New York City Police Confirm Explosion In Port Authority | CNBC

New York City Police Confirm Explosion In Port Authority | CNBC

New York City authorities confirm an explosion in midtown Manhattan on Monday morning during the busy morning rush hour. Former FBI agent Jeff Lanza weighs in.

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New York City Police Confirm Explosion In Port Authority | CNBC

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80 Responses

  1. 100% Truth says:

    False flag.

    • Stephen Anderson says:

      Then provide some proof, or do you just say false flag because you don’t want to deal with the reality of the world?

    • Jersey Boy says:

      100% Truth wow your really out of tough with reality. Thinks like this happen everyday.

    • Kyle Craig says:

      Novi Torres all videos of Arial footage from civilians have been deleted off YouTube. The media is suppressing what really happened. How can you trust the media after things like this? How can you trust the media after the security guard in Vegas cancelled all interviews with news and went on Ellen. Wake up kid, we are all being played.

  2. 100% Truth says:

    The rfid micro chip is the mark of the beast

  3. Matthew Meditz says:

    Matt Lauer did it

  4. Justen Peterson says:

    Freemasonry strikes again! Notice that the former FBI agents last name is the same as Adam Lanza from the Sandy Hook PSYOP

  5. keving52002 says:

    CNBC =Clinton. News. Broadcasting, Circuit …….

  6. yung gothkid says:

    Can’t let the year go out without a bang πŸ˜‰

  7. IDontLikeGooglePlus877 says:

    Explosion of peace

  8. Michael Davies says:

    Isn’t it possible it was not terrorism? Why do they always have to suggest that first? Why is it always related to “nefarious” purposes? Is it absolutely impossible that it could have been an industrial accident. I would like to see reporters reporting in this manner, rather than always getting people prepared to find out “who” is responsible. I hope it was no more than an industrial accident or mistake. Let us not believe that there are “perpetrator(s)” involved without EVIDENCE!!!!!!

  9. Jamie Cutrona says:

    Remember don’t say radical Islamist did it or your a racist. Mainstream media only looks at there checks they get for being a trader. Hey CNBC TRY TELLING THE TRUTH FOR ONCE.

    • Jamie Cutrona says:

      Look deeper on that one too but I’m sure you won’t admit your wrong

    • Jamie Cutrona says:

      Also if you see skin color over belief and motivation your the racist

    • Jamie Cutrona says:

      White guys are good for being serial killers who eat people I’ll give you that but despite what the msm teaches you they are usually good people like every race of humans so you gotta realize when you wanna be a gimp and try and play the race card you gotta realize I don’t see color only the actions which people make. So put that in you hoo ha hole and smoke it.

    • Dmitry Farmer says:

      Jamie Cutrona but if it was an event involving law enforcement the facts go our the window and the police are guilty untill proven innocent

    • Dander Spat says:

      Brandon Toad
      You are a Toad ……………

  10. Grafdesgn says:

    Looks like it was during rush hour. Hope everyone is alright.

  11. FarmerMiyagi says:

    So basically all we know is that all we know is that there was an explosion, so we are going to bring on a multitude of people and let them opine as to what happened. This is why we are sick of MSM.

  12. TheeDaka says:

    Jeff Lanza. Adam Lanza. Illuminati.

  13. Howlbigbadwolf says:

    This will take our eyes off removing Net Neutrality, and Internet Freedom will be taken away. I bet Mr. Pai is happy about this.

    • Howlbigbadwolf says:

      MrThatsYe yes, it was fine, until they tried to remove it before, then Obama stepped in and assigned the internet as a miscible entity such as water electricity, things that are necessary for people to function in today’s world. Ajit Pai wants to reverse this so that the few powerful communication companies can now have the ability to control your Internet to their liking. I don’t know about you, but I can’t trust somebody who was a lawyer for one of the same companies who wants to remove net neutrality, it seems like a really huge conflict of interest. But hey, let’s follow your logic and just give them full control over what I can and can’t see, where I can or can’t go, because it’s not like you can go through history and see that companies will always do right by the people and not abuse their power correct? I’m being sarcastic by the way if you could not tell. I do not trust any Corporation at all. You have to keep your foot on their neck and make them understand that you will not be taken advantage of by no means at all.

    • Howlbigbadwolf says:

      Tokenetta yep, agree 100%

    • Howlbigbadwolf says:

      I’m only Crazy….until I’m proven right.

    • Shlucky says:

      Pai did it

  14. jimmelay71 says:

    Don’t scroll through the comments unless you’re prepared for a lot of crazy.

  15. 2Brains says:

    Don’t trust the media

  16. TheRoastingToasters says:

    how the explosion sounded: skrrrrrrra

  17. FEMA Region 6 Inmate #352832784 says:

    *FAKE* *NEWS* *IS* *FAKE*

  18. thot patrol says:

    Don’t trust the media.

  19. Senior Swanky says:

    oh heck

  20. Cape Morning says:

    Net neutrality

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