee Animations says:

    I was honestly only excited for Voltron SEASON 3!!!!!! Hell yeah!!!

  10. Mikenkanikal says:

    The Good Place! Now people have no excuse to skip out this great show.

  11. otis cunningham says:

    Voltron, defenders, and death note. Lets gooooo!!!!!!

  12. sy9s says:

    Why’d you take off psych tho

  13. Greninja&Co says:

    Why Netflix why are you removing young justice and justice league.

  14. Elora Maxwell says:

    Trash… trash… More trash…….. Extreme trash…. OOOOO DEFENDERS! Trash… garbage… more trash… Garbage…. Trash….

  15. Proro says:

    So we got Defenders and maybe bad death note?

  16. Slade Wilson says:

    Please freaking add batman animated series

  17. Charlieplaysmc says:

    They’ll add the pony shit, but not Goodfellas? What a joke.

  18. Adam Quintana says:

    I like the song more than those titles.

  19. Zappee says:

    Better not fuck up Death Note

  20. Con Mars says:

    Why is the music a remix of Ezio’s theme from AC II?

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