NEW Unused Content in Cuphead DLC | LOST BITS [TetraBitGaming]

NEW Unused Content in Cuphead DLC | LOST BITS [TetraBitGaming]

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So, after years of waiting, the Cuphead Delicious Last Course DLC is FINALLY released! And honestly, I think it’s great! Although there isn’t as much cool stuff kicking around unused as we saw in the original release, there are still various interesting things hidden in the games code that point to some unused content that still very well may be added in the future! Anyways, I really hope you enjoy this video!

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Main Sources:
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0:00 – Intro
0:46 – Unused Boss Attacks/Phases
5:31 – Pre-DLC Unused Graphics
8:40 – Early Stage names
9:37 – Unused Text
10:23 – Unused NPC mechanics
11:59 – DLC Unused Boss Phases
13:46 – King’s Leap Stuff
15:52 – Unused Tower of Power
17:34 – Unused Arcade Level
19:41 – Unused Weapons & Charms
22:12 – Unused DLC NPCs
23:09 – DLC Unused Graphics
23:46 – Unused Boss Flowers
24:31 – Debug Menu

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46 Responses

  1. TetraBitGaming says:

    Best new boss in the DLC??

  2. Swampdonkey says:

    Personally, I think it’s appropriate that the King doesn’t have his own boss fight, as he is technically the weakest piece in chess. The Queen was definitely the best possible pick for the final boss here.

  3. EnterJester says:

    Amazing job you did on finding all of it and understanding how it would looks like and show this to us. This seems like very difficult thing to do!

  4. SaltyMusic says:

    Some things he didnt mention:

    -You can still access the arc and exploder weapon in the debug menu
    -The exploder’s sprite was changed to bullets, similar to the ones shot from the little minions in the hilda berg fight.

  5. Tem4ikFail _ says:

    I have noticed an interesting piece of “found bits” I’ve seen no one talk about.

    The assets of phase 2 of the Devil are labeled as phase 3 in the code, assets for phase 3 are phase 4, etc. Obviously, the “real” phase 2 of the Devil was scrapped. (Important note: Demon bat is NOT that phase. Proven by the code, that was a completely different boss fight.) There was also found what is presumed to be an image of that phase. The Devil is seen standing a little farther away from the screen than in the in-game phase 2, with his hands drawn out like he is holding something.

    Now, let’s look at the secret Angel and Demon boss fight from the DLC. In the background stands the skeleton of the devil, just like in that image. And if you look closely, the platform cuphead stands on in this fight is actualy held by the skeleton hands of the devil, in the same fashion as in that image! Also, the music that plays in this fight is a remix of music that plays in phase 1 of the Devil fight.

    Unfortunaly, I can’t link the image. If I do, youtube will delete my comment. I think searching “Cuphead unused animations” or something like that should videos with this image. It’s probably on the wiki, too.

    Edit: Yep, it is on the wiki. The image is titled “Unused 2nd phase intro sprite”.

  6. OtakuUnitedStudio says:

    The whole fight in Clipjoint Calamity is a bunch of references to Street Fighter. The three you see – _Snake,_ Tiger, and Bull – are supposed to represent Vega, M. Bison, and Balrog respectively (in the English version, anyway). The devil is likely supposed to be Akuma. Ribby and Croaks themselves are based on Ryu and Ken.

    Edit: I had them out of order anyway, I am dumb.

  7. Otamatone king says:

    It’s so nice to listen to tetrabit finally talk about the delicious last course after 4 years and give us some new lost bits. LOL

  8. Pudgy Wudge says:

    15:14 I kind of actually like that they didn’t have the king fight because in chess, the way you win is to checkmate the king since its technically the highest power (though its not actually the most useful one in attacks, Id say the Queen is the most powerful) since it kind of gives the notion that although they’re called the king, they arent very powerful or strong in attacks

  9. OneDashOner says:

    I just found an op glitch. On the saltbaker boss, equip the astral cookie then fight him. Then die, and equip another charm. You’ll still become Chalice but also use the charm that you equipped

  10. KingYote says:

    Man, Mugman is 100% the Luigi to Cuphead’s Mario. He can’t catch a break.

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