New York Times reports on leaked 1995 Trump tax returns

New York Times reports on leaked 1995 Trump tax returns

Trump campaign adviser Gen. Michael Flynn reacts on ‘Sunday Morning Futures’

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19 Responses

  1. novawolverine says:

    Flynn has completely sold out. It’s pathetic.

  2. Emmette Gamble says:

    They are going to leak more taxes all month… and I can’t wait… lmao

  3. LopezLaw Lopez says:

    So Trump wants to”fix” the system that he has exploited, in his favor, and
    that made him rich?

  4. Shadowhawk Whitford says:

    Who cares Donald Trump is a Billionaire Business man, Sometimes Business
    people lose money,and other time they make it….What has Killary done as
    building a Business? Not a damn thing….

  5. Jason D says:

    I hire someone every year to do my taxes so i can pay as much as possible.
    What about you?

  6. mexcan fun says:

    Trump unfit for President. He drinks water, can you believe how bad he is?

  7. achtungcircus says:

    Flynn. Fired for inability to keep his mouth shut.
    HE is your tax/political philosophy expert?

  8. Christopher Smith says:

    #disasterdon sure knows how to build a bubble. Now who’s gonna get busted?

  9. Chris Diehl (CD) says:

    Who cares!!!

    That was from 1995.
    Even the IRS doesn’t care about that year.

    I’m not voting for someone because they can do their taxes.

    Voting for Trump because what he says. Trump has been saying the same thing
    for years. And I said the same thing in the 2012 election.

  10. Michael Zhen says:

    I don’t care his tax return. I want him to change the corrupted
    establishment and secure the border. that is his first priority to do in
    the white house, to put the US and the world in the right direction.

  11. Rajan S. says:

    It could be large depreciation and capital expenses. I.e paper loses rather
    than cash loses

  12. mike kuzak says:

    Why did YouTube send me this? I’m not even subscribe to Fox News…?

  13. seth compton says:

    I think it’s hilarious how little trump supporters care and then complain
    about the emails, it’s just a copy paste for them

  14. Mount Fuji says:

    why do people care so much about his tax returns.

  15. SpringRoll Wang says:

    He created so many jobs, why don’t we raise tax on low wage positions to
    Like raise tax on single mom and poor people.

  16. morgan williams says:

    i just lost braincells watching this bullshit

  17. Manny Fresh says:

    Fu** taxes if he doesn’t have to pay than I don’t have to either. …..
    Uncle sam can expect some Fraudulence this coming year lolol

  18. lucinda415 says:

    i think Trump is going to win…..i hope they focus on jobs taxes
    educations…make America good again ??

  19. Regina George says:

    Pretty sure Trump can sure Trump can sue NY Times