New video of Hurricane Florence’s massive eyewall

New video of Hurricane Florence’s massive eyewall

With a Category 4 hurricane rapidly approaching and weather officials issuing a hurricane warning for more than 300 miles of coastline, more than 1 million people faced a choice Tuesday: stay home and take their chances with the storm, or compete with heavy traffic to drive inland.

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  1. Xuratical says:

    Guys we need to pray for them and their families! But if you have the chance to evacuate. PLEASE DO SO NOWWW (Sorry to yell) …

    • tirpitz19 says:

      Pray for what and to whom ?!

    • Nelson Murillo says:


    • Nelson Murillo says:

      Nah dude save your money. Save up to go watch Venom and get yourself a nice steak

    • Sion The Undead Juggernaut says:

      iSolvano Lol that’s kinda true to be honest. And this is only the beggining. Natural disasters will occur in other countries too (like the fire in my country, Greece), but America is gonna get obliterated. It’s because of people’s disobedience to God’s commandments. America has strayed away from God way too much, even though it was a country where christianity had spread significantly. Now Americans will have to face God’s wrath. Only His children will be saved.

    • Mario Lopez says:

      As if God exists

  2. trey miller says:

    god bless north Carolina

  3. 1-Minute Medical Terminology says:

    “Something wicked this way comes”. What a sight.

  4. Blue says:

    I hear thunder and lightning, wish me luck I’m in North Carolina Charlotte

  5. trey miller says:

    what about all the cats and dogs who r homeless😱😱😱😱😱😱😩😩😭😭

  6. PREPFORIT says:

    This is REAL NEWS from CNN
    trumptards !

  7. joe Schlotthauer says:

    Hopefully not another New Orleans

  8. CR RC says:

    To the folks who live right next to the coast refusing to evacuate because they think God will protect them from an act of God…. R.I.P

  9. Religionisafantasybelief Cross says:

    I hope nobody dies and homes can be withstand the damage

  10. Supreme Love Master says:

    Hope people take this seriously. Florence is no joke…

  11. Supreme Love Master says:


  12. Bud Askins says:

    Love the graphic of the hurricane being launched like a “missile” from West Africa on course to devastate the Southern region of the US…Anyone see the irony here??? Payback perhaps???

  13. Bud Askins says:

    Taking bets on how long it takes Trump to fly down to the region & start shooting baskets with rolls of paper towels…

  14. jobanh7ify says:

    If you can,evacuate the area…if not,take refuge in a strong building. Your house,car and property are replaceable…your life is not.

  15. David V says:

    The overhead shot of the eye is pretty mesmerizing.

  16. Mary Pagano says:


  17. Kristine L says:

    Don’t worry folks ….Trump will toss you paper towels

  18. Ron Greene says:

    There’s going to be a lot of tremendous wetness coming. Probably the most wetness we have ever seen in history.

  19. Kyle Matthews 282 says:

    Me and my family have no where to go the hotel we were gonna stay at closed due to the weather we live in a double wide mobile home we have to brave out this storm on the east coast please put us in your prayers we need all we can get

    • Rita Hammitt says:

      Here in East Tennessee Bristol Motorspeedway is opening campgrounds for people fleeing the storm. Also churches and other places are opening up to help. Can you get here?

    • Richard Beyer says:

      No god is going to save you, and praying does nothing. Keep believing in it if you must but please drop it and live in the real world just for one week and save yourself.

    • Maxerns says:

      I wouldn’t risk it. Go farther out and find a hotel or just sleep in your car in the worst case scenario. Find a shelter dude

    • Brenda Strickland says:

      Now that’s awesome! Sharing God’s heart and loving people!

    • Brian O'Neill says:

      I am praying for you. I am in S. Central VA right next to the NC Border & the storm map showed my area as RED for flooding & rain. We have the Dan River in Danville, but I am 13 miles from there in the country. I am by myself in a SINGLE-wide mobile home & my husband is in a State Penitentiary in VA. I have no relatives nearer than PA—a 12 hour drive away. I have a dog & cat. If flooding starts I will loose the dog, because I can’t afford to kennel him. Pray for me too. I took authority over this storm in Jesus’ Name and sent it out to sea, but His will be done. My home sits in a small valley. I walk with a cane because of my knees. Help, Lord!

  20. RetroWeld says:

    Florence is a Machine

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