New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square ushers in 2019 in U.S.

New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square ushers in 2019 in U.S.

Throngs of soggy revelers greeted 2019 after a rainy night in New York City’s Times Square. Fireworks and the drop of a sparkling crystal ball marked the start of the new year in the eastern U.S. Many of the people in and around the square spent nearly half the day in the chilly rain waiting for the ball drop.

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78 Responses

  1. Teshay Woods says:

    Happy New Years

  2. anandguruji83 says:


  3. 2ProudRavenclaws says:

    Oof it’s still 2018 where I am

  4. Anthony the App Guy says:

    I can’t wait to watch those videos from people who recorded it.

  5. ThiccPotato says:

    Happy New Years to all you beautiful people

  6. Thomas Chin says:

    Come on, you really couldn’t afford a lens shade to cover the lens from the rain…or even a baggy would have worked…what lousy images this year… might as well take this clip down…

  7. Ben Francis says:

    Worst coverage ever of the ball dropping. We tune in to Times Square to see the ball drop, not watch a digital clock.

  8. Joseph F says:

    I didn’t see the ball drop. It looked like it exploded.

  9. DeadShot says:

    where’s the dam ball?! ..ya think they would put a lil more into actual focus on the drop ..least fortnite did
    *HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ 2019*

  10. Jose Perez ber says:

    I’m in that crowd I thought it would show me

  11. GrassGamingXD says:

    If only the smoke didn’t cover anything…

  12. Janet Davila says:

    From Alabama to new York happy new year’s

  13. GamerKallen says:

    Here before 2019
    Just waiting and waiting . . .

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  14. Renkai Midorya says:

    god damn it i slept pass it

  15. Big Chungus says:

    Something tells me that 2019 will be a great year

  16. Sury The Cat says:

    “Published on Dec 31, 2018” it should say “Published on Jan 1, 2019” just saying.


  17. China ThePlug says:

    I came to watch the ball drop, not couples make out..
    Happy new year regardless

  18. Sophia Ning says:

    im glad im not the only one to have had the ball drop ruined for me

  19. NeedsMoreMoe says:

    The rain ruined everything….

    Thank goodness it rained.

  20. Shellshock The face says:

    2019 is going to be a interesting year

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