New video shows Minneapolis police arrest of George Floyd before death

New video shows Minneapolis police arrest of George Floyd before death

Four white officers involved in the death of George Floyd have been fired from the Minneapolis Police Department, but Mayor Jacob Frey is saying that one of the officers should be arrested for pressing his knee on Floyd’s neck. Jeff Pegues reports.

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77 Responses

  1. Mario Muccino says:


    • FREE RADIO says:

      @The Bassman Some day it may not be today or tomorrow but Youtube’s back-end data will leak and when that day comes you will be exposed for what you really are. A closet racist whos too much of a coward to confront people in real life but you feel powerful behind the keyboard, Your time will come; Don’t worry.

    • Killerbrandt says:

      How is he talking if he can’t breath? Also, how many times do criminals lie when taken down?

    • Killerbrandt says:

      @FREE RADIO Shut up

    • Tiny Tïny says:

      Killerbrandt if he could’ve breath he most definitely would’ve still been alive today

    • Tyler Durden says:

      Every joggers arrested says I can’t breath or my back. Joggers shouldn’t even be In Minneapolis anyway. Settled and built all by white people!

  2. Taryn Sauce says:

    Why did his last words have to be” I can’t breathe”. These officers make me sick. As a black woman I want things to change. We shouldn’t have to deal with this. Nobody should.

    • Luis T. says:

      Taryn Sauce looting, stealing, and terrorizing is quite the way to “change” things

    • The Daily Rage says:


    • Viceroy Bear says:

      @Carrot Boy keep in mind you will never see video of white people being abused by police officers, it doesn’t fit the narrative the more extreme the Gap people think there exists the easier it is to keep control of everyone.

    • Crown royal says:

      Carrot Boy your parents should have used protection, damn they were stupid

    • TheForeskinVampire,Slayer! says:

      that should be their last words as well…..
      executed tonight or tomorrow….thats real justice…..this farce called the justice system is a joke…. & needs to be crushed.

  3. Isaías Gomez says:

    And he has his hands on his pockets??? That officer have to pay

    • Chloe Raw says:

      Liam for what? I literally didn’t even do anything.

    • Joaquin Lomeli says:

      And the only thing that happens to the cop is he gets fired, no jail time or charged nothing.

    • Michael Collins says:

      @Chloe Raw i don’t think the other three officers should be killed, the 4th cop tho definitely murdered George and should be deemed worthy of the chair.

    • Ian Dominic Ramos says:

      @Chloe Raw yasss, torure them to death, waterboard them both

    • Chloe Raw says:

      Michael Collins I agree but the other cops just stood there watching. They are pretty much murders too

  4. Outdoor Entertainment says:

    It’s sad that things like this will never end. Smh

  5. The USSR's Atomic Bomb says:

    I just heard about this, and one lyric in particular comes to mind. “Some of those that work forces…Are the same that burn crosses.”

  6. Nate Van Camp says:

    He was in cuffs and that mf still smashed his throat into the pavement..

  7. David Jenkins says:

    Forget jail that officer needs to have a death sentence

  8. TripGuerrilla says:

    The clip of him choking will forever haunt me. RIP GF. Hope you in a much better, less evil place.

  9. Viktoria Motrunch says:

    He killed him. He knew what he was doing. He’s needs to be sentenced for life.

    • TRUTH says:

      No to DEATH

    • bandith Hans says:

      It should be an execution for dirty cops. Especially its on video.

    • Frido Iten says:

      @Marcus Bowman life imprisonment as a cop is worse than death row. it’ll be more painful. deserved

    • Antwan Jean says:

      Cnut The Grape actually this could work studies shows a miserable sad lonely life usually leads to things like depression mental illness and suicide this is exactly what they should do keep him in a place with very little communication and no entertainment for the rest of his life he’ll wish he was dead 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Antwan Jean says:

      Mental pain is probably the worse pain someone can inflict on someone else

  10. ali a says:


  11. FOX News is 100% fake news says:

    Derek Chauvin is a murderer. Pass it on.

  12. Weatherman MilSim says:

    anyone else notice that after Floyd said “i can’t breathe” the “officer” pressed down harder? if you need a reference 00:45

  13. Justin Justice says:


    Before he murdered George Floyd, the racist pig was the recipient of 18 official racism-related citizen complaints plus 37 informal ones, ALL of which were deemed unfounded.

    • Alex Walker says:

      @Menelvagore IT’S fake. That was not the officer but some guy that was recently released from prison.

    • Deidra Frazier says:

      It’s so obvious those monsters were full of a wickedness that is ESTABLISHED and repeated. It looked like protocol. They’ve BEEN doing this. But we already know this.
      All you racists. We see you. You better sit on your hands, sit down, and shut your demonic mouths.

    • Carrot Boy says:

      All the Trump supporters saying there is no race problem in America

    • Deidra Frazier says:

      @Carrot Boy Of course they are. A dying fly, laying on his wings, still kick their little legs in protest because they wouldn’t stop bothering somebody. They’re persistent and bothersome about it.

    • Viceroy Bear says:

      @Deidra Frazierhow come you only see dog attacks involve pitbulls

  14. JustKeepItAnonymous says:

    R.I.P George Floyd may God carry you to a safer place filled with love and care.

  15. Ayak Uchiha says:

    i don’t even cry that easily but this had me cry so hard.

  16. Chekesh One says:

    The officers will soon be found not guilty. We need a ‘punisher.’

    • Kwisclub TA says:

      Nah, he’ll be charged and convicted. Just watch. George Floyd ain’t Michael Brown.

    • fmthebaron says:

      Some Charles Bronson Vigilante Justice!

    • Ilias El says:

      Then the riots and protests will get much much worse believe me.

    • Krawna says:

      Video evidence is solid this time. And there are TONs of angles. I feel confident he’ll go to prison.
      Riot and arson all you want if the cop isnt jailed. But until the verdict please be patient, and protest peacefully

    • TheForeskinVampire,Slayer! says:

      exactly…..every city needs one….or 25 or 1000

  17. Freddy spurs cowboys says:

    That man is evil. George floyd begged for his life. And he kneed harder. That’s what psychos do.

  18. ItsAl124 ! says:

    Floyd was begging politely for air, the officer didn’t budge once.

  19. Jorge Lopez says:

    The officer should die the same way he killed George Floyd.

  20. The Shlapmiester says:

    He wasn’t an unarmed black man.. He was an Unarmed Man.

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