New Version Special Program | Genshin Impact

New Version Special Program | Genshin Impact

Dear Travelers,

The Genshin Impact Preview will be released on this channel on July 9 at 12:00 PM (UTC-4)

During the program, Dawei (Co-Founder of miHoYo) and the Dev team will share their insight on the anticipated content in the new version. Look out for the redemption code drop in the livestream. Follow us now to get the most up to date information! See you all there, Travelers!

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59 Responses

  1. LukeK says:

    Poor Aether, he just wants to find his sister and now he’s going to war

  2. Gacha Gamer says:

    They built a fricking stage set for Inazuma just so they could have some tea casually. Absolute madlads.

  3. iiDanixi says:

    The Chat was horrible today i feel so bad for you mihoyo, I felt people were just taking advangte of Mihoyo free primo codes, and spammign fake codes, talking about reruns about banner we were already put twice, and not ppriecating what Mihoyo has gave us, WERE SORRY MIHOYO!, BEST GAME EVER!

    • SherryMim says:

      @Dyno Ch. (well still getting vtuber gear) Can you give me some popcorn? 🙂🥤

    • Elizabeth Nehmzow says:

      It was a shame for what happened in chat today, there were a lot of rude comments for something that has been hyped and hinted at for several months now. And Mihoyo the company, was kind enough to supply a gorgeous stream to help showcase and let fans of the game anticipate the new update. I I agree with this comment whole heatedly- I feel bad for the company (no matter how large it is ) that talked eagerly throughout the whole stream about what inspires them and the players of the game as well to help make such great content. Overall coming out of this event I hope the fanbase and others can come to look over their actions and try to see the effort, time, consideration, and most of respect and effort that comes into not only making such a large free to play game on this scale- and the streams to update the viewers as well. No matter the cultural/language gap, or the fact Genshin is a gacha game etc. I hope Mihoyo can still see the good in the fanbase and those who enjoy the game despite the events that enfolded in the chat.

    • Hi! says:

      @Pioneer Shark Genshin is the worst game that has ever existed. The developers are lazy af.

    • Pumpkin Horns says:

      @Elizabeth Nehmzow you’ve won my respect <3

    • Kurumii says:

      @Hi! The developers arent lazy .What about you make your own genshin game and make all the regions .Then look how hard doing all of that is.

  4. Debsie Catsie Gaming says:

    Can we acknowledge that Genshin would not be Genshin without Yu-Peng Chen’s music?? Like holy cow he’s talented

  5. Mythed says:

    Can we just appreciate Dawei’s neck because he had to nod along to everything everyone said. I hope he hasn’t got neck cramp after filming this xD

  6. Ari Poo says:

    as a person whos not only extremely interested in the lore but also with how developing a game works behind the scenes, im extremely grateful that the people who made all this came and talked. not everything has to be entertaining sometimes things can just be informative, its not bad to learn how busnesses like these work after all. also the ones complaining about subtitles… just racist thats all im gonna say.

    • Hop With Us says:

      fr omfg some genshin fans are so ungrateful :/

    • Hakun069 says:

      as a person who interested in game developing, im so excited to see the dev explaining all the new aspect. and then some deadass genshin fans are complainig unnecessary thing, this is why genshin fandom is the worst

    • CommentBot says:

      Complaining about subtitles was dumb but that doesn’t make them racist unless I’m missing something where they insult the language/people. They just wanted a dub version

    • Bnha For Life says:

      I really was interested with how they make some aspects of the game, I am also super hyped for the new region, new characters, new enemies, and more

    • BloodyPhoenix says:

      The thing is, most foreign game companies do an english voice over when they do programs like these. I think people were mad that a money grabbing company like mihoyo couldn’t even invest in a voice over.

  7. Raydark says:

    This game is truly a beauty and it’s a shame more people don’t appreciate it. Hearing the music and having the scenery around you makes it feel like you’re being transported to this world. The craftsmanship that goes though this production is unbelievable. Thank you Mihoyo and EVERY single person who works on this team to make this game happen ♥️

    • Selena B says:

      this is why I always act like a mihoyo boot locker (when it makes sense obviously, I never defend their faults entirely) I hate seeing all the people incapable of understanding the artistic value of this game and how this shot normally wouldn’t come to being because it’s a HUGE risk and major investment. Imagine if it failed. They made it happen and we can play it….. for free.

      Basically everyone has faults but I hate seeing dumb troll comments lmao.

    • Kiel 19 says:

      It would make sense since the game is still technically in beta/early access

    • Faiz Azman 2071 says:

      u know I play American server at other game but whenever I bring this game up they just straight said “wow you pedos! who even like to play genxshet impact a$$cheap game?” I was like wow wtf this people from American sigh…

    • DamCore says:

      Damn how come people are critizising a game, that was build soley to make people addicted to it, through the most blant and most obvious mechanics, like the daily login system. And how come people dont enjoy a game, that is actively trying to make people stop playing the game through a stamina system? And how could it be, that people dislike the community, since all they can say to defend the critizism is “its just a gacha game” or “its f2p, you cant critizise it”.

      I wonder why people would dislike that

    • Exotic E butter says:

      I agreee

  8. Zek Tu says:

    “The scenery is going to be gorgeous” me looking at my phone that barely load grass

  9. Kira Kotobuki says:

    Most of the people here: *talking about how bad the live chat was*

    Me: *trying to figure out who Gorou and Tohma’s VAs are-*

  10. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Best way to enjoy these streams to the fullest: hide chat

    • smook says:

      @Arkaizi man it makes me sad on how they act and how they think that beating mihoyo in terms of leaking is superior, What I mean is alot of people were proud when they leaked the entire inazuma stuff to beat mihoyos “Sayu/Yoimiya and Ayaka leak”

    • CarmelWolf129 says:

      orrr watch it live on twitch. honestly the twitch chat was so supportive and kind. at the end everyone was spamming “THANK YOU MIHOYO” for about 15 minutes, and well after the stream ended. it was so wholesome to see <3 people were very excited and grateful!

    • Isagani says:

      @Arkaizi I saw some disrespectful comments anout the creative director xiao when ge was talking like “He’s had too many sweet madames”

    • Hime Chan says:

      I hid the chat lol

    • Yukinomo says:

      agreed, live chat ruins the experience smh

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