New Top Gear Series Trailer! – Top Gear

New Top Gear Series Trailer! – Top Gear

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you the first teaser trailer from the new series of Top Gear.

In it, you will find a roster of some of the world’s finest driving machinery, from the McLaren 675 LT and Ferrari’s F12 Tdf, right through to things like the Ariel Nomad. There’s also, um, a pair of Reliant 3 wheelers driving from London to Blackpool. One of them under its own steam, too…

But there is also much drifting, lots of tyre smoke, and Chris Evans having a little moment following a track session with Sabine Schmitz in California. All we can say is strawberries.

We’ll bring you more before the new series kicks off in May, but for now, sit back, turn it up and watch the new trailer. Note: includes an 820bhp Aston Vulcan at Yas Marina. At night. Doing donuts.

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20 Responses

  1. Alisha Imy says:

    This is gonna be crap no one can replace James Richard and jermey

  2. Brendan says:

    Refresh and watch the Like/Dislike bar! comical.

  3. RagerGamer345 AW3S0M3 345 says:

    Hahahahaa this is a joke! Amazon Prime Time!!!!!

  4. thechewsthatooze says:

    Urgh the cringe -_- how was “strawberries”, leBlanc sneezing, leBlanc
    giving about as much emotion as a frying pan, and Chris Evans being sick
    (which probably didn’t happen, but was staged because vomiting is “funny”)
    going to make people enjoy this?

  5. fuiers says:

    I´m a simple man. I see fast cars and thats about it. I press like. Life
    goes on. Get over it.

  6. GM Films says:

    haha..all these dislikes

  7. Nick Regier says:

    Maybe the show will just end after the first couple of episodes because it
    will get lower ratings then any other tv show ever

  8. RakinSkillzHD says:

    I miss the old top gear!!!

  9. jaboy150 says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Matt LeWanker is a smug prick

  10. TheLordWillis says:

    Don’t know why everyone is so upset. We’re getting the normal Top Gear crew
    back in the form of a new series, AND we get a new show centred around
    cars. What’s not to like here?

  11. xXBlitzer says:

    Top Gear – Ruined. I will NOT be watching this new series

  12. Pritchplayz says:


  13. craazy2 says:

    this looks great, you guys just chat shit, stop hating

  14. Nestor Luna says:

    Joey tribbiani???

  15. MarioDragon says:

    Love this trailer, makes me even more excited for the Amazon one

  16. Armando Scarponi says:

    should be online too. I’m brazilian and dont have BBC on TV, so if you drop
    in the BBC website people all of world could watch it too.

  17. Alex Smith says:


  18. zombiesolutions95 says:

    I am sad I can only dislike once.

  19. Francis Imperio says:

    screw this I’m buying amazon tv. not the same without the three stooges

  20. zhbroder says:

    the bbc just couldn’t make fun of itslef – the only path to redemption. wow
    another car vs jet race? except this time its a car meant for the track?
    wow staged humor? smash that dislike button.. like the other twenty
    thousand people.